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Price Drop for Optus Unlimited Cable Broadband - $90 from $115/Month


from Today Optus is offering unlimited cable internet, unlimited landline calls and calls to any GSM + fetch tv with 1 TB recorder and free international calls to some 15 countries. Offer available in store or by phone. contract 24 months

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        • @techno2000: It is 30 mbps. I was signed up for that. I did asked for the free speed pack since I'm getting it free now but I needed to pay $20. :(

          Hope a rep can help me..

    • Hi there!

      I was just reading this post about optus and found that you are in the same situation as me. I too have 115/mth plan down to 95/mth with the loyalty bonus of 20/mth.

      I tried to call optus this morning at 830am and the rep said i will need to call once this has been fully launched like in a week. After reading this whole post though, I think I will try the online chat tomorrow.

      What I wanted to ask was, so I can just kindly ask them to include the speed pack for free as I've been with them for more than 10 years, but should I "ask" them to keep my loyalty bonus? Currently on my statements this comes up as "(484) Customer Loyalty Credit" of $20/mth. I just don't want to even mention this for the fear of losing it. What did you actually ask them wrt this loyalty credit? Did you declare that you have it and would it be kept ongoing with this new $90/mth plan?

      Thank you for your help.

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    NOOOOO… I just signed up for 24 months to Internode :(
    I get 11Mb/s
    Did I illustrate my point enough? Just incase :(

    • Is that ADSL? This plan is only for cable which might not have been available at your premises anyway. Internode is a good Australian company to support :-)

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    Just signed up and got the $20 speed pack thrown in over online Chat! WIN!

    • Is the speed pack NBN only? From what I can see, the standard cable (non-NBN) already includes this?

      • Nope, you can get 100mbps on cable as well
        I just got offered the 100mbps $20 speed pack for free on my cable with this plan

        Existing 15+ yrs member

    • Are you a new or existing customer?

      • New, currently have TPG adsl2+/telstra home phone. Since the optus phone runs over their cable, it doesn't disrupt my adsl service. So I can cancel my adsl service when the cable service is connected.

    • i just spoke to online chat and they were willing to throw it in as well. decent

  • Every online chat is telling me to call because they can't ''access'' it??

    • Try getting sales members to transfer you, took a few tries but someone finally did it for me. The transfer wait will be a bit longer too but eventually got through without having to call. Just tell them you have a account enquiry straight up and ask to be transferred.

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    managed to get the deal for $70 (we're getting $20 off for being long time customers) plus the maximum speed pack for free. all of it will be effective from the 1st of next year.

    • When/how did you get $20 off? I'm with Optus for 15 years, called retention today and was told they can't even offer $10 for loyalty, not with this deal anyway. Was offered one off $60 credit, still thinking..

      • Just called, got some prick who sounded like he hated his job. I mentioned people getting the $20 speed pack thrown in and he said cant do it, best he could do was a $100 credit as well

        How are people getting the free speed pack? Long time Optus customer too?

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          I was offered free speed pack without even asking, but only could get $60 credit, might try again. Still puzzled how some get $20 loyalty and I can't even get $10 after 15 years.

        • @raspudala:

          Phone or online chat?

          And what did you say?

        • i spoke to someone online by the name of 'Michelle' and yes long time customer.

        • @Rko2164:

          What did you say? I cant seem to negotiate the free speed pack ;(

        • @HTID09: Phone, I said thinking of switching providers unless you can offer something.

        • @HTID09:

          when i was discussing online about that bundle i had asked her if she can throw anything else in like a speed pack. she said give me 2-3 minutes and success. i wish i saved our conversation sorry!!

        • @Rko2164:

          All the live chats I get they keep telling me because Im on adsl they cant give me the deal lol, I already called twice and was told the deal is ok

      • around July of this year i had given them a ring,and told them we have been with them for a long time,and that TPG is offering more for less. so ever since then we've been getting $20 off (we stop getting that around July of next year) it's only available for 12 months.

    • not sure how to edit…

      Michelle:By 01/01/2015, the new plan s the $ 90 Ultimate cable under 24 months with free speedpack
      Michelle:the $ 20.00 loyalty credit will be applied until July 2015 bill
      Michelle:and the fetch TV set up box will be received within 5-7 business days from 01/01/2015

      • Yeah, I don't think you can get new loyalty bonus with this deal unless you already had it before.

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    Great….just when the peak congestion was getting better Optus will oversell and we're all up shit creek!

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      Are you sure ? Link states
      Includes Fetch Entertainment Channel Pack

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          Looks like it. Follow this link then click on Optus then click 'See All':

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          6 channels get removed and new 7 channels added.

          Copy paste from whirlpool discussion……..

          Here's an article about the changes:

          For clarity, new channels are:

          BBC First
          BBC Knowledge
          BBC UKTV
          The Food Network
          HGTV (Home and Garden TV)
          Universal Channel
          National Geographic Wild

          Removed channels are:
          Fox Sports News
          Discovery Home & Health
          Discovery Turbo
          Discovery Science
          Animal Planet

          There are no cost changes associated with this. Changes will occur in February 2015.

  • Has anyone successfully called up instead of chat?

    • I have, twice.

      Online rep keeps telling me because Im on adsl they cant offer the deal, online keeps telling me if you're on adsl you need to call them as they cant roll over online

      • I meant you successfully got transferred to the new deal as an existing Optus customer over the phone?

        • Yerh I did, though Im off contract on a month to month basis

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        It is called the '$90 Unlimited Cable Bundle' ….. the name says it all 'CABLE' bundle NOT ADSL bundle. So NO not for anyone unable to get cable connection. If you are on ADSL then the deal IS NOT FOR YOU so don't even ask a rep on Optus.

        Thanks OP we were in the process of evaluating our options to get more data. As we would need to put in a Telstra line to swap to another provider then this deal was a no brainer. For only $10 per month more we go from a 50/70 Gb plan with home phone to the unlimited plan pack with benefits from 1 Jan 2015. WOOHOO

        • That is simply wrong in every way

          Im on adsl with Optus and I can get the deal, confirmed twice over the phone already. Still trying to get the free speed pack and then I'll go through with

          I can have both adsl and cable at the same time if I wanted to. I'll be cancelling the adsl service when the cable gets installed

        • @HTID09: Good luck as it clearly states Cable only and the first thing they will do is check availability. If you do get a dodgy team member to sign you up don't be surprised when your order gets cancelled.

          IT IS FOR CABLE ONLY … read the webpages carefully.

        • @Reddog888:

          And once they determine cable is available in your area they sign you up…

        • @HTID09: Yes, but only if you have cable

        • @zelda707: Correct!! Obviously HTID09 has a comprehension problem.

        • @Reddog888:

          Sigh, comprehension

          Im on adsl atm and never had cable at my place, just got off live chat who then proceeded to call me for terms and conditions and successfully got the following deal.

          $90 Unlimited Cable Bundle
          + $20 speedpack thrown in for free

          COMING FROM ADSL which uses Telstra's line, currently waiting for the tech to call to come and install

          Hows that for comprehension… comprehension is over rated, negotiation is a state of mind

        • @Reddog888:

          As long as it says cable is available on the Optus website when you enter your address you can get it, even if you're on adsl

          Sigh.. misinformed people make for a good chuckle

        • @HTID09:

          As long as it says cable is available on the Optus website when you enter your address you can get it, even if you're on adsl

          Yes we know that. I don't think you get it. If you have ADSL and Cable then it's fine, no problems. I think Reddog was saying that if you only have ADSL they can't offer you the same deal

        • @zelda707: Absolutely correct.

  • Sean M: Hi, this is Sean M, your Optus Sales Consultant, how can I help?
    You: Hi I'm looking at a new plan thats 90$ per month and includes unlimited landland/gsm calls + fetch tv and unlimited internet
    You: am i able to switch to that plan from my previous plan
    Sean M: Sure, this bundle is available for Cable customers and it's a 24 months contract plan.
    You: yeah, i've already got optus cable
    Sean M: Okay, let me get you connected to our service team to assist you in changing the plan.
    Sean M: Please stay online.
    Please wait. Transferring chat.

    15min later "unfortunately all our service representatives are currently busy.."

    guess I'll give them a call

    • Hey you were unlucky, I spoke to Sean M around 1.30pm and was instantly transferred to the service team. Maybe the service team have been Ozbargained!!

      We are very happy with the result. Free WIFI modem and upgrade to the 100M speed pack.

      • I spoke to Franc. he was really helpful and efficient.

  • Hi anyone can confirm the base speed of this plan? I called Optus they said the premium speed is already included in this plan. and ask me to read the term and conditions. "Cable Premium Speed: Available to cable serviceable customers only. Upgrades to Optus’ fastest DOCSIS 3.0 internet service which increases download speeds for Australian-hosted content. Actual download speed can be affected by factors such as your equipment and LAN performance, settings, hardware, software, internet activity, location of content accessed and congestion. WiFi connection may not be as fast as wired device. Only Optus-supplied DOCSIS 3.0-compliant EMTAs will be supported. Computer must meet minimum system requirements and may need network settings optimised."

    • Strange !! We are getting conflicting info from optus reps about the base speed….

      • Agreed, I was quoted standard was 30Mbps which I then asked if the speed pack can be thrown in and the rep gave it for free

    • As far as in store activations go, and I wouldn't imagine it be different across other sale channels ; 30mbps is the base that comes with the plan but there are options to upgrade to 100mbps.
      Now,We do have options to upgrade to the speed pack at no additional charge but this certainly cannot be done for all customers as we have strict limits on the number of customers who we can be activated with this add on, this is why some customers have been declined when requesting as some teams may of already maxed their limit or getting close.

      If your being told that the base starts at 100mbps, it's most likely that they either they have No idea, being misleading or have selected the upgrade.

      Hope this helps.

      • That should clarify a few things on here, thanks rep

      • Can you confirm whether we get 30 pat-tv channels or is it just 30 pre-selected movies?

        • The channels are definitely included in this bundle.

        • @katz:

          We get the Entertainment Channel Pack free with this bundle

      • Hey Rep, I signed up over the phone this morning around 10am AEST and did ask for the free premium speed pack but did not get it..

        Can you please help please…..

        Was there any reasons at all why I didn't qualify? I've been with Optus for over 3 years and have the premium speed pack on my current plan. :(((

        • Still got some hope. It's more difficult for existing customers to get the speed pack as the deal and pack is targeted to new customers. If you already signed up there's not much the sales team can do now. Try cable customer service and kindly harass them, but nicely and if your talking to the right person, it just might work. It's still a great deal either way so don't be disappointed if it doesn't go your way.

      • Hi rep, I signed on this afternoon without asking for the speed pack but was told it is to be 'up to' 100mbps. I'm rather worried so I called up and spoke to the sales lady who said they've been told to tell customers that the speed, normally 30mbps, has been bumped up to 100mbps ie. 'up to 100mbps' is now standard in the $90 Cable deal. Do you think I'm being duped?

        • +1

          100 mbps is not the standard speed on this plan.

          Even the press release says "Optus’ HFC cable plans deliver speeds of up to 30 Mbps, perfect for video streaming and up to 100 Mbps with an added speed pack for an extra $20 per month."

        • @techno2000: Oh man, I'm gonna call up now and try to talk to a non sales rep from overseas. Thanks for the info!

        • @Pokemon Dust:

          Tell us how you went. I am also thinking of calling them back as i never spoke about speeds while going on to this plan.

        • @Pokemon Dust: Try the live chat … I had no problem getting a free WiFi modem and the premium speed pack, but I did say that we were with Optus for more than 8 years and that we were looking at TPG, so that may have made the difference.

        • @techno2000: Unfortunately no luck. Was placed on hold for over an hour after being transferred through to multiple departments, only for a sales rep to say NO. Tried online as well but they can only help if you haven't signed up yet. Should've read these posts before shooting the gun!

  • +1

    I don't wan the TV but I am certain that it is part of the $90 cost (probably accounts for a lot of it).

    Anyone want a better deal either with Optus or another carrier (don't mind any) that includes similar perks (broadband + phone rental) but doesn't have extras like TV subscription?

    Cheers :)

    • +1

      I want one, where do I sign up? :)
      Seriously, I asked about it and there is no such deal, they just want you to watch more TV (and probably rend a movie or two while you there).

      • The thought of watching add-filled station logo emblazoned cable tv crud just leaves me cold…

        $90 though - that is $20 more than my current cable/phone plan, so a lot more value. But of usable value to me, it is more like only worth $10. If fetchtv and cabletv was of use to me, and we made lots of phone calls, yes it would definitely worth it.

        I was looking at that pack though with that $40 powerline adapter - that is actually pretty cheap too (they usually sell for $99 everywhere I looked). I could probably use that.

  • Just called, upgraded my existing 300gb plan contract to this one. Had to restart a new 24 months contract.

    I also ported my mobile over as well to get the 100 mps premium speed pack for free.

    The base speed i experienced before recieving the speed pack is roughly between 10 - 30 Mps.

    Hope this helps, and yes, you can upgrade your existing contract in most cases.

    • Strange that you needed to port mobile, I was offered free speed pack without mobile? You should be able to get extra $10 off if you have mobile plan with them.

      • I only have optus home phone and broadband so i have to port over a mobile to waive the $20 speed pack.

  • How are people getting the free speed pack??? The guy I'm talking to told me there is no way I can get it free, and said it would cost be $20 extra :(

    Would love a saved conversation from somone to show them! :)

    • +1

      Keep trying, I talked to a total of 5-6 sales live chat reps since I couldnt get a connection with the other options.
      All said "no, sorry cant do. This deal is already $145p/m normally"
      I persevered and on my last attempt before I was about to call it quits and just get the standard 30mbps, I get a nice person on live chat who then agreed if I were to contract today.

      Rest is history, keep persevering and eventually you'll get someone decent.
      Better luck on live chat as the phone operators all said no, best they could do was give me a $100 credit which is horse shit to me, dont accept that unless they already offered you the free speed pack

      Good luck

      • Lol can't download the app to talk because as of today I'm running Android 5.1….. Thanks Optus!

      • Yay after a VERY long call I have got the 100mbps speed pack :D now the wait till 2015 for it to be activated

  • +1

    Can confirm, downgraded to the $90 bundle from the $115 Phone + Broadband bundle (Joined a month ago) but will only start to kick in on the next billing cycle. The only difference between the two bundle is that, there is no "free caller id" and voicemal on the home phone. I also get Optus with Fetch.

    • Awesome to hear that, I'm going to ask to downgrade too.
      Did you do it by phone or live chat?

      • Live chat. I also got the speedpack which will be kicking in on new years for free! Im happy :)

    • What is the free caller id?

      • There is no more caller id if you get the $90 plan. The caller ID is the number that will be shown on your home phone when someone rings you.

        • Really? You got to pay for that??? That's just ridiculous..

        • @shopbot: doesnt affect me because i never read the number when the phone rings so yeh.

  • a silly question: will I receive Optus email address for this service? e.g. [email protected] with pop3 available?

    • yes, you will

  • For those who are already on the previous $115 deal, how long did it take for the modem and set top box to arrive?

    • a solid hour.

    • They'll normally have to come and install the cable connection to your place if you're a new cable customer as far as I'm aware even if there is an existing cable connection to the house.

      I was an existing cable customer when I upgraded to Fetch and I had the STB within 3-4 days from memory.

  • That whole FetchTV deal though, that PVR is for free to air TV only though isn't it? So those cable TV channels can more or less only be watched live?

    • +1

      No, you can record all the channels, it's not restricted to free to air.

      It also includes a selection of free movies each month and catch up tv as well.

      • So the movie selections are preselected?

        • +1

          Yep. They are mostly slightly older movies but generally atleast a few in there worth watching. You can also purchase/rent additional ones I believe but I've never done it.

        • @combatant:

          So the STB you install by yourself?
          Does the technician setup the cable connection as well or does he just install the cables outside?

        • @HTID09: set top box i installed myself.

          Cable connection if i recall correctly the tech installed it just to verify it was all good to go and they needed to place a point inside.

          It was a while ago though so my memory is a bit hazy.

        • Hi,

          What is the picture quality like on the entertainment channels? Like espn, travel channel and mtv? And the Disney channels?

          Is it like fta quality? HD?



        • @k3nnis:

          I believe the entertainment package channels are still just SD, so can't be as good as HD FTA.

          I'm not sure about the movies. They may be HD, but I am doubtful.

          Pretty sad really. I can see why they give it away.

          I'm only giving my second hand info from my research into its value to me. My research results was its value to me was $0.

        • Ok thanks for the info. I guess it will be close to zero value to me too then. Only interested in ESPN… and maybe MTV


        • @k3nnis:

          The picture quality generally is very very good, especially the sports channels such as ESPN. It really depends on the quality of the material in the first place. It may help that the output I have set on the box is 1080p.

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