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Woolworths - Pull A Cracker Competition (Instant Win)



Closing Date 24/12/2014


Description 30 x $100 Woolworths Online Gift Coupon + More
No. of Prizes 1829
Total Prize Pool $26,014.05

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Mobile App, Facebook
Prerequisites n/a

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  • Why the page is not found? ?

  • +3

    Managed to win 4 boxes of shapes!

  • Didn't win anything…

  • No luck for me xD

    thanks steven

  • No luck yet, but just started today

  • +3

    Just won a $50 online voucher XD

    Thanx for the post

  • +5

    You've already pulled your cracker today

    How do they know? ;)

  • Yum, choccies for me! Thanks OP!

  • Can't find the 'play now' option. I'm not a FB fan - how is it supposed to work?

  • +1

    $50 thanks OP!

  • $50 online thanks.. on a roll (2nd tier prize) :)

  • Won some chocolates! :D

  • Just played, looks fun, but didn't win. Good luck everyone else. ;-)

  • How do we 'connect with fb?' I don't use it.

    • Without fb you won't be able to play… Sorry to say

  • +2

    Not having any luck :( Been trying for a week but will continue to do so until I give up hahaha

  • +2

    Thanks OP, won a Jamie Oliver Season and Spice Block!

  • I won some Marvellous Creation chocolates!

  • +1

    How often are people winning? I've played for the last 6 days in a row and got nothing.

    • Same, x 3 — three of us in family have tried every day, so far nothing.

  • Tried x2 accounts every day of the comp and no dice :(

  • Won chocolates!

  • Won a $50 gift voucher thanks OP! I had been trying everyday without any luck until now.

  • i won a block of chocolate

  • Won a $100 gift voucher, cheers StevenC96.

  • Won $50 online gift card

  • Won block of choc

    Thanks OP

  • Won $50 online gift card

  • +1

    not having any joy with this comp.

  • Nice won another prize.. Eyeliner.. A late Christmas gift sorted. Shame i cant mark i won again. Using only one account but has played every day since the first day of this comp

  • No jolly winners here :/

  • Didnt win anything :-(

  • +1

    Won another prize, some mascara….for the wife

  • I guess after the candle incident where a prize candle coupon was used by 100s of people they just send gonna send it out rather than pickup from your local woolies ^^

  • Won some mascara - for the sister in law!

  • mascara won

  • 3.25g Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick Grey valued at $12.95;

    Thanks OP, 2nd prize

  • After playing for a week straight with no wins, I just won a Rimmel Scandaleyes too! Do you get any notification of your win via email or do you just have to cross your fingers that your prize will arrive?!

    • +1

      cross your fingers

      • Same.

    • +1


    • +1

      I got an email notification 7 days after my first win.

  • I finally won! I pulled the cracker once, didn't win anything. Then for a long time it said I had already pulled the cracker for days and days! Finally last night I could pull it again, and I won!! I won a Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick Grey 3.25g!!!

  • Thanks OP won the Rimmel Scandaleyes as well today.

  • +1

    same, didnt win a thing for days…

  • Also finally won after attempting every day. A Rimmel Scandaleyes :P

  • I wonder when these prizes will arrive…

    • No idea still waiting for the 2nd prize i won. I already spent my first one, the$50 online voucher you just enter it like any other discount code. Just you cant any other discount code with it.

      Got delivered before the New Year. Been enjoying it over the last week :)

  • Received my Rimmel Scandaleyes a few days ago! :))) Thanks OP!!

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