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Bananas $6 for 13kgs Rite Price Clovelly Park. [Adelaide]


It looks like a dump-out before Christmas. They look ready for eating, or at this price, make a bathtub of banana smoothy and treat it as a skin tonic…

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    These low prices makes anyone go bananas!

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      It gets better - buy 17 boxes and you can use the $5 off a $100 spend coupon from their web site. Santy Claws has come early…

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    I find this deal appeeling

  • Have an upvote for skin tonic… :D

    Funny to think that only a short time ago, bananas were at $15/kg after the storm that wiped out most of their crops…

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    Nice find. You could possibly even resell them as a measuring device for photos on some websites. Profit!

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    Well I'll be a monkey's uncle…they ARE cheap!

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    Wow, that's the cheapest I've EVER seen bananas (and I'm not young). I hope a "home-based" ice-cream maker/seller saves big on this, or someone that makes/sells dried banana chips etc. And good on the supplier for not just dumping them; at < 50 cents a kilo it probably would have been more economical/practical (storage-wise) to do that!
    YAY for "RitePrice Groceries"
    Showing great x-mas spirit!

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    Out of date?
    Get me a super sized bag of cheezles while you're there please op.

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    I see why they are so cheap. they are reject bananas. they are all bent.

    • Lololol ;-P

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        Massive Dad joke.

    • Not only that - if you read the box, they are Ex large, so they must have shrunk.

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    Bananas can be kept in the fridge to keep them from over ripening, but they do turn black on the outside (still good on the inside).

    If you put the bananas into a sealed plastic bag before putting them into the fridge it can help them to stay yellow.


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    1. Peel them
    2. Put them in freezer bags
    3. Use in your smoothies instead of ice
    • Or make that vegan banana 'ice cream'

      Cut bananas into slices a centimeter or two thick, freeze, lob into food processor and 'process' until it has the texture of a fluffy-ish soft serve ice cream. I read that it is the pectin which makes it go to this texture. Lob in some vanilla essence, honey or other flavorings if you like. Freeze it if you want it harder or to keep it for a few days.

  • I'm allergic to bananas :( great deal though.

  • Bananas were 59c/Kg at Footscray market today, have been regularly under $1/Kg for a few weeks.

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    any delivery available to Vic?

  • Times like these, you need Banana Man

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    13kg of bananas? Gonna need a banana for scale.

  • I don't even like bananas and I'm tempted
    Gotta hand it to them

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    Why would they get rid of this many bananas? Don't they know that there's always money in the banana stand?

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