Dual Sim Decision - Motorola Moto G, Lenovo P780 or Asus Zenfone 5?

I need a dual sim phone as a number for work and a number for personal.
I have a LG G2 now, so i have grown a custom to a nice large screen and great performance.

Not wanting to buy in the same bracket (G2 cost me $550) - I would love to spend no more than $250 (Cheap arent I).

Motorolla Moto G (5 inch new gen)

  • Read mixed reviews about data performance on these units
  • Apart from that, all seems good in this land

Asus Zenfone 5

  • Great Reviews - looks solid
  • Battery average performance
  • Just harder to buy retail, so online only option

Lenovo P780

  • Good reviews again
  • Whopping big battery
  • Online sales mostly
  • Read some reviews about it lacking wifi … what the?

What is important to me is

  • a Battery that lasts all day with use (my G2 lasts forever, its great) - Screen Size - 5 inch to 5.5 inch i like
  • good Dual Sim Performance, i will be using WiFi Hot Spot alot - so still want voice to work on both sims incomming
  • Able to route my calls through different sims based on different times or patterns
  • A good Performer (i must say goodbye to my unreal G2 - single SIM - Ebay i am thinking)

Anyone have or used these phones and can give a thumbs up or down on these?



    Able to route my calls through different sims based on different times or patterns

    I only know about the Moto G, and I'm not aware of it being able to do this.

    Added later: Unless you mean being able to manually select which sim a call is made on at the time you make the call.


      Sort Of.

      I would like Voice Calls between 9am and 8pm to go out SIM 1 and Outside that time, for them to go out SIM 2.

      I want Data and SMS however to go out SIM 1 always.

      I doubt i will get that level of options on any phone, so choosing the SIM each call i can live with… saves me carrying 2 damn phones around all the time lol.


    if you get android, make sure it at least has 2gb ram..


    I should have added the Xperia C3 into the mix although just over budget, looks like an option as well.

    I have heard 1GB Ram would be fine, after all most in my price range only have that.


      I have a Zenfone 5 with 1GB, and all of my apps fit fine.

      Battery life is not fantastic, and it struggles to make 24 hours.

      Apart from that, it's a great 'phone.


    I think the current offer for the Moto G + 10% off through Ebay + Chromecast for $249 (goes down around $225) may swing me in that direction


    I have ordered up the dual sim z3 from Hong Kong its arrived safely with my mother in law (long story townsville seen as regional so sent to Cairns) if you want top of the range and two day battery life go for it.