expired Telefunken 32" (81cm) HD LCD TV for only $559 at Kmart


Probably the cheapest price for a 32inch I've seen by far. Obviously not better than the other ones going at $699 - $899, but if you're a poor uni student or just a "strapped-for-extra-cash" person looking for a Digital big-screen TV upgrade, then this might be the TV for you. I tried looking for specs for this, but there doesn't seem to be any on the net (yet). The following are the specs on the catalogue:

Telefunken 32" (81cm) HD LCD TV
• Resolution: 1366 x 768 • HDMI x 2 • Built-in HD tuner • 12 months warranty. TEL32G7. Sorry, no rainchecks.
On sale 1st October - 7th October 2009.

I know that you can get Full HD Lcd TV's at the 800 range, but really at 32 inches it doesn't matter, unless you're using it as a computer monitor, at which point the 1920x1080 resolution becomes a pain in the ass for some people. I think if you're going budget, this is a great TV to start with, then save up your cash later on to get a proper 42+ inch screen with all the hooplah (Full HD, 200hz res, awesome contrast ratio, etc) sometime down the line.

Just my 2 cents.

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    These TVs are great for rumpus rooms / visitor rooms / game-console TVs so your kids/you don't occupy the main family TV.

    $559 is a good deal, I can only imagine we'll see the no-name/generic TVs hit $499 by Christmas.

    Wasn't too long ago I remember selling 32" LCDs with worse specs than this one for $1800.


      I think DSE sells their non-full HD Vivo for 599, and on special they already did it for $499, at least twice this year. So, $499 by Christmas is almost certain for generic brand like this. Don't know if it's better quality than this TV though, but personally I'd rather buy from DSE.


    just a note…….
    My son bought one of these to hook up his ps3 via hdmi.
    After lots of calls to telefunken and them testing the tv's, we ended up getting a refund, as the hdmi inputs did not work with ps3, (xbox, etc all ok though)
    Good value tv, (if you don't need for playstation)


    prob had to reset the reso mode on the ps3


      nope, tried all tweaks but could not get it to work with ps3
      had to wait a couple of weeks whilst they tweaked at the telefunken factory (wherever that is) and they too could not get it to work.


    yeah some cheaper end 720p LCD's can't cope with 1080i/p input via HDMI


    It's a good deal (hence the pos vote) but reminder that Telefunken isn't the same brand it used to, well in terms of quality at least.


    Bought a telefunken cd player a couple years ago and the quality was at the very bottom end - but then all the generic el cheapos are prob very similar


    If you want the Full HD 32" Telefunken. It is available for 659.95 on oo.com.au http://www.oo.com.au/Telefunken_81cm_32_Full_HD__P23721C67.c...