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PrivateInternetAccess VPN Account 1 Year USD $31.95 1 Month USD $5.45 Save 20% Christmas Deal


20% off using the link for PrivateInternetAccess. A VPN service to secure your internet connection either at home or when using public wi-fi so hackers can't access your personal details.

Can also be used to stream geo-restricted content from abroad like US Netflix or iPlayer from the UK.

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  • +9 votes

    Knew I should have held out for a Christmas sale! Thanks! Now nobody will know I load OzB about 425 times per day :-)

  • +6 votes

    Can recommend PIA, been using them for over 1 year.
    Never had an issue with connecting, speed, anything.

  • +8 votes

    Fair warning: Hulu has blocked PIA VPN's. Netflix works fine, though.


    Can i Hide while I am downloading torrent


      I can't really answer to that. But they top out on the 2014 VPNs on Torrent Freak


      And by their answers they dont log or record any activity


      The short answer is yes.

      The long answer is it's still possible to find out who you are if you manage cross the hurdle that the VPN company represents but they're unlikely to because their business is offering you anonymity.

      So in summary: yes (but with enough pressure you can be revealed however this is unlikely).


        If you pay with bitcoin . Ur just a random user with a random email address . Unless the track every user that look at that site - buyer and non buyers


    For existing subscribers, if we cancel and resubscribe with this offer does it add on to the subscription expiry?


      From their site:


      How do I convert my monthly plan to a yearly plan?

      The easiest way to change from a monthly plan to a yearly plan is to:
      Cancel your monthly account.
      You will receive a letter of cancelation, but your account will remain active for the rest of the billing period.
      Once your account expires and you receive a letter of termination, you can re-signup for a yearly plan.
      Make sure to re-install the application (over-write the original).

      I used the link above, went through and paid the $31.95 (without cancelling) because I only signed up ~last week for a 1 month trial so I'd have to wait until mid Jan to sign up again.

      If I'm double charged etc. I'll send them a Support ticket and figure it out that way.

      • +2 votes

        @khell, Have been in touch with PIA Support - this offer is for new subscribers/accounts only.

        So it won't stack with existing subscription time.
        You'll need to cancel your existing service and sign up for a new one.

        Given I'd been with them for only 1 week (just over actually, so outside their 7 day free trial/cancellation period) - they were kind enough to refund me the month I had.


    Does it say somewhere how long this deal lasts for?


    They had the same deal during Black Friday deals. Only then AUD was higher. Highly recommend and works great from my NAS.

  • +2 votes

    Hi All - though I might just add that I have just cancelled my PIA VPN because I used the Optus Cable Bundle a few weeks back and now my VPN connection is VERY average. It cuts in and out every 5-20 seconds. New Netflix connections no longer work (US doesn't - UK does work), Hulu doesn't work either….BUT (and it's a BIG but) - Optus clearly throttle for Netflix UK and VPN use generally as well as a handful of other sites. Without the PIA VPN on, my speeds are testing 30-50mps average - with the VPN the best I got on Netflix was 4.27. None of it peak hours. So the Netflix service is practically unusable now anyway. Just my experience and a heads up….

    That said. PIA were FANTASTIC otherwise. I now need to find a new VPN that Optus doesn't throttle.

    Optus Cable Bundle reference - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/173745

    • +4 votes

      Screw Optus. Leave them instead.

    • -2 votes

      I'm with Optus and have been very good actually.
      Have experienced none of the issues you have described.

      Which international server/s were you connecting to?

      Does Optus definitely throttle it?
      They shouldn't have a reason to - nor a justification if confronted about it.

      • +1 vote

        They seem to have their own cable TV option called "Fetch" which might be why they're throttling it.


          I think we're just speculating on the throttling here though.

          I've found Optus & PIA pretty good and issue free.
          On very occasional slow downs, I'll switch to another server/region.


        Not sure what part of my post was offensive or disagreeable enough to warrant a negative vote…

        But here in response, just so I'm sure I deserved it: http://i.imgur.com/3d7fmxc.gif

        (Mostly in jest)


    What do you guys suggest as the best payment method?


    just subscribed, Thanks OP.


    Only a small number of countries? (no russian ips either).


    Miss the old Cyberghost annual license. Since mine expired last month.
    Sub-200gb pa light user hoping a fresh set of keys may turn up.