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Google Play: 10 FREE Albums - The Sounds of 2014


Free albums list.

Calvin Harris - Motion
Dean Ray - Dean Ray
Ella Henderson - Chapter One
Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways
George Ezra - Wanted On Voyage (Deluxe)
One Direction - Four
Pharrell Williams - G I R L
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
The Script - No Sound Without Silence
The Veronicas - The Veronicas

Bonus: Play : Christmas Crooners

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  • +17

    Wow, what a great freebie.
    Don't even know who some of these people are but got them anyway. Cheers!

  • +5

    Good find (but do I admit I grabbed 1 Direction, Maybe i am learning to be an Ozbargainer!!!)

    • +7


    • +2

      Good move one direction. Trying to build your fan base from the Ozbargain Community

      I can just see it coming …. one direction buys ozbargain and renames it OneBargain.com.au

      • +2

        haha OneBargain.com.au
        We should totally get a band together….
        Show those One Direction fools who they're messing with! :-P

        • +3

          jv would be the lead singer

        • And TA on Synth.

        • +4


          TA will be providing $0 lyrics for jv

        • +5

          So, let's think of some songnames.
          First would have to be "Downvoted", a remake of the Aus Crawl/James Reyne sone "Downhearted"

        • @DJ:

          Zero Dollar Signs featuring TA, a remake of Calvin Harris's Dollar Signs song

        • @DJ:

          Infringing on Weird Al territory here ;)

        • +2

          Anything by Cheap Trick or 298 Degrees
          Upvote Girl
          $0 In My Pocket
          Down Down, Prices Are Down

          Sorry, got carried away.

          No need to change this one!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyv_65o1HDY#t=88

        • +1


          No need to change this one!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyv_65o1HDY#t=88

          Lyrics for jv's ONE Bargain Band

          I sit all day on ozbargain
          I browse all the deals on my $99 dell monitor
          I know I'm worth nothing without Ozbargain
          And like $1 and $1 don't make $2
          $1 and $1 make $1
          And I'm looking for that free ride on Uber
          I'm Browsing on ozbargain

          I'd call that a bargain
          The best I ever had
          The best I ever had

  • +6

    Calvin Harris new album! Awesome deal

  • Wow. Thanks OP! Thanks Google!

    • Wow. Thanks OP! Thanks Google!

      No Thanks One Direction !!

  • Awesome Freebie, Thanks OP!

  • +20

    Take note Apple and U2: THIS is how you do a freebie.

    • +2

      I take that back. Can't add any albums without an active credit card on the account.

      • Just add it on… I used to be skeptical too

      • +4

        You can use a debit card.

      • +5

        When you have some google play credit - you would not need to add any other payment method.
        You can use the Google rewards app to earn credit by doing small surveys (under 1 min)

        • +3

          Everyone should have google credit.

          Be it 50c or 11.90$.

        • -1

          @diddy50: I have 0.00 on my play account

      • +3

        Just install Google's surveys app, then fill out a paid survey and you'll have some credit in your wallet and might then not need to register a card.

    • -11

      U2 and apple did the right thing

      • -3

        Lol, no one likes Crapple anymore

  • This is awesome! well done mate!

  • +3

    Got 9 out of 10,thanks

  • Thanks thangcuoi

  • +1

    New pink Floyd album for free nice one

    • Didn't even know they had released one.

      Given what most other bands recent albums have been like from that era I wouldn't have bought it any way.

      • It's the leftovers from recording "The Division Bell" with a bit of reworking - and by all accounts is "meh". Still, at free it can be added to complete your PF discography.

  • +2

    The Floyd all these years on….and free ..:-) .. !!

  • Can u download without credit card/paypal? won't let me.

    • +1

      Just add any card details that have no money.

    • +3

      When you have some google play credit - you would not need to add any other payment method.
      You can use the Google rewards app to earn credit by doing small surveys (under 1 min)

      • Thanks for this, used that program, did a 5 sec survey got $1 credit… winning.

        • Kool..! :)

  • This is awesome. Don't even want to listen to One direction but this might be the way to get me into it.

    • +1

      And that, my friend, is the very reason I avoided getting it. :D

      • and that's reason it's free - loss leader for future 1D fanboi purchases.

  • +7

    Omg 1D!?

    Not even for free

    • +1

      1D's new album is quite good as they've grown up n so has their music. Listen to Spaces,Fireproof, 18,Fools Gold, and No Control

      p.s. For all the grown men reading this, it's okay to listen to a boyband :) don't get buried in the stereotypes.. relax n enjoy the music..

      Lots of love from a grown up female directioner..

      • +1

        I got it for my 3-year-old, he's always singing boyband songs from daycare.

        Plus, I'm an ozbargainer…

        • +6

          Sure you did.

  • Wow, thanks!

  • Thanks thangcuoi.

  • Great freebie, got all of them :D

  • +1

    I downloaded Pink Floyd and Foo Fighters, but are any of the others worth listening to? Opinions please.

    • +5

      I suggest grab then while they're free, think later.

    • +2

      short answer - no

    • +1

      Don't make the same mistake I did and just add stuff you don't know to your account. Instead, click the little preview play buttons on some random tracks from each album to see if you like the sound first.

    • I've been listening to Calvin Harris - Motion on Spotify. Yes it is all over the radio at the moment, but it is great driving music.

    • +1

      To state the obvious, it's all very subjective. Personally, i'm rather enjoying the Dean Ray album.

      • His version of Budapest is better than the original imo and a few of his other covers are pretty damn good.

    • Give George Ezra a try. He and the Irish bloke Hozier seem to be promising young talent.

      I downloaded exactly those 3 :)

  • Brilliant find! Had been thinking of buying some of these albums. Not sure if Google intended to make the entire album free and not just a song or two, but I'm not complaining :)

  • Damnit. Got click happy, now have a bunch of crap I don't like in my Google play account. Anyone know how to delete whole albums at a time? It's painful to delete the tracks one by one.

  • WOAH! What a great find thangcuoi! Some really great albums there. Thank you!

  • Cheers OP, Grabbed 9 out of 10… cause you know… 1D… da hell >.>

    • +1

      All you folks complaining about 1D - Is Ella Henderson any better?! Yet another trashy reality-TV contestant singing teen-pop.

      • +3

        I've never heard of her, if that were true I'd get rid of her too. Anyway of deleting a album off my list? Really not into Teeny pop crap…

  • -2

    Without the Floyd it would be a neg

  • Do they expire?

    • Yes.

    • Some of them were never really valid.

  • Thangs

  • Link broken now?

    • just go into google play on phone and it's on front page.

      • Thanks - found out the problem is mine, I'm still associated with the Canadian Play store…

        My wife was able to grab them fine, though.

        • I'm still associated with the Canadian Play store

          What an Inuit!

          My wife was able to grab them fine, though.

          A bit too much info.

  • +4

    Thanks, add all of albums,including Christmas album. Neither have music player on phone nor any idea of singer but added in spirit of OzBargain -'buy now, think later'; similar to all Udemy courses by TA and Amazon ebooks. Might look at them some day….

  • It isn't free on my account, but it is showing US$9.99. I am guessing my transactions are in US dollars, how do I change it back to AUD?


    • Somebody resolved that issue by 'not' using any VPN or non-Aus network yesterday.
      Maybe try on mobile if doing it on some pc now?

      • I tried it on my phone and it shows the same thing. I am not using any VPN. Same deal with the Telstra billing to SIM, I couldn't get it working with my account and had to create a new account.

  • any1 know how if i can download these albums to sd card n play with poweramp? i did try but couldnt find the files.

      • yep, did that but still cant view the files, can only see from google play music.

        edit: transferred the location to external, still couldnt see them, weird… guess they probably dont let u play the songs with other application?

        • +2

          Correct. There's no (legit) way to get them out on your phone. You need to either use the Google music manager program on a PC, or use a web browser on a PC and you get to download each MP3 once it twice or something from the browser. Then copy them over to your phone.

        • @salem:

          cool thanks for the info

        • +3

          You can download the entire album via the Play screen (in a browser). Next to the shuffle album button there are 3 dots. Click on them to reveal menu which lets you download album. Downloads in MP3 with no DRM/Copy protection. Have just played fine in Windows Media Player and Plex…

        • @salem:

          seems kinda stupid, I wanted to listen to the new foos music on my phone…good that its free, but how annoying.

        • @Hippy:
          it is kind of stupid.

          you can certainly buy it and listen to it in your phone very easily with the google play music app though, no stuffing around required. you can even download it to your phone for offline play. BUT, it will only be available to listen to in the google music app.

          To play it in a different player on your phone (like poweramp), you'll need to fiddle around with downloading the mp3s in a browser, and then getting them over to your phone, as described above.

        • I agree about using the Google music manager program on your PC. If you have bought any music from Google, it should all be available to download, but not music you have added to your library in Google All Access, as that is not owned by you.

          If that doesn't work, try this on your phone;


          Or copy the files individually from "Android/data/com.google.android.music/files/music/files" (or possibly "data/data/com.google.android.music/files/music/files" depending on your phone) - this path should be the same from either internal or external storage using ES File Explorer or similar, though the files are generically named and have no tagging /metadata

  • thanks OP, got them all!

  • +2

    Google should really pay me to listen to One Direction… lol

    • Agreed! Haha! However I didn't get the One Direction album. Even if I got that album for free I still wouldn't call it a bargain. Otherwise awesome find OP!

  • nice …Fooz only just came out that's a great deal …hadn't got around to getting it yet.

  • Guys you might be able to using any active Telstra Sim and click the 3 button options setup when your paying to link your Telstra credit to google play.

  • When I try to download I keep getting this error…. "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later." Anyone know how to solve this?

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