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Price Drop for Optus Unlimited Cable Broadband - $90 from $115/Month


from Today Optus is offering unlimited cable internet, unlimited landline calls and calls to any GSM + fetch tv with 1 TB recorder and free international calls to some 15 countries. Offer available in store or by phone. contract 24 months

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      • What about uploads on Torrent?

      • I've never had any problems with torrents. On a well seeded torrent I would get 2+ MB/s easy.

      • LMAO just because your internet speed is rated at 30mbps does not mean that you wil be downloading torrents at that speed, the speed of the download depends on the ratio of seeders and peers of the torrent you are downloading.

        more seeders less peers = faster download speed
        lots of peers little seeders = sloe download speeds
        1:1 ratio seeders and leechers = normal speed

        the more you upload, the faster your download speed will be. upload speed plays a big part in torrents download speed.

    • No they don't.
      They have a standard speed up 30mbs but you can pay to increase it to 100mbs (Aus sites only. Same thing at BigPond) I get average of 7-8mbs download on torrents. Usually cause we have so many things using the net at once.

      • the standard 30mbs is international wide.
        But need to confirm that the 50mbs and 100mbs is Aus only or Int. wide.
        If it's Aus only, then its not worth it.

        i was advised the 100mbs is indeed worldwide. not limited to Australian sites only.

  • Just called Optus a few hours ago now and was told the free modem, free delivery and free installation is not included if you are an existing customer… Sigh.. so typical of Optus

    Somehow I got someone who actually knew about this deal and thats what I was told.
    The rep on here said otherwise…

    • Sorry i dont understand ! If you already are an existing optus cable customer why do you need a free modem,delivery or installation?

      • Never said I was an existing cable customer, Im on adsl hence need the free modem, delivery and installation

      • Sorry i dont understand ! If you already are an existing optus cable customer why do you need a free modem


  • Be Very Careful with their Cable deal, I was loving it when I first got connected but after 2 months they flipped some switch and now it's shit slow from every source except any speed test, I'm limited to 200KB/s and I'm about to break my contract.


  • only for people who have the existing cable connection facility at the address, house next to me has cable connection they can get it, I cannot as my house is designed for ADSL2+ connection and hence I cannot avail the deal, the deal will run until FEB 2015.

  • Offer ends November 16 2014, unless extended.

  • Optus lets you go up and down in plan value even when contracted for no penalty etc. Surely you could remind them that if you call up to take advantage of the new pricing and you are contraced.
    I will be calling them tomorrow and seeing whether I can persuade them. I have been on the $115 entertainment bundle since it launched and while I'm still under contract I think it's fair as customers that we remind companies to not forget existing customers.
    I'll see how I go tomorrow.

    • +2

      how did it go?

  • is cable better than adsl+ or nbn?

    • ADSL - 1.5 to 20Mbps
      Cable - 3 to 30Mbps (pay extra to get 50 or 100Mbps)
      NBN - 12 to 100Mbps

      Depends where you are and how much you want to pay.
      Although most would consider ADSL < CABLE < NBN

      • +3

        Cable is typically stated as minimum 30Mbps, but obviously congestion on any of ADSL/Cable/NBN can (and usually will) get you less than the stated minimum depending on the particular provider you are with.

        ADSL & VDSL2 (& NBN) is plagued by problems with telephone line quality particularly in older premises, and the line quality rapidly drops over distance, but everyone gets their own line to the Cabinet/Exchange.

        Cable & Wireless (& NBN) is notoriously congested because it uses the same medium across an entire area of customers so it is quite a big job to upgrade capacity (i.e. The entire neighbourhood shares one big fat cable running through the street, to increase capacity you would need to split the cable into two sections. With wireless everyone in the area is sharing exactly the same transmission frequencies to the same antenna)

        Fibre (& NBN) is similar structure to ADSL/VDSL2 in that everyone gets their own line to the Cabinet except the Fibre is capable of speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than what is offered currently, the lines are extremely durable and don't corrode/wear under normal conditions, and can handle extreme distances without loss of quality. Currently the world record is 255 Tbps (255,000,000 Mbps) over a single strand of multimode fibre whereas the highest speed currently offered commercially is 1,000 Mbps (NBN 100 Mbps)… and that's to every single premises. There is a lot of wiggle room to condense that down (multiplex) at the cabinets into a single Fibre and still give everyone full speed. A single strand of Fibre is fast enough to support a long distance connection underwater between cities across the world.

        The only problem with Fibre in a residential setting is that it will be very fast to your ISP, but your ISP might not be very fast to other ISPs because they are saving costs to give you a cheap price, so the bottleneck is your ISP not the Fibre connection.

  • How long does it take for them to install, reading Whirlpool posts scares me.
    Shortage of techs, 4-6 weeks wait and if the technician misses your date you get bumped back even longer…? Can you still keep using your adsl while waiting?

    • Just to clarify and give a general idea.. waiting over 4 weeks for a cable installation is in most cases on the extreme side of things. When signing up we assign an installation date which is generally at about 10 business days ( i've had some at 5 and 7 days before to and also cases where its taken longer than the assigned date so there are other factors that may come into play like outages,availability and demand for technicians etc.). For some periods where there may be significant delays, we will inform the customer before signing the contract if it is known beforehand.

      • Took 3 days for them to get everything up and running for me

        • similar for me . 3 days.

  • OK so I'm on the 200gb + phone $100 plan, so can I upgraded to the new $90 plan for free because its better in specifications?

  • hopefully Telstra will drop the price as well. OPTUS cable not avaliable at my home

  • I just placed an order for this new bundle through the optus weblink posted earlier, it seems its already active and available online also. I did have an online rep confirm the order for me.

    Coming off the old 50/70 + phone bundle.

    • Did you sign up for 24 months or the month by month plan?

      • it was 24 months contract for mine, i was not aware if there is a month to month option? I was out of contract on the original 50/70.

  • Any opinions on the fetch TV feature?

    Added the $70 bundle last week :(

    Installing on the 24th… So around 3+ weeks install time o__o

    • So Im guessing you can still use the net while waiting?

      • Yep currently on Telstra bigpond

        Didn't realise I would basically need to wait another month

        • Speaking of Telstra Bigpond, how was your experience with Telstra cable/adsl?
          I hear a lot of good things about it and the only downfall being the relatively higher price than Optus cable. Was thinking of switching until I saw this new deal

          Why'd you make the switch if I may ask?

        • +1


          My Bigpond ultimate cable (100mbps) in reality gives me the speed around 65 - 75mbps

        • @HTID09:

          I live near a Telstra interchange which was an initial reason to stick with Telstra but Telstra was being a pain in the ass regarding the supplied cable modem they provided.

          During the two year warranty period (where disconnections and WiFi issues occurred), they sent a technician who did nothing but check the cabling… Ignoring the modem

          After, Telstra said no to replacing our modem and finding a cable modem was quite difficult.

          I'd say support is very good 24x7 chat is excellent

          Speed was around 30 but realistically, much lower during peak hours. Torrents with plenty of seeds reached around 1.3mb/s on good days

          Switched because Telstra screwed us over $50 after we were meant to receive a discount for recontracting…

          Was on cable elite

  • At this price might get off my Unlimited ADSL2+. It's only an extra $30 a month and anything's better than these 1.1Mbps speeds (famous last words!)

  • What if you only want the cable connection? I don't use home phone.

    Currently on TPG adsl want to keep that but add cable on top?

  • +1

    I just called to check if I can switch over to the new plan. The rep said not possible as I'm on a contract.

    I joined last week. They suggested to check again in a year when my contract finishes. Infuriating.

    • That makes sense, you may get a better deal by then. LOL

      • +1

        Yeah, after paying $25 extra a month for the year. Think of all those eneloops I could have bought!! :P

        I'm just a little pissed off about the bad timing.

    • Maybe you can downgrade and then upgrade?

      I went from the Naked $80 to this plan without issue, but I guess because I'm adding services they were happy for me to go on a new contract (I originally only signed up 3 weeks ago)

      Keep ringing and pushing and I'm sure they will cave

      • Did they give you free modem, install and delivery as well?

        Also a current Optus customer, calling them atm

    • Try again through live chat. I just did it no issues at all. They may just re-contract you for another 24 months like they did for me, but it suited me just fine.

      • Were you in an existing contract? I've just tried two and so far no luck.

        • Yes i was on an existing contract.

  • Is there any chance to get this deal without bundling with phone/fetch tv, but for cheaper?

    • +1

      This seems to be FAQ.
      The standalone price for naked broadband is already @ $100 per month for Unlimited bandwidth.
      You have the option of paying $10 more and not get the awesome entertainment package + home phone. Or pay $10 less and get both as a bonus if you look at it that way.. but unfortunately there is no way for it to be cheaper for getting the naked cable alone for this deal.

      • +1

        Thank you for replying. Problem for me is that I'm currently paying $55 for 50/70 plan and don't really need phone/tv stuff, but want more data, which means extra $35 for me, hard to justify :)

        Will wait for a better deal next year I guess.

        • Yes I was thinking a similar thing. I checked, and my out-of-contract plan is one of those non-existent $55 for 50/70 deals (and home phone is a $14.95), which is $70 all up. so it is an extra $20 for a lot more. However, I'm not interested in the TV at all, and the unlimited phone stuff honestly isn't any real value to me. We hardly use the phone, and I'd personally not have a landline at all if it wasn't for my wife insisting.

          I'd be interested in a

          The high speed really isn't that much of an interest to me either - it is downloads only, which is not something I do much of, but more to the point, uploads are same still. I do online backups, so a faster upload would be of interest, but that isn't an option (or possible?). A better quota would be of interest so I just don't have to worry at all for it though.

          It is a lot more for $20 if I could get value of it. But I'd be happier with say a $70 or $80 unlimited internet/phone plan without the tv stuff…

          Or better yet, some unlimited 3g plans and I'd dump wired altogether, phone and internet…

      • Do you think I'd be able to negotiate the phone for a speed pack instead?

  • No cable in my area does this plan apply to adsl 2 as well.

    • From what the Optus rep told me its only cable

  • Thanks OP, great deal by the looks, unfortunately cable is not available in my area :(

  • Well so much for the delays on installing.
    I just order this deal & they're installing on Thurs (In Melb).
    with the %10 discount for having a post paid mobile, it's cheaper then my Telstra bundle (100Gb & a phone line - no free calls).

  • So just got off the phone with Optus
    I was told the reason why you dont see it on the Optus website is because its a 'special' deal only for cable customers.
    At first I was told I couldnt get the deal because I was on dsl on the Telstra copper line which isnt the Optus network or something, he got technical, I will also lose my phone number if I change to this plan.


    Person I talked to knew about the deal and was very informative, I'm receiving everything listed on the Optus link. Signed up and I can keep my dsl service running while waiting and cancel that service when the cable is installed. So Im assuming I'm going to have both dsl and cable for this month, lol, double internet ;)

  • I'm on the current $90 monthly bundle for 120gbs. Are there any speed differences between this and the unlimited bundle?

    • um.. well it's unlimited instead of 120gb for starters.

  • should I move to this offer from my TPG unlimited ADSL 2+ for $70. My current plan doesn't offer international calls and unlimited mobile. My area has cable and what will be the torrenting speed like? TPG gives me max of 1.6MB/s.

    • +1

      I get 2.5-3MB/s easy on good torrents.

  • +1

    I was on the same bundle but at $115 + the $20 speed pack. Just hopped on live chat and got swapped over to the new $90 pricing, no issues at all. I'm recontracted for another 24 months but that suits me just fine since I've been with Optus forever and never had any issues.

    • How decent is fetch tv and how are the speeds on the speedpack?

      • I find the FetchTV to be pretty decent actually. Make your own comparison though between the channels available and the new cheap Foxtel Plan and see what you think. Foxtel may be slightly better depending on what you want.

        As for speeds, I find it nice and snappy, at work so can't remember specific speed test results. Can get a little congestion at times which can slow down torrents, but I just leave the torrentbox on overnight so no issue for me. Everything else speedwise is good though. Congestion can depend on the area you are living though.

    • How do you access the live chat?

      • +1

        Just browse around looking at say mobile handsets and you'll get a pop up for live chat. It will give you the sales team but if need be they just put you through to the service team live chat. So much easier than calling, I just did it while at work.

        • +1

          Excellent, I'm still waiting on the phone after 20 minutes.

          Edit: After 30 minutes, I finally got through. Switched over to this easily.

    • Did you keep your speedpack? or have to pay extra?

      • +1

        I kept the speed pack, and yes I am still paying extra for it. May not be worth it for some but I like that littel bit extra speed.

        Edit: Asked for the speedpack for free and they did it for me =)

        • The 100 Mbps is standard for this plan.

        • @ronnknee:

          Mind sharing where it says that?
          Isnt it $20 extra normally?

        • @ronnknee:

          Can confirm the 100Mbps is not standard, it's normally $20 extra as stated. Standard is 30Mbps or thereabouts


        • Just finished talking to the Optus online rep and 100 Mbps is not standard, he asked where does it state that and he is right, it doesnt state that anywhere.

          30 Mbps is standard indeed and $20 extra for 100 Mbps

        • +1

          Oh well, 30 mbps is plenty for me anyway. And to tell the truth i live in a congested suburb and rarely see 30 mbps speeds for any downloads including p2p. So 100 mbps is just another number to me.

        • @techno2000:

          But if you can get it for free, then why not? Just ask and they might do it like they did for me and others. This is ozbargain after all.

        • @combatant: Okay, sorry for the confusion. It's just that the rep implied that it was standard. When he was reading out the product details, he said it was 100 Mbps. I didn't even ask for speed pack or anything.

        • @ronnknee:

          Finally got the free speed pack, so happy ;)

          How long did it take for you guys to receive a call to get a time for installation?

        • @HTID09:

          I was already on the $115 plan so no install required for me.

        • @ronnknee:
          yeah suprisingly, mine rep offered 100mbps on top as well but did mention the standard is 30mbps.

          what interests me is, the rep i was speaking to last night was saying the 100mbps is for all international sites whereas today's rep is saying the 100mpbs applies to Aus sites only and the international sites is only 30mbps.

          i dont know why its so contradictory.

  • Do Optus have any mobile phone plans that qualify for the $10 off for less than $30 / month?

  • +1

    Got mine swapped from $115 cable effective 1st Jan. Looking forward to the free optus tv channels. Thanks OP. :)

    • Are you in a current contract?

      • No, my current contract finished.

  • Just called up and got told this is for new customers only, and I'm still under contract so I can't change to it.

    • +1

      I believe old customers who are off contract can apply too.

      • +1

        Even Those cable customers on a contract can get on to this plan provided they recontract. I was on an existing 2 year contract and had 1 year left on my contract. They just recontracted me for next 2 years.Only negative i can see is that the cancellation charges are very stiff. The sales guy said 300$ for cancelling broadband and 200$ for cancelling phone.

        • Not what they were prepared to do for me when I called. I'm only 7 months in to my contract, but if they checked my Optus e-mail address it's been active for 15 years to a cable connection. Loyalty is WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

  • +2

    just signed up via online chat, free upgraded to 100M speed (yes, no extra cost, I didn't ask for that, the rep just gave it to me!!)

    ps, I have nothing with Optus at the moment.

    • Amazing what they'll do for a new customer. Free 100MBPS? Lucky you. Guess I'll be shopping around once my contract runs out.

    • Hope I get that too.

      • try the online chat… good luck! :)

    • Might have to see if they'll give me the speed pack free to then. I'm an existing customer but paying for mine.

      Edit: Got the $20 speed pack free now.

      • How and what did you say?

        • +1

          I have confirmed with their sales team that the speed pack is included in the cable deal.

  • Has anyone had any luck with this for reducing a current or new NBN plan? Just signed up with $115 optus last week! lol

  • +1

    Worked well with online chat.

    Current plan: Less than 12 months left, Cable $115/m unlimited plan, $20 loyalty bonus as well which we went for a few months ago.

    New plan: Went into online chat, straight up told them I wanted to move to the new $90 plan. No hesitation. Could not negotiate a lower contract term (firm on 24months) but I did get free 100mbps speed upgrade. I just asked for it and the rep talked to the supervisor and all was good. Will receive fetchtv too. I opted for the pro rata plan change (plan changes now) so I can try out the fetch tv. Otherwise they gave the option to start the plan from next month (Jan 1) but that would mean the Fetch tv would come next month (but the billing cycle would be simpler).

    I think if you have less than 12 months remaining on contract they will move you to the new plan without an issue.

    edit: just realised it will be $70/m with the loyalty bonus I got a few months earlier. Nice!

    • How did you get the $20 loyalty bonus? Is it because you stayed at optus for XX years?

      • Yeah, I called Retentions (1300 555 241) this Sep telling them I might move due to the price and they offered a $20 loyalty bonus because I'd been with them for 8+ years I think. Keep in mind, I got the $20 discount for 12 months because I indicated I wanted to move to the top plan and stay on a 12 month contract. I think if I was not moving up a plan they might have only offered a $10 discount /m

    • I just got connected a few days ago to the $115 plan (my luck).
      I called optus before and was told I would be changed over, however the operator did not give me any reference number or do any new contract recording. I'm wondering weather he just wanted to get rid of me and just said he would do it, without actually doing so (not the first time optus done that).

    • OMG !! Thats incredible.So you will be paying just 70$ a month for unlimited 100 mbps connection, with free phone calls and OPtus fetch Tv. I am jealous!

      • I'm stoked. Hopefully everything works out as planned (you never know with these things).

    • I just called up and successfully switched over. The rep implied that the 100 Mbps is standard on this plan.

      • Seems like you're right. Thanks for the info. I hope optus don't sign us all up and change the plan later on like they did last time.

      • You may be right.It does look like the plan is for 100 Mbps but cannot be confirmed yet.


        Have a look at the bottom under "Important Notes"

        "Cable Premium Speed: Available to cable serviceable customers only. Upgrades to Optus’ fastest DOCSIS 3.0 internet service which increases download speeds for Australian-hosted content. Actual download speed can be affected by factors such as your equipment and LAN performance, settings, hardware, software, internet activity, location of content accessed and congestion. WiFi connection may not be as fast as wired device. Only Optus-supplied DOCSIS 3.0-compliant EMTAs will be supported. Computer must meet minimum system requirements and may need network settings optimised."

        The CIS does not mention the actual speed of the plan.