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> I’m a level 13 dual weilding paladin Not sure whether you mean welding or wielding :-)
22/06/2024 - 21:09
I think RedHab was saying that tou don't need to install it on a Raspberry Pi if you can install it on your router.
21/06/2024 - 12:18
> I conceit defeat I think you might mean "concede"...
19/06/2024 - 14:47
Thanks for your detailed reply!
09/06/2024 - 20:42
I bought a 15.6" portable LCD monitor from Amazon recently, and I'm loving it. However, the folding cover/stand that came with it isn't so…
09/06/2024 - 15:01
How about a Xiaomi Smart Band? It's cheap, and does exactly what you want.
07/06/2024 - 15:41
Can you install it if you disable your anti-virus first?
07/06/2024 - 11:45
I've been using it for a long time, on win 10 and 11, and never had any issues.
07/06/2024 - 11:44
I've had an account with PIA for many years, and I received an email saying that I need to renew. Which is strange, because my account has…
02/06/2024 - 16:34
The house edge means you still lose.
24/05/2024 - 11:07
Cassie couldn't help this time?
22/05/2024 - 14:46
> Cheaper 15.6" on Amazon with AU warranty before anyone pulls the warranty line on AldiRRP. I.e. this(amazon.com.au) for $119.99 Looks…
22/05/2024 - 14:43
> Exception is not the rule Morphio25 said that there are only two options, and jefflang007 said much the same thing. Clearly, that is…
14/05/2024 - 10:30
Have you heard of the term "intersex"?
13/05/2024 - 12:24
A parsec is a unit of distance, not time. It's (very roughly) a trillion kilometres, and if you travelled at the speed of light, it would…
28/04/2024 - 17:46
I have a 21" Thorn TV that I purchased in 1975 (when colour TV first started in Australia) that is still working, although the picture tube…
28/04/2024 - 14:08
goodreads.com lets you record all your books on their web site, review them if you feel like it, and can recommend books to you based on…
28/04/2024 - 14:02
> Baking is chemistry Have you been reading the novel "Lessons in Chemistry"?
22/04/2024 - 10:26
I thought the council or the state government got rid of the horse drawn carriages a few years ago. Added later: Yes, they did. Google for…
22/04/2024 - 08:27
That seems an excessive amount.
22/04/2024 - 08:26
You move $5000 to your account but only receive $1000? That's a huge transaction fee, no wonder NAB makes so much money.
21/04/2024 - 10:44
> Grammarly is not liking my sentence structures; at all. I can see why :-)
19/04/2024 - 10:50
> what's the Minimum notice period for giving our agent a termination notice From what you posted, it seems that your fixed term contract…
15/04/2024 - 08:13
The truth is out there
14/04/2024 - 09:36
It's a phone app. You take a photo of the problem, you indicate what the problem is, the app sends it to the relevant place.…
10/04/2024 - 16:24
snap send solve?
10/04/2024 - 16:16
> On another note, how would you ask or stop the neighbours from parking trucks and cars on the nature strip next to your house? The note…
10/04/2024 - 13:26
The second last page in the manual gives the exact chain specifications, and also says that you can order chains at the Special Order Desk…
09/04/2024 - 16:48
Is that the same dashcam footage that also shows the OP failing to keep a safe distance?
07/04/2024 - 18:20