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iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 Cases/Screen Protector/Car Charger/HDMI Cable for $1, Free Shipping @ No Worries


iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and other mobiles cases, screen protectors for $1.
Car USB charger for $1.
1.5 meter HDMI cable for $1. No longer available
Free shipping -> if it is not free shipping, then there is no deal

$1 goodies with free shipping

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No Worries
No Worries

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  • No worries, you are with DoDo….

  • Wow, I just bought a few things. Thanks for this!

  • Just bought some things, hope it comes soon.

  • DoDo have DoDo toys for sale.

    But they are definitely no deal as
    1. there is postage
    2. these are probably leftovers from their marketing department
    3. even if they are free with free postage, we are doing marketing for them and we are not getting paid


    Hi tg,

    The Dodo birds do not have a postage charge. Cheers.

    • Thanks.
      When I checked this morning, the postage was $4.95 for DoDo toys.
      This will definitely delight DoDo lovers :)

  • Thanks op, bought some cases for note 3, also there is lots of $1 cases for iphone 6 , but bad is they don't have any htc one m7 or m8 cases,

  • ordered a few things thanks op

  • cant see any hdmi cables…am I too late? :(

  • Where are the hdmi cables?

  • $1 for lightning cables not bad
    looks like site is getting ozbargained :P

  • This is really bad as a mobile site

  • Bought 2 x S5 cases. Thanks.

  • Asking for:

    date of Birth

    What for?

  • +1 for excellent domain name! :)

  • Why date of birth?

  • 2500mah iphone 5 batter case for $1 nice

  • Nice, bought a few things :)

  • Good website, I'm grabbing a bunch of stuff. Good luck

  • Are these being shipped from Aus?

  • Any card cases for iPhone 6?

  • Will the Sports Armband Case fit S5?

  • Stocked up on some $1 micro USB charge cables for my Samsung Galaxy and PS4 controllers. Cheers!

  • Bought lotts of stuff, thanx.

  • Customer Rep wasn't able to tell me the current status of my order when I checked with them around lunch time. Hopefully, an update will be provided by COB today. Was hoping a local seller would be more efficient and organised.

    The online chat support is quite slow compared to other companies.

    • Had to check with online support again (was informed order not processed yet in the e-mail but no ETA).

      Online support indicated my order won't be processed until at least 30/12/2014 (next year is more likely). Requesting a cancellation of the order. Those items are not must have anyway.

      For shops / stores running online promotions around Christmas and New Year, it is best to have enough staff to process the orders. It is okay for AusPost or courier to take some time to deliver the item, but you need to get the orders processed and dispatched.

  • Must be coming from China. No delivery in time for Christmas. I'm starting to worry :(

  • I'd expect to get my stuff in late January. No dramas(Worries) as it is coming from O/S. Can't expect too much for these crazy prices.

  • I placed my order in late December, and it told me your order was successful!Somhow I couldn't track my order till now. Weird, it's such a waste of time! Never use it again!!

    • They haven't even sent my goods yet which is probably why you can't track shipment! Im thinking of opening a dispute with pp. Kind of annoying how they screw their customers around and make them wait weeks 'processing' the order.

    • I am still waiting for my refund (waiting for PayPal to rule the case) as they kept using holidays as excuses and kept on delaying the refund. It looks like they will ignore the Paypal case I raised and let Paypal rule on it. Normally, a decent AU online store would process the refund promptly, rather than coming up with excuses (or ignore the case altogether).

      Perhaps it is the holidays, I found they were not able to provide proper ETA to the consumer, and the people providing customer support during holiday period have very little understanding of how PayPal works.

      Hope you guys get your orders dispatched soon. For me, I just want my money back.

  • blocked??

  • I ordered a iPhone 6 Plus screen protector on 18/12/14 but they still haven't dispatched it yet. Unless I hear from them soon I will lodge a Paypal dispute. They were happy to take my money several weeks ago but they keep fobbing me off every time I contact them and ask for a tracking number. I will never order anything from this company ever again!

    • Looks like they started dispatching orders. However, I agree with you, customer rep couldn't provide an ETA every time I asked him/her. I've got my refund back now (took 2 weeks to get it).

      Suggest you wait a bit longer, as raising a PayPal dispute seems to confuse the customer rep. Paypal freezes that money as soon as a dispute is raised (even if it is not a claim yet), but "NoWorries" interpret that as PayPal did a charge back / refund.

  • Member on here claims to be store rep.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/76590
    Has not been on since 22/12/14 though.

  • Just queried my order progress via their online chat and got this response..
    ""Upon checking on my end, this order was already dispatched on the 30th of December. You will receive this item either Friday this week or Tuesday next week. If by then, you have not received the items, please let me know so we can request to have this resent. They were sent out via Australia post. Delivery is 5-7 business days.""
    Wait and see I suppose. Although it has been the holiday period at least some order update should have been provided.

  • I got this same response for my order which was made on 22/12. Looks like it's just an automated response. This isn't going to end well I feel ..

  • Got an email 8 jan now saying the good were posted using Aust Post "Standard Post".
    It gives no detail of the date of shipment at all apart from what the order contains.
    Seeing as they say it was sent by aust post I would assume the goods are aust located and not o/seas.
    Who knows… pretty sure they don't either. :-(
    Their rep was online 9 jan but there was no comment from him.
    Wait & see a bit longer… :-)

  • Received today one of the three items I ordered. Wonder where the other two are…

  • Received all my 6 items today… hope it happens for the rest of you?

  • Got my stuff yesterday
    the apple cable is a little short try 10cm instead of 30cm $1 each
    The iphone 5c matching colour case is cool $1
    yet to try the grip go mount $1
    all for $5 cheap so cant complain too much

  • recieved half of the things i ordered today. No idea or explanation where the rest is/was.

    lightning cables dont work and give the non compatibility messages so 3 of the 4 things that actually arrived dont work.

    Hot waste of money

  • My lightning cable doesn't work too.

    • Probably older lightning cable. In iOS 6, the warning message won't appear. In iOS 7 or above, you will get a warning message every time. Probably why they are $1 each.

  • OK, noworries will be in my black list. I ordered a 6+ shell. They sent me a screen protector one month later. Contact customer service yesterday. They replied will send right thing again. And today tell me your order is out of stock, will refund you.