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Price Drop for Optus Unlimited Cable Broadband - $90 from $115/Month


from Today Optus is offering unlimited cable internet, unlimited landline calls and calls to any GSM + fetch tv with 1 TB recorder and free international calls to some 15 countries. Offer available in store or by phone. contract 24 months

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  • The rep on here has already stated in the previous page that standard speed on this deal is 30Mbps and NOT 100mbps

    All the sales rep I've talked and chatted to yesterday said speedpack was an extra $20 which I in the end negotiated for free. A lot of confusion here, their tech support and activations team wait is 20minutes, sales however is like 1 min

  • I just signed up over phone. They said this plan only has 30mbps. I have to convince that you guys are offering 100mbps for others and finally they offered it to me as well.

  • Just finished switching from $115 plan to new $90 bundle via phone callback after timing out transferring twice online. Received the call back after about 20 mins.

    Rep I spoke too insisted that 100mbps speed pack definitely not included and he had to put me on hold for approx 5 mins while he went and got his manager's approval. All good now.

    It's a 10 business day wait for the PVR and new plan takes effect from 1/1/2015. Being a true ozbargainer, I tried for the powerline adapters to be thrown in for free but got rejected :)

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      the rep i talked to say it standard 100mbps, i didnt ask for speedpack

      also i ask for freee powerline adapters and she happily give it for free. she just credited $40 onto my bill and on 1/1/15 they withdraw the $40

      • Should have pushed him I guess. I've got ethernet through the house already so probably would have just gifted the adapters to relos in any case.

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          I asked about the 100Mbps, rep said he could offer me the 100Mbps at no extra cost if I would like. Not sure why I wouldn't like.

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    Optus customer service is horrendous, havent needed to call them in a long, long time and my god its horrendous
    Been transferred 3 times now, just pinballing me around, 20 minutes wait time each time

    I signed up yesterday over the phone, the rep agreed to throw in the speed pack for free. Havent received any confirmation email, I called and they said there was no order in their system. Sigh..

    How long did it take for you guys to get a call back regarding the deal?

  • Ok so just got off the phone after a hour long of transfer, had to listen to the terms and conditions again and go through what I went through yesterday, again.

    This time I finally got an installation date, its a 2 weeks wait to get cable installed.
    I was reassured that I will get the free speed pack, again, waiting for the confirmation email to be sent to my email address. Not sure if it will state the free speed pack or not.

    Got reference number and the employee number of the guy who provided the deal.
    The idiot yesterday never put in the order hence why it never showed up on their end nor did he give me an installation date

    • I got the reference number and the employee number too, waiting for call now

      • For? Installation or confirmation?

        Have you received a confirmation through email yet?

        • both, haven't got a confirmation yet

        • Same here, still no confirmation email

          Quite worried about yesterday since the guy took all my info and did nothing with it, wonder where it went and what he did do with it.

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    Hey Optus reps why make it so hard for long standing customers to get this deal with the speedpack included free? Seems to be a lottery based on who you get on the phone or chat. People are reporting they are being offered the free speedpack with little or no haggling, others are on the phone for hours and others (like me ) refused point blank. So far I've have no luck twice despite mentioning I am a 15+ year cable customer. Why should I have to negotiate for hours or threaten to leave in order to get something that is being given freely to others. So come on optus reps speak to your management, make your operators aware of the deals that are being given to people and save everyone some time and aggravation. I'll wait a few hours then give it one last go, if I get the same nonsense again, I won't threaten to leave, I will just leave.

    • +1

      It does seem to be a lottery. Online chat has been by far the easiest method in my experience. Was denied a new modem over the phone, got one through online chat.

      Just a summary, was on contract for the 115$ plan, got it switched over to the 90$ one. Asked for and received a new modem and the speed upgrade was already included. Also managed to get the powerline adaptors thrown in for free. Sadly lacked the nerve to ask for a monthly discount too after all that lol.

      Asked for an sms confirmation as the email one still hasn't come through.

      So yeah, try your luck. Be nice and polite and if all else fails, try another rep.

      • I managed to get the speed pack but they wouldn't budge on the free modem. Told them that I couldn't utilise 30mbps to its fullest currently so I'm not going to get my hopes up on a speed boost just because of a new modem.

        They did however mention that only local traffic is guaranteed upto 100mbps and international was always 30mbps - can someone clarify this statement? Is international speeds capped or was it just the case of confused optus rep?

  • Order placed over the phone yesterday. I didn't receive a confirmation email so got a bit worried and contacted online chat. They couldn't find it. Called Optus sales and they checked and couldn't find it. Explained that I spent 30mins on the phone placing my order. Guy then checked the cable database and I was on that one (they always check the ADSL one first). He also mentioned that the online staff don't have access to the same systems as the phone staff so will not have seen it.

    He also confirmed that the cable is at the fastest speed. No need for speed pack.

  • I signed up for this bundle yesterday and I'm scheduled for installation next Tuesday so thanks to the OP for this as I was nearly signing up for $115pm+

    I've also been in several chats with Optus today about hopefully getting the 100mb speed pack cherry on top but no-one is budging an inch. One guy said it was possible but said he'd have to switch me to another department and then it timed out after 15mins… everyone else has flat out said no.

  • Did anyone get free delivery because I was told it was $15.50 delivery fee.

  • +1

    I called up today to check on my order status and it wasnt even in the system. Told the new sales guy I was offered the speed pack for free and he said ok, no worries.

    Perhaps can call and pretend to check up on your idea and try your luck, lie to them lol. The guy I spoke to said ok straight away, no questions asked.

    • That is unbelievably poor on their part. It has happened to me before too.

      Online chats seem to work pretty well though, and have a written transcript. I've never been a fan of the "call up"

    • Meant to say check up on your deal, not idea lol

      Yerh definitely online chats, I didn't realise you could save it.
      Phone chats have no log and its just word of mouth, best they'll do is give you their employee number, name too if you're lucky

      I've signed up twice now and still no confirmation, most likely botched it up again. Sigh..

  • Do you HAVE to re-contract???? I don't want to do that!

    I've spoken to a couple of reps and had no problem getting the 100mbps speed pack but can't shake the 24months contract!

    • Optus offer a no contract option for $10 extra per month.
      I think that would be a pretty hard one to get for no cost.

      • Not a chance at no cost

    • I was offered a no contract on a month to month basis yesterday for $100 a month but he wouldnt give the speed pack unless it was 24 months

      • -1

        That's the point here $90 on a 24 month contract or + $10 per month i.e. $100 per month for a no contract …. get it.

        • -1

          No(insert shocked face)….. you dont say….

          It clearly states that on the Optus website. Comprehension, remember…?

          Nobody is arguing on the matter here, just reiterating what the op said

        • -1

          End of year report card:

          Comprehension needs a lot more work - lacks basic knowledge

          Maths very poor, remedial classes recommended

        • @Reddog888:

          Good one, A+ (insert sarcastic face)

          A lot of creativity went into that one….

          Report card from someone who failed to read the context of the post. Le sigh

  • Did anyone get a PLA device for Fetch TV with it for free?

    • I assume you mean a Power Line Adapter to hook your Fetch TV to a physical LAN port? I have asked for it but wasn't given them for free and got offered to buy it at $40.

    • No way. Looks just like a standard network cable. Couple bucks off eBay should do it.
      I'll never watch that crap anyway. Nor even plugin a phone.

  • Got 10% discount = $81 p/m + 100mbps speed pack for free Thanks

    • 10% discount how?

      • If you have a post paid optus mobile under the same name and billed to the same address you get a 10% discount

        • i do get 10% on mobile but this one is in addition to that

      • just asked for it :)

        • It is like a damn lottery, what people can get. There is just so much inconsistency I am reading here, all it is doing is ticking customers off.

          Me? I still haven't pulled the trigger on the deal. Currently I'd have a "better" service, but I'd not really take advantage of anything other than the lack of quotas. But that isn't worth $20 to me. Now if I got an extra 10% off, yes, that would make me pull the trigger. And they could keep their fetchtv device for all I care though. I'd probably take the Powerline kit though, so I can put the modem and router in separate rooms.

  • Still no confirmation for me lol, was told to wait 48 hours

    • You may not necessarily get a SMS and only get a call from Pre-Activation dept and confirm your installation date that way!

  • +1

    Signed up yesterday. Got a confirmation SMS today saying install will happen on Fri (12th Dec) 7:30am-12pm. Woohoo!

    • Wow nice, lucky you. Two weeks wait for me

    • I was the same. Signed up (new customer) via online chat yesterday evening. Got an SMS today saying Friday install. I asked the online chat a few questions and was told "You will get a phone call to confirm connection, ask them" but it seems to have skipped this step and gone straight to an appointment.

    • Hi do you have the installation enquiries telephone number. Ive got an install on Saturday, but didnt get the sms the operator said I would.

      • 1300760016 8am-8pm

  • not sure if flagfall/connection fee applies to unlimited calls?
    in the critical information sheet it says 'Unlimited – Rates do not apply'

    • +2

      No flagfall/connection fees with Optus home phone.

      $90 per month and that's it!

      • tempting! especially with no flagfall/connection plus free upgrade to 100mbps.
        moving new house and was thinking tpg adsl2+ unlimited bundle for $59.
        but for $30 i get faster internet (new house far from adsl exchange), ulimited national+international calls and fetch tv. hope i watch enough fetch tv lol.
        will give it 1-2weeks see if any other ISP comes up with new plans.

  • Upgraded during the day, services consultant was excellent but still waiting on confirmation, they were going to send an email of the transcript but nothing to be seen. I do have a reference number for conversation and employee number but I really don't want to call to confirm, it's been such a pain…. Give it 48 hours?

    • +1

      yea, use the reference number to reconfirm via online chat after 48hrs?

    • +1

      Exactly the same dilemma with me here too, was told to wait 48 hours for the confirmation.
      Somehow I doubt it will be sent…

      Did you do it on live chat or phone?

      Calling Optus is such a hassle, 20 minute wait atleast each time

      • I ordered first thing this morning, no email, but got a call back a few minutes ago. Bad news is the changeover is due 24th, so quite a wait.

        • ohh, hope I will get my call tmr then

  • +1

    Signed up over phone with retentions. $90 a month, then $10 off mobile for having optus post paid. Was told speedpack is NOT standard on this new plan but because we already had it on old plan she would include it for the 24months. Also was able to get the Powerline adapters included so pretty good deal in the end. Was also asked where i had seen the plan as it is not advertised through they normal website and generally offered to people calling up. Fetch to be sent on in next 10 days and new plan to commence Jan 1.

    Alls well that ends well

    • Did say they'll be sending fetch after Jan 1 or 10 days from now?

      • Originally she said it would be sent after Jan 1.. but after being on hold while she was setting up the new plan she came back saying they will be sending out in the next 10 days… Reason for this was that they had a number of complaints from customers that the new plan would start Jan 1 and paying the $90 but then would be waiting for fetch

    • I was told that if you are a NEW Optus customer, the $20 speed pack fee is waived for 24 months as standard. Confirmed by both Online Chat and Sales call.

      As for the advertising, I picked up a flyer from an Optus store today, so it IS out there.

      The 2 page flyer doesn't mention the speed pack, just:
      Receive $960 worth of savings!
      Save $25 a month off the $115 Entertainment Bundle
      FREE World Saver Ultimate Pack (Save $15 a month)
      FREE Fetch Entertainment Package (Save $15 a month)

  • Currently have a grandfathered 500gb plan with bolt on speedpack but this deal is cheaper so I called up and asked for the speed and they quoted 30Mbps and $20 for the speedpack.
    So i hung up and rang again 3 hours later, got a different operator who threw the speedpack in. yes I lost another 30 mins on hold but I gained $20 per month ;)

    P.S I asked for a follow up email confirming all the details including the speedpack and when the email arrived later there were not the details but I did record the time date and case number for when I called. I will obviously take it further if i miss out on the speedpack.

  • Was on the old $110 plan with 300GB downloads with free speedpack.
    Spoke to them through Live Chat. Go here: http://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/my-plan-plus/phone-and-p...
    Scroll halfway down and you will see a "Live Chat" button.
    Spoke to a very helpful sales rep there who was more than happy to change me over to the $90 plan and threw in the Speed Pack (100mbps) at no additional cost.
    Truly awesome deal. I save $20 per month plus I now get unlimited data and Fetch entertainment pack :)

    Anyone using the entertainment pack the the moment? What is it like? is it like actual channels just like Foxtel?

    • +3

      I have it, it's okay.
      You get a few MTV channels, National Geographic, BBC World News, CNBC, Bloomberg, ESPN & ESPN2, Discovery Channel, Disney, Nickelodeon etc.
      Someone mentioned above that a few of the channels will be replaced with other ones soon though.

      From @techno2000: http://www.itwire.com/your-it-news/entertainment/66378-fetch...

      For clarity, new channels are:

      BBC First
      BBC Knowledge
      BBC UKTV
      The Food Network
      HGTV (Home and Garden TV)
      Universal Channel
      National Geographic Wild

      Removed channels are:
      Fox Sports News
      Discovery Home & Health
      Discovery Turbo
      Discovery Science
      Animal Planet

      There are no cost changes associated with this. Changes will occur in February 2015.

      • I was told by the sales rep they're being replaced because they are unpopular

        Are those channels any decent? The ones getting replaced that is

        • I'm kind of sad they got rid of Fox Sports News and Discovery Turbo which had Fifth Gear, but I guess I can watch that online.
          The others didn't really interest me much.

          Hopefully the new channels will be better.

  • From ZDNet:

    "Before Optus' hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) cable network becomes officially owned by NBN Co, Optus is making the most out of the network with the announcement of a new entry-level unlimited data cable broadband bundle."

    Read the rest at:

    • Once it gets owned by NBN does that mean we are able to get NBN speeds?

      I think we will not and be stuck in contract with Optus?

    • So now we know why optus is flogging the dead horse.Still it is good for us in the sense that we got a better deal and also in the future once the HFC network is owned by NBN co and wholesaled we should have much more choice in which ISP we can go with and plans/prices/support……

      • Yeah and when everyone is on nbn cable in your area, you'll get worse and worse speeds.

        Anyone have any ideas why the upload speeds are so bad, and not affected by the speed pack?Is that just a limitation of cable?

        • +1

          You are right.No matter what they do to upgrade the HFC network there is no doubt that it is inferior to the actual fibre NBN.

        • +1

          According to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOCSIS

          DOCSIS 3.1
          Released October 2013, plans support capacities of at least 10 Gbit/s downstream and 1 Gbit/s upstream using 4096 QAM.

          Technically there doesnt seem to be a limitation.I guess optus and telstra dont want to spend any money on improving upload speeds.

        • @techno2000:

          Wonder if it is a physical modem knobbling? Looking at that wiki page, the current one should allow 30Mb/s upstream per channel

          And of course 3.1 will need all new modems.

          The irony is where I live I have a major telstra underground trunk running underneath my median strip. One of those 1mx1m concrete bunkers a couple metres down. And when I look at the NBN Site, it says my address isn't even in the plan at all. And I'm 5k from the city

  • Woohoo getting installed on Saturday. Any suggestions for a multi port powerline kit as my cable connection is upstairs in the back room whilst the tele is down stairs out the front.

    • Well, the $40 kit they can supply is good for point to point and then you just need a network switch plugged into it. Or you might be able to buy a single multi point powerline switch of that brand and plug it in

  • -2

    So I'm confused. What channels on Fetch Tv do we get with this bundle ?

    • +1

      Calm down with all the negs!!! lol

      I assume extra channels is extra $$

      Ok kewl it!

      • Yeah, bit harsh the negging..

        The offer says "Includes Fetch Entertainment Channel Pack" and mentions about 33 channels. But it isn't very clear even on the FetchTV site each one of those channels are. Plus I believe there is a lineup change in Feb.
        You can see a picture there of the channels. The new channels don't show though, they are on some other page.

  • so do optus only do overhead cable installations? (IE visible & running to the roof line)
    or can they do underground too?
    all our cables are underground at the moment

    • Yes, I believe the underground ones are telstra. There was a big rush back in the 90's I recall when telstra and optus were rolling out cable tv, and Optus had permission to string the overhead cables up to some date. I can't recall exactly when, we are talking nearly 20 years ago. This was for cabletv. Then they added cable internet services, which was when I joined. I think it was 97 the rollout had to be done by.

      • +1

        and now there is a big rush to get NBN, oh wait, they are not rushing

        • +1

          Yeah, and then next election we'll have a whole new change of plan, and my near city suburb will still be not on the plan…

        • +1


          100% - I am 1.8km from the city and my house only has optus cable! Go figure telstra!

        • @katz:

          Go figure? I bet you are not in a marginal electorate… :P

  • Just got this SMS:
    Optus install will be 12/12 12pm-5pm. Call 1300760016 8am-8pm if changes required. An adult over 18 needs to attend. Y

    • lol u might want to delete your home number

      Did u port over an existing number or start from scratch?

      • thanks for that! :)

  • I thought I was porting from existing number. Didn't realise they would give me new number

    • Oops. Sorry - I'm a complete noob on Ozbargain. Don't know where to reply, or how to delete comments. Still working it out - sorry all.

  • +1

    called them today, managed to get them to change it from Jan 1 and no extension of my contract :)
    So prety happy about that, only 7 monnths left on my old 24m so stood my ground when they said i had to resign for 24m.
    They were ncie enough to change the plan but not restart.. in the end.

    • Wow looks like optus are really desperate to get as many customers as possible before they dump the whole mess on NBN co.
      I thought recontracting for 2 years was mandatory….

  • +1

    cancelled my phone order which was due for installation tomorrow, had a sales chat and placed new order with speed pack applied for free, phone sales won't budge at all, sales chat are very cool and no issues with offering speed pack for free, now the waiting game

    • When they ring you I would ask to confirm the speed pack has been added. Originally mine was not.

      • will do thanks

  • +3

    Existing customer, called customer service - got $90, free speed pack and loyalty discount of $10 a month. No mobile with Optus - happy chappy :)

    • Did you had loyalty discount already or they offered it with this deal?

      • I already had it before as part of the previous broadband deal.

    • Also an existing customer on a current $20 loyalty discount that they would not extend onto this deal. Could not negotiate any form of ongoing loyalty discount but managed to push them on a free speed pack, a free modem even though I don't need it and free powerline adaptors.

      • I got offered free speed pack and $60 credit (existing customer also), but want to negotiate loyalty discount. Some people managed to get $20, but they already had it before, I don't know if anyone managed to get discount with this deal without having it prior.

    • Did not get the Loyalty Discount of $10… fumes

  • +1

    Well it's been one problem after another, initially everything was going fine had install date and speed pack added. Then I called up, they couldn't find my order. Eventually after a hour they found it confirmed install on Saturday. I get a call asking to confirm install on Saturday but the address is in the wrong suburb.Spend another hour on the phone trying to get it sorted. Turns out they made a mistake. They have to cancel the order and start a new one. Now they don't want to honour the previous speed pack that I had been offered when I signed up. The sales operator tried giving me the, this is already a great deal, let's put the application through but I can't guarantee you will get the speed pack. I don't think so.