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Nikon D5300 18-140mm Lens Kit for $999 (After Nikon $100 Cashback) @ JB Hi-Fi


This is my first post -

I have been looking at Nikon D5300 with Australian Stock and found cheaper @ JB Hi-Fi

You can even buy $50 gift card with $20 voucher and bring down the price to $979.

When I went to store, they took the special sign off as it's well below their physical cost for this kit, which is $1287. But as it's in catalog, he had no choice, but to sell me one.

Cheaper I found for same kit at DWI International for Grey Stock for $844 (Free shipping at moment to Australian Metro Areas)

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  • I picked up one of these recently in Melbourne at Michael s for $706 after $100 cashback, it had the 18-55 lens but still for a noob like me it has everything I need to learn and take great photos compared to point and click cameras I have had up until now. In fact DS has a boxing day sale on the D3200 including two lenses for $640 or something like that, almost worth getting that and a D5300 body only which also comes with cashback. The lenses alone are worth upwards of $500. End up with two cameras and two lenses for ~$1200, just a thought.

    • I have seen few of my friends buying twin lenses kits and then complaining to carry both lens and most of them lazy to carry two lenses together and advised me to rather buy single lens which would work generally everywhere, 18 - 140mm is best travel lens. Lesson for me is no. of lens not important, rather it's quality one lens. But, you may wish to sell off additional lens.

      I also bought https://www.jbhifi.com.au/cameras/sandisk/sandisk-extreme-sd... for $83 (after $50 giftcard and $20 voucher) from JB, staff was able to bring price down to $103 for me.

    • I just picked up a D3200 with 18-55 lens from OW for $448. With $50 cashback that brings it back to $398 for an entry level DSLR. No haggling…

    • grey import vs local stock……..

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