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Kinetic Sand 5kg Box with Plastic Tools $49 Pickup or + Postage @ Peter's of Kensington


Set Includes:
5kg Box of Kinetic Sand.
8 x Sandcastle Moulds and Tools.

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Peter's of Kensington
Peter's of Kensington

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    $14 postage to Perth..

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      Pretty good to post over 5kg across the country


        I just express posted a pair of headphones yesterday. It weighed 497g… till I added the plastic satchel which made it 513g, bumping it up to the 3kg $14 category. Grr. Logitechshop sells them for $29 delivered!


    One word, AWESOME! Loved the video they had there too.

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    I gave some Kinetic Sand to a friend's daughter for her birthday, after discovering it through a previous Spotlight deal.

    She loved playing with it. Next day the family woke up and there were weird piles of sand scattered all over the lawn. There were more the next day, even more the next day. They had no idea what was happening.

    She went to play with the Kinetic Sand again and found it was all missing. Turns out the dog had eaten it all and had been crapping it out all over the lawn.


    Reasonably good price, as it includes the moulds.


    Is this the same thing as Waba Fun's Kinectic Sand (the video on Peter's)? The packaging doesn't match the one on Waba Fun's website, and I've been told that knock-off/copycat Kinectic Sand aren't as good as the original.