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Price Drop for Optus Unlimited Cable Broadband - $90 from $115/Month


from Today Optus is offering unlimited cable internet, unlimited landline calls and calls to any GSM + fetch tv with 1 TB recorder and free international calls to some 15 countries. Offer available in store or by phone. contract 24 months

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    how much was it previously?

      • or this plan for BROADBAND + HOME PHONE PLANS -

        which is unlimited mobile calls.

        where as the Bluboy plan shown is times mobile calls which is very good.

        • I considered that one, but it's missing FetchTV.
          I'm now looking at their Big Home Bundle and trying to work out what the difference is between it and my original link (Entertainer Bundle)

          Wish there was more information available!

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          The free tablet for starters.

          it's weird I've been looking & it seems for $115 you got one of the following

          • unlimited braodband
          • above + unlimited phones
          • all above + fetch TV (STB + 30 channels)
          • all above + samsung tablet

          I couldn't work out why you wouldn't go for the last. (& you got$10 off it you had a post paid mobile with them).

          Oh I heard they were launching new "entertainment package" plans this month to combat the Foxtel broadband/phone plans. Unfounded speculation is that they might partner with Netflix.

          As for the plan, I got a voicemail from Optus rep today (who I was previously discussing plans with) she said there's been a significant drop in the unlimited plans & call her back for details.

          So if anyone wants to give her a buzz <MOD: personal detail removed as per request from Optus> & she said to me to leave a VM if she doesn't answer. So I suppose give her a buzz if you want to find out if it's real or not.

        • @supabrudda:

          The difference with the big home bundle is that it doesn't include the Fetch TV entertainment pack (the 30 channels).

      • i was 115

        then it went down to $110 (spewing i got ripped, i have it on 12month plan its been about 3 months now)

        Now $90 :(

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    Where is the link to the deal?

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      I was about to ask that. I can't see a scan or anything online about it. What was the source for the deal?

      • Call optus or visit store. Not available online

        • Any particular phone number or department? Does this apply to both new and existing customers? Expiration date of the offer?

          A few more details would be really helpful.

        • According to their website, the deal is $115

          You might want to cite a source for your bargain.

    • Says instore or by phone

      • proof of deal ???

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          Not sure it's required. The deal had been corroborated which I think is acceptable verification to post

  • Hmm. I'm on cable and optus phone, so that might work out a good deal. No more damn quotas. Wonder if that the highest speed too (I'm on the older slower at the moment).

    • No more damn quotas

      hell yes. got stung big time a few months ago.

    • Unlimited plan is 10mb/s im pretty sure?

      Plans optus offer on cable comes that as standard now anything more you need to purchase a speed-pack for $10/15/20 extra.

      • megabits or bytes?

        • Just checked.. this plan should be on the 30Mbps base plan the above comment i mixed up with a old plan they offered.

          just confirm what speed you will be connected to before you signup.

          I'm on a old 300GB plan with speedpack/unlimited call + free fetchTV and 25% off for $85Month.

          So i wont be moving anytime soon.

        • Yeah, the base plan is 30mbps (closer to 15mbps in practice). Then first speed pack is 50mbps, then next is 100mbps.

        • @zuccs:
          Does Optus still have speed packs?
          I used to have to pay to get the 100mbps upgrade (base was 20mbps), but after a year or so they told me it was standard in all their packages and no longer charge an excess for it.

        • @legiong: They changed it again, and they now charge for it.

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          I just got off a chat with them too.

          That $20 excess for 100mbps kills it for me.

        • @legiong:

          Not worth it either as you never can get 100mbit when you want it anyway.

          The network is usually somewhat congested so you might as well only grab the 30 mbit.

        • @kasp:
          The speed pack for me is more about reducing latency than increasing download speed.
          My ping used to be ridiculously long until their network upgrade a few years ago. Now it's pretty good with the speed pack.

          Currently I'm on an old plan of 500GB (which I never hit) with full speed pack for $90/month.
          So if I got this I'd be paying an extra $20/month for:
          Even more download I won't use
          A home phone I won't use
          Fetch TV which I'm pretty sure I won't use

          Great deal for some people though!

      • Do you have a link? I can't find any info about this online

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    Can only see $115 plan, link to deal maybe?

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    I just got with optus 2 months ago, can I 'upgrade' to this deal?

    • Same boat as you.
      I'd like to know if you can change when you're already contracted.

      Likely not since they don't seem to give a toss about customer retention or loyalty.

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        I've had good experience with Optus, they let me switch between plans quite easily and didn't even have to extend/re-sign contract.

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          Hopefully we, the valued customers who are already with optus, are treated well when we call them. I'll be calling tomorrow!

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      Fuark. I got it a few weeks ago only…

  • i would like to know as well

  • This is good if real
    Gonna sign up

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    so basically it is there unlimited broadband + home phone plan with fetch tv. Just had a live chat with optus online, it's not officially launched…

  • Anyone tried calling yet?

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      Don't have the phone connected yet :P

      Chicken Vs Egg

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    Anyone using optus?, how's the broadband performance?

    Also, it still shows $115 for me too.

    • About 6 months ago I was experiencing some pretty serious bottle necking towards peak periods. Haven't noticed anything since.

      • Is that for cable?

      • Me too. Ended up them giving me a new modem. The latest PITA is that it has been needing to be reset every few hours while doing a 160Gb download from Onedrive onto my new hardrive.

    • I was getting 30Mbits/s when I first joined, last 2 months have been bad. Yesterday was 10Mbits/s :(

    • Depends on your neighbourhood really.Some areas are very congested and cable speeds are terrible during peak hours. Other neighbourhoods have no issues.Unfortunately my neighbourhood has some congestion and speeds can drop down to 5 mbps sometimes.Also their international bandwidth is poor. I sometimes struggle to manage a 1.5 mbps international TV stream from a singapore server.Again the issues are generally during peak hours 5pm to 11 pm. The rest of the time its allright. Also another thing to bear in mind is that optus throttles P2P. So your torrents will crawl for most of the day and evening.In my case i dont have any other option other than optus cable as i am more than 3 km from the telephone exchange and can get only 4 mbps on adsl at the best of times. And thanks to the present government i am never going to get the NBN.

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        I used to work from home and was in one of those areas…

        9am through to 3pm….100Mbps constantly without issue.
        3pm through to 5pm…. Kids are home. 20ish Mbps usually.
        After 6pm when everyone's home….5Mbps if I was lucky. Unusable on Game of Thrones Mondays.

      • is there a way to check how far you are from exchange, is this the same exchange as ADSL?

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          Doesn't matter with HFC as it's a shared medium.

          You either get it or you don't.

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      I'm in Nunawading, VIC on cable. Great performance. I've had Origin updates download as fast at 15MB/s (that's almost saturated), Steam regularly at 6MB/s and some popular torrents as fast as 4-6MB/s.

      Ping while playing Battlefield 4 on Australian servers is regularly 25ms.

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        Can you just clarify that you mean MB/s and not Mb/s?

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          Yes MegaBytes/second. Great speeds.

    • Northwest Sydney, I get 95+Mb/s download reliably on speedtest even during peak hours. Downloads from steam regularly hit 14-15MB/s (thats Bytes).

  • Cant see it on their website atm, will call tomorrow.

    So this is essentially the the $115 bundled deal minus the Samsung Tab?

    Im currently an Optus customer, though on DSL instead of cable and been meaning to switch over to cable. Sadly Optus couldnt give a rats ass about current customers and its more than likely this is for new customers only. Im off contract atm so will see how it goes

    Also no mention of the free wifi modem thats usually given for new customers

    • I would like to upgrade too, currently on the 50/70GB $69.95 plan from many years back, 120GB just isn't enough anymore.

      • Ahaha lol, so am I ;)

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          Me also.

          I've been on optus cable since it first rolled out. Like the 90s :p

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          There could be new plans coming out around beginning of next year i read on whirlpool forum. SO I guess there will be more plans later on?
          previous pages, http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2177603&p...

      • What speed are you getting currently? The new plans are slower (30mbps) than the legacy plans. You need to pay for 'speed packs' to get 50mbps or 100mbps.

        • does this apply to ADSL users as well?

        • @astroberryz: Cable only.

    • You can sign up for cable as long as its available at your address.

      You can email me the address in case you want to check whether cable is available or not.

      [email protected]


      • +5

        Gmail accounts ooze professionalism.

        • Especially when requesting personal information.

      • Can you get NBN via this deal (if available) or just Cable!?

      • Hey ricky98au,

        my works pays for part of my internet, is there a way to split the charge across 2 credit cards, via direct debit?


  • is there a difference between cable or adsl2?
    as in .. can everyone get the cable internet? or can some areas only get adsl2+

    • not all areas can get cable.. if you can get cable it would be the first option you are given of else adsl2 it is..

  • What proof is there of this deal? where you sent an e-mail? are they advertising this in store? how is the discount applied? I just wish to know my facts before I call up and make a fool of myself.

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      Read my reply further up.

      I confirmed with an online Optus rep that there is a new $90 plan coming tomorrow.
      (I can't confirm what that is exactly, but give it a few hours and we should have a formal release)

  • -2

    Just got off the phone to Telesales; They had no clue about it.

    • +1

      It starts tomorrow…, but despite the "Unlimited" offer speeds will remain unreliable and slow. :(

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        It starts tomorrow…

        How do you know that?

        • heard about it somewhere can't recall… possibly whirlpool…

        • @buzzlight9: The link to the deal looks real.

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    Its 90$ Bundle only available with cable
    I work for Optus we have been informed regarding this last week

    Great plan

    Unlimited Calls in Australia

    Unlimited International Calls

    Unlimited Cable Broadband with 30Mb speed

    You can pay 10$ to increase it to 50mb/s or 20$ to get 100 mobs speed.

    No Hidden Charges Free wifi Modem Free installation n all.

    Its 90$ BUNDLE But only for CABLE

    You can let me
    [email protected]
    or [email protected] if anybody interested can come over and sign u up with this.(ONLY IN MELBOURNE)


    • Hey Ricky87au, does unlimited calls in Australia includes mobile?

      • YES It includes to all mobiles.

        You can let me know if interested.


        • +1

          Is there any way I can get unlimited calls to South African Numbers?

      • +6

        is this for new customers only?

    • Unlimited Calls in Australia

      including calls to mobiles ?

      • +1

        Yes includes unlimited calls to mobiles nationally.

    • Darn, Apparently I can only get ADSL2+ where I'm located

      • Don't just use the tool on the internet, call them and ask. Internet said I couldn't , calling them and they said yes.

    • Does it apply to existing customers too?

      And will this be a nationwide deal?

      • Nationwide, Existing customers can also change their plan given they aren't in contract.

        • Im off contract atm and on a month to month basis, so does the free wifi modem and free installation also apply?

        • +1

          What options does contract customers have? I thought upgrade was free (on 50Gb plan brandband only atm)

        • @Scyl:

          Before when I upgraded plans it was free but I had to re-contract for another 24 months every time I wanted to upgrade.

        • @HTID09: yea, checked the details, it definitely say change plan is free, re-contract isn't much of an issue, thanks

        • free modem, free delivery, no connection fee applies for this deal!

    • You can pay 10$ to increase it to 50mb/s or 20$ to get 100 mobs speed.<<<<<

      Is this equivalent to the speed pack?

    • @ricky so when you say the 90$ plan comes with unlimited data, if we add the $20 extra for the 100mbps speed thats $110 which is cheaper than this deal posted, what am i missing?

      • Spot on!!

        You can contact me if needed.

        • what's the upload speed for the $10 and $20 increase?

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        A word of caution, the download speed is officially 100Mbps but it commonly slows to 20Mbps during peak hours (international traffic during peak hours can be as slow at 3Mbps), and the upload speed is capped at 1.5Mbps… so your connection will normally bottleneck on the upload.

        • +1

          i can confirm that as i am on the 100mbps 300gb per month plan. it goes down to even 10mbps sometimes. i guess nothing is as fast and reliable as telstra.

    • +3

      Which store are you in? Happy to support a fellow ozbargainer!

      • I work for a Business centre
        i am on road for most of the day .
        You can email me on [email protected]
        N leave your number will call you


    • How much is connection/setup?

      • 0$ no connection or setup fee


    • Unlimited International Calls ??? Can you please confirm?.