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Hi rep, can't find these on Amazon. Whats wrong?
20/06/2021 - 10:02
Rep, I can't find the products on Amazon. Banned?
20/06/2021 - 10:02
I waited for 2 hours
06/05/2021 - 14:24
I am thinking to get one myself but I am worried with the electronic components, in case they malfunction say after 1-2 years. Do you have...
26/11/2020 - 20:52
It is overpriced here even at $996. US has it for $500 and had gone to $350-$400 when on sale at Walmart. I understand currency rate but...
26/11/2020 - 20:41
Good luck finding this special buy item at your Aldi. Saturday Specials usually sells like hot cakes. My Aldi definitely has run out of...
11/10/2020 - 19:39
Can anyone whom have used this cashback provider offer some feedback?
26/08/2020 - 13:17
Am thinking to go through Udemy courses on AWS. Is it a realistic skill to learn for someone with IT background but not in an IT job? Where...
23/08/2020 - 10:28
Depends, I suppose. I can't see how being, say an Uber Driver on the weekend, will be against terms of my employment
23/08/2020 - 00:16
It shouldn't take 4 months. Have you contacted your broker and asked for update?
22/08/2020 - 19:29
Everyone's rate is different and subject to pricing request for special rate. It depends on factor such as purpose (investment/owner...
22/08/2020 - 19:28
Did you go direct or via broker?
22/08/2020 - 16:16
Yeah, have put my applications in for woolies anc coles. Apparently it may be hard tp get because a lot of people are keen to these jobs
22/08/2020 - 15:10
That will be a hard work
21/08/2020 - 19:42
Do you know if they only people who are available for any shifts, or would they consider people with limited availability?
21/08/2020 - 15:17
Thanks for the fiverr idea. Dancer, not qualified for it :)
21/08/2020 - 14:06
Just did a quick search. Lots of cleaners role for aged care
21/08/2020 - 14:02
Do you mean youtube type video? What about photos? How do you post or make money from them?
21/08/2020 - 14:01
Office cleaners?
21/08/2020 - 13:59
Yes, only for non-discretionary items though. Otherwise, will end up with more stuff you don't need
21/08/2020 - 13:43
Thanks. I will look into it. Not sure if they will need a different type of drivers license for the truck
21/08/2020 - 13:26
IMBI3 posted a forum topic Ideas for second job
Hi all. Due to change in our family's circumstances, I am looking for a second job. I work fulltime Monday to Friday from home. Am thinking...
21/08/2020 - 13:22
Until you are banned from both Ebay and Amazon for breaching their T&C
08/08/2020 - 08:38
Has anyone used this cashback provider? Any review?
02/08/2020 - 14:31
Hi rep, code UWHPUVMC does not work for the SoundPeats TrueEngine. Has it expired?
11/05/2020 - 21:44
That s*cks. Hopefully it is only during this busy period
04/04/2020 - 11:26
Looks like there is no cashback in ALL categories now
04/04/2020 - 10:00
I already maxed out with them. LOL. Only $500 maximum purchase per month. Any other website?
08/03/2020 - 11:34