This was posted 5 years 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$9 Per Week Online Tutoring - Maths, English Tutoring Every Afternoon after School @ Tutenow


We are offering a special deal for the first 100 new students from the Ozbargain community.

We offer tutoring for all subjects including Maths, English and Science. Our service is unique as students have access to assignment and homework help every day after school. Our students love having the flexibility of our online whiteboard to post questions and chat with a real tutor and to submit draft assignments for feedback. There are tutors online every day from 3pm to 9pm every arvo. This regular help and guidance makes a real difference for a range of students.

Sign up for a 3 month trial for $9 per week (Offer available until 31st Dec 2014). Create an account first and select the Silver trial.

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    This looks more like SPAM.

    Are these one-on-one tutuorials? How are they run?

    Very little info on the website, very poorly designed…

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    These are one-on-one tutorials. We are a group of experienced high school tutors who do this full-time and every afternoon.

    Students login and can stay logged in for the entire afternoon. There is an online classroom with a virtual whiteboard that users with an iPad or other tablet can use to write on and speak with a tutor. You can 'put your hand up' when needing something answered or for some explanation. Around 80% of students use our help for Maths B as some of the topics can be especially challenging.

    Please ask if you have other concerns or questions. Regards


      How many subscriptions do you currently have? How long has the company been operating?

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        Based on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, they've been operating for about 1 month. No ABN on website, no hits on ABN lookup…OP can correct me if I'm wrong.

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      These are one-on-one tutorials.

      What your described is not one-on-one… Its a classroom!!


    What year levels and states are covered? e.g. Victorian VCE curriculum?


      You'd think that kind of basic info would be on their website…

      Wouldn't surprise me if it's just a call centre in the Philippines or India…

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    This kind of feels like a scam… Who are the tutors?

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    I live in cockburn

    it appears that you guys aren't the best tutors for me


    Homework and assignment help every arvo.

    To be grammatically correct it's afternoon.


    Pricing of the two offers seems a bit odd.
    $50 for one year, or $117 ($9 x 13 weeks) for a three month trial.
    If anyone signs up for the trial they definitely need maths tutoring.


      No its pretty accurate pricing

      $50 for 1 year or $9 a week

      After about 6 weeks they going to close down and take your money..


    I've heard of similar services with the online tutors and whiteboard markers. These tutors are recruited from offshore third world countries who are paid little to nothing.

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