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Instant Win DVDs or Merchandise from BBC



Closing Date 24/12/2014 11:59pm


Description 625 x Various DVDs, 180 x Various Merchandise
No. of Prizes 805
Total Prize Pool $20,073.30

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

1 entry per person per day, but sharing on Facebook (public or private) gives you 1 more entry.

Limit of 1 win per person though, so keep that in mind if you win!

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  • +2

    I won, thanks Spackbace!

    You're a winner!
    You have won "Top Gear: Richard Hammond's Uncovered" DVD.

    Your prize will be mailed to the address you provided within 21 working days.
    You will also receive an email confirmation of your win.

    • Nice :)

      Just remember now if you enter it again to be in partners name or something ;)

  • +2

    I won an inflatable Stig. Bit exciting! Was hoping for the Dr Who onesie though, would have sorted a Christmas present.

    • +4

      And a tip, you don't need to actually even share it on Facebook. Just click the button to say you will, which opens a new tab where you share it. But it already sends the email so just close the tab down and you can still re-enter.

  • +1

    Just won a copy of "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em S1"

    Thanks Spackbace!

  • +1

    No winnings for me =( i might try again tomorrow

  • +3

    Won a Black Adder Series 1 DVD.

    Thanks OP

  • +3

    Just won a "Titanic 100 Anniversary Compilation DVD"…. Thanks Spackbace! :)

  • Won a Father and Son DVD. If you don't feel like spamming your Facebook friends just select to share it with "Only Me" and you will still get the second entry.

    • +1

      Don't even need to share, it only detects that you clicked the link :)

  • Won the Stephen K Amos S1 DVD. Thanks OP.

  • Got a Baker Boys DVD.

  • It said I won but never got the email! Not even in the spam box

    • +1

      Email them - [email protected]… I think their email system is stuffed because I didn't receive my extra entry code…

      • Thanks, came through today
        Great Expectations dvd

  • I won a Top Gear: Great Adventures US Special DVD :D awesome

  • No luck for me today

  • Won a Top Gear Stig Onesie DVD

    I don't know if it is a Onesie or a DVD :)

  • onesie would be cute.

  • Won a Whitechapel dvd! :)

  • Won a top gear dvd. Thanks OP!

  • I won a DVD :)

  • I wonder what the limited edition inflatable stig looks like. I think I'll just have to wait for it to arrive.

  • Won a Hunter DVD!

  • You're a winner!
    You have won "Walk on the Wild Side " DVD.

  • Won an Africa dvd, no idea, i think its a doco.

    • +2

      If it is David Attenborough's Africa DVD then it is a documentary and it's awesome

      • roger that, havent received yet but should be good then.

  • Thanks Spackbace i just won a Jeremy Clarkson: War Stories DVD.

  • Won "Natural World: Badgers". Should be good, I've always wanted to learn more about badgers!

  • won a limited edition stig inflatable. i will either inflate it myself and pop it, or put it on ebay. worth $80 apparently.

  • I won a limited edition inflatable Stig!!! I'm hoping its a life-sized one!

    • +1

      Limited edition Stig inflatable.

      I just won this too!

      Hoping same, so we can use it as a punching bag, no offence to the Stig of course.

  • Just won a Last night of the Proms DVD, always a good watch!

    • same here…must have a massive excess of that title!

  • I just won the Top Gear Stig Onsie - Super Stoked :D

  • +1

    I won an inflatable Stig. Not sure what to do about that

  • Won a Whitechapel dvd. What's that?? DVD??

  • +1

    Got my DVD today thanks op!

    • +2

      No worries!

      Congrats to all the winners, I didn't win a damn thing lol ah well win some/lose some!

      • Nice to hear it wasn't just me :)

      • +1

        Ahaha all these comps are pure luck..
        Like that Woolies comp- entered everyday and didn't win a thing

        • Heaps of winners in the Optus comp.

  • +1

    Got my DVD last week. Weird how it was posted in a plain paper envelope, as opposed to a padded bag.

    Good thing there were no damages though!

  • Still waiting for my Stig Onsie. Anyone else still waiting for their prizes?

    • The email for my prize says:

      All prizes will be mailed out within 21 working days of receipt of this email.

      Since my email was received on 22nd December, it's too early for me to complain or worry :-)

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