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Woolworths Online: 3x30pk Coke Cans $41.20 (45.7c Per Can) and/or 24x1.25l $31.23 ($1.30ea)


Similar to the Quilton deal last week, you can pick up some cheap Coke varieties at Woolworths online today only.

Using coupon DRINKS2714 you can get 15% off anything under the drinks category (MIN $40 SPEND), but if you select the multibuy products the discount comes off the original price.

You can mix and match cans and bottles if you like but keep in mind you must buy a minimum of 2 30pks or 4 1.25L to get the multibuy discount happening.

I had no problems putting in an order for 3x 30pks today for collection tomorrow.

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    I've had two issues with woolworths online with no compensation or reasonable resolution.

    1st occasion they delivered 1.5hrs outside the delivery window. No phone call saying they would be late, no compensation or apology.

    Ordered 4kgs of prawns for Christmas lunch. They only delivered 1kg and the delivery driver insisted we signed saying 4kgs were delivered. After 1.5 hrs on the phone they would only offer a refund, delivery on boxing day or picking it up in store with no refund or compensation despite having to pay for a taxi.

    I wouldn't shop with them again, try coles.

    • I've only ever got one thing delivered from either Coles or Woolworths. It was Woolworths and it was for 2 boxes of 30 cans of Coca Cola. One Coke and One Coke Zero. No issues.

    • Never had an issue with WW online. No idea why you mentioned "compensation" because they were late 1.5hrs. A little patience wouldn't hurt. No one wants to purposely be late; sorry if I misinterpreted your comment, but it gives the impression that you expect to benefit/profit from another's fault however trivial. That said, expecting an apology is reasonable.

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        I was providing first-hand experience.

        Admittedly I have only used the service 4 times, but twice of those have resulted in errors. It is not so much the errors but the way the aftersales support handled to the issue. If they said "We apologise for our mistake. We understand the frustration of having to source 3kgs of prawns for Christmas day at 7pm on Christmas eve. We will call your local stores and have 3kgs of prawns ready for you when you arrive. As a sign of good-will we refund the cost of those 3kgs of prawns."

        Instead it took 1.5 hours of conversation to come to half that resolution…

        Hi. I ordered 4kgs of prawns and only 1kg came. We ordered these days ago for Christmas lunch tomorrow, we need 3kgs of prawns for xmas lunch tomorrow.
        1st Person: You can have redelivery on the 26th or a refund. That is the best we can do.
        *I am not happy with that resolution. I need 3kgs of prawns for tomorrow's lunch. Can you please arrange with a local store for this to happen

        1st Person: That is the best we can do
        Escalate to next person

        2nd Person: As Person 1 said, that is the best we can do.
        Can you please call the local stores and see if they can provide us with the prawns

        2nd Person: Okay… Yes they have the prawns. We will refund you the price of the 3kgs not delivered, $60. You will have to go to the store and purchase them again, however they will be $90 as the instore price differs from the online store. We will give you a $30 online voucher to use next time.
        I don't want to use the online store again.
        2nd Person: That is the best we can do.
        25 mins of explaining that I am out of pocket. She reluctantly agrees to transfer to a supervisor

        3rd Person: That is the best we can do.
        25 more minutes of explaining how I will be out of pocket $30, have already been on the phone for an hour, and getting tired
        3rd Person: I have arranged with the local store to have your prawns given to you at the price you paid online.
        Thank you, that is all I wanted as a resolution from the start

        I found the service to be poor. I expressed the reasonable resolution I was after in the first instance. Any other time of year I wouldn't have minded so much but the fact it was 6pm on Christmas eve and they were needed for Christmas lunch led to me pressing the issue.

        • I understand I will get negged for this, but you're unreasonable and a whinger.

          If you needed prawns for Christmas Day, get up off your backside and go to the shops and buy them. Don't leave it until just before Christmas and rely on 'home delivery' getting them to you!!! The demand for seafood at Christmas time is huge…and if they had 4kgs available I'm sure they would have given them to you.

          And, as for speaking to the customer service rep, the rep's supervisor, then the supervisor's supervisor seeking compensation for being so harshly done by about 3 lousy kilograms of prawns, I can completely understand their lack of disinterest when talking to you. I'm sure they were wishing they were at home with their families rather than listening to your complaining.

          And, yes, Woolies should have delivered your prawns, but occasionally crap happens.

          Put it all into perspective….it's 3kgs of prawns!

          I hope you had a good Christmas regardless.

        • Had several issues with Woolies.
          They delivered mouldy bread that was due to expire within the day. (occasion 1)
          They delivered 2 loaves of bread that were due to expire the next day. (occasion 2)
          They didn't deliver promised chicken and forgot to refund the money. Had to chase it up.
          They didn't activate a promised 10c discount fuel voucher.

          Also, the online prices frequently differ from the catalogue prices. Eg. grapes were ~$3.50/kg last week, but $6/kg online.

          Woolies are not good for their service. I'm almost on a first name basis with their support department.

          I think my favourite was when they delivered the mouldy bread and I told them they need to check their processes on perishables to ensure they were still fresh, they said "we can only refund you 90% of the cost of the loaf of bread because you bought it with a discount code for 10% off". And … they never provided the refund ;)

        • @ticket65: love the irony - you whinging for no reason about him "whinging" for good reason. Newsflash - the reason people order goods at Xmas in particular is to ensure supply. Nothing unreasonable in his expectations that I can see, and his problem was eventually easily fixed by someone with a tiny bit of nous, as it could and should have been from the start.

          WW is a large company with massive margins and profits. Their online service is no less a part of their business and I very much doubt their management would be as "understanding" as you. Then again they pay peanuts so shouldn't expect much from their staff.

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          Yes Christmas was lovely, the prawns were in fact delicious.

          I erroneously thought ordering the prawns days in advance would be the best option. Surely Woolworths would allocate stock to those that have pre-ordered… obviously not.

          Have you purchased prawns? 3 lousy kilograms of prawns costs $90 in store. As an OzBargain'er I thought you too would be wanting value for money.

          Regarding the customer service rep. I can empathise working in a call centre on Christmas eve, I did it when I worked for Translink. Surely it would have been in their interest to come to a resolution as quickly as possible. Either they are driven by strict KPIs for refunds/compensation, or have a culture of dealing with it at 'first point of contact' (who typically have little wiggle room), or it takes effort to call the store to come to a reasonable resolution.

          To put in all in to perspective… 3kgs of prawns were devoured on Christmas day. It would have been a blood bath fighting over a kilo of prawns in my family haha.

        • it was 24th man stuff go wrong go out get u prawn it easy fix. Christmas it mad time of year every body in retail hate lead up to Christmas i did 16 year at WW. I personal Hate Christmas.

        • @sletts: Great to hear ☺

    • I've had a couple of issues. One was that the store didn't have the order ready when I arrived. In fact, they couldn't find anything about it at all at first. These things happen though. The other was that if you pay by gift card, they can't refund less than $5 back to a gift card. They issue you with an online coupon that you can only spend on WW Online, rather than the flexibility to spend it anywhere that a WW gift card is accepted. I know it's only a small amount, but it's the principle. I don't want to be forced to shop with them again; that should be my choice, not theirs. Refunds should be issued back to the same method of original payment. If your system doesn't allow you to create a gift card with less than $5 credit, then just refund to my CC.

      • Not that good this time either. I arrived 40mins into the pick up window, and the order wasn't ready. Only mine and one other order on their sheet, so it's not add if they were busy. I had to wait 10 mins while the assistant went and got all my drinks off the shelf.

    • I'll never use Woolworths online again either. Terrible experience with a collect order. Order fail, staff fail, efficiency fail, etiquette fail. Never again.

    • And just FYI, when the driver asks you to sign, it only means he has been there. It does not mean you got your whole order or that everything was in good condition. It's only a control for the company that does the delivery (Linfox) and not Woolworths. So blaming or even arguing with the driver gets you nowhere as it's up to Woolies to give him the stuff to deliver to you. He's nothing but a transporter.

      Any issues you have with your order should be dealt with by customers service.

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        The driver never made that clear. He presented a delivery docket stating:
        Delivered: 4kgs Prawns.

        I was not prepared to sign this without speaking to Woolworths, hence why I called them. I thought this was reasonable.

    • lol, u got negged for warning others about WW online?

    • You can track your order online, they used to send texts when they expect it to be outside the delivery window.

      I find they tend to claim out of stock on any item I order from the deli probably because the truck leaves before the normal store hours and I think no one is manning the deli. This leads me to get free items when they do send deli stuff but tell me they were out of stock and refund me for stuff they delivered which is pretty awesome but it's a bit hit or miss as to if you will get anything or not.

      It's frustrating when you actually want something, I order chicken thighs on a regular basis but get the out of stock notice and no attempt at a substitution just about every week. Did get a free kilo once but that's out of about 10 attempts. I'd rather of had those deliveries made and paid full price than the one lot for free. I now order the packaged stuff which has a better chance of making it.

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      the last two times i've ordered click & collect i've been significantly short-changed on meat. the last time i worked out what was happening. the picker interpreted 2.00 on the order as 2 pieces of chicken or salmon rather than 2.00 kg. both times it got fixed without hassle and the first time i also got a free box of chocolates, but the moral of the story is to check your order thoroughly!

    • I just got my order. I checked online the status of it. It said it would be ready for delivery BEFORE my chosen time. I said 4-7pm. It said it would now be between 3:50-4:20. It arrived at 4:10pm. Everything there and in order. Nice delivery guy too! :D A+++++

  • Thanks OP. I ordered 24 bottles for pick up today. 80cents each after Coke Rewards.

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    Life could be so much better if Coke were good for you.

    • It could be but it's cheaper for them and more profitable to make it full of addictive, toxic chemicals at the expense of our health just like many of the packaged "foods" on the shelves not to mention the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies also destroying the bodies of the careless and naiive with no government intervention as they fill their pockets with tainted cash.

      Of course there is choice and free will but that cheaper alternative shouldn't exist and there should be more rules and regulations when it comes to our available sustinance but then money is apparently more important than health in this world.


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        Ah . but what I want is all the addictive chemicals and sugar and taste and again addictiveness and still have it be good for you.

        Smoking also would be good if it were healthy, cheap and not stinky :-)

      • Tl;dr All I picked up is that there is a new Coke coming packed with pharmaceuticals and tobacco. Sign me up.

  • Thanks for the coke deal :D Needed to stock up, only grabbed 24 1.25 for $31.20 delivered.

  • 45.7c : $1- good ratio. Somebody who bought recently pls can share useby dates?

    • coke doesn't expire…

      • I thought the same originally. Leave box a few years and leakage through evaporation, tins may become weightless eventually. (domestic use)

        Bottom box contains a best before typically 1yr off
        - if this can be copied for a recent batch.

        • How exactly is evaporation going to occur through a sealed can? It's not like a car tyre and the air inside. BTW, check your car tyres.

        • @Daabido: I left about 80 coke cans in a cellar for about 7 years. Some linings dissolved, most cans thinned* and about 30-50% of cans leaked. The coke tasted of plastic. I'm not saying it's unreasonable after 7 years, but coke definitely expires. The cans that didn't leak appeared to have less content. I wouldn't describe it as evaporation, but it was like the cans had been partially emptied.

          • when I mean thinned, I mean that the metal was very weak, like aluminium foil.
        • @DeWalt: I stand corrected. What a disturbing science experiment.

      • The sweetener in diet drinks goes flat with time, look it up.

      • It goes off so you should definitely rotate your stock.

    • Think I'll ease up and make use of a 1.5-existing boxes until next new year's (one is a few months out of best-date).
      Collection point Miranda, likes coke more than me - sold out there.
      Eastgardens otherwise had [email protected] ..perhaps if you need box w/ 1y+.

  • thanks OP

    ordered 6 x 30 and 2 x 24 sprite.

  • You guys drink waaaaaaay too much soft drink hahaha

    • Perhaps it's not for everyone individually, but for parties/friends over during the holidays! Buy in bulk for cheap and spread the love or in Coke's slogan…."share happiness" ;)

  • Thanks OP.

    Ordered 2 30 packs, and a 4 pack of Red Bull for $6 -15% to get to the $30.

  • You are amazing thanks a bunch!!! :)

  • The WOW online service can be disappointing at times. I ordered two kilos of prawns for delivery Christmas Eve. Despite I placed the order four days earlier and ticked substitution allowed, none was delivered. Out of stock, Wow claimed. As a result, I have to join the last minute rush to buy prawns at local Coles.

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    Thanks lemonato, 2 x 30 pack 4 x 1.25 litre $32.62.

  • *Dental fees not included.

  • great deal. fyi for those wondering it doesnt stack with $20 off or $10 off codes.

  • Thanks!

    1 x Coke Cans 30pk
    1 x Coke Zero Cans 30pk
    12 x Vanilla Coke 1.25L

    with Free Delivery! Nice!

    • for the all important "per can" breakdown
  • Thanks lemonato, ordered - with free delivery for Monday.

  • I get a message saying that all collection times are closed for today and I need to try from tomorrow onwards. Is that really necessary to pick up a product they have plenty of?

    edit: screw it, I just got delivery. If they aren't willing to allow for me to go and pick it up myself, they can pay a delivery man to come to my house at no cost to me. :)

  • Both Woolworths & Coles have issues with online delivery failures. Woolworths are, by far, worse. (My experiences).

    Woolworths drivers will not (and have not when invited to) telephoned my mobile to say they'd be late. Woolworths are regular at coming later than the set delivery window. Coles have missed one delivery window but only by ten minutes. Woolworths have, in 2014, missed four of six … 75 minutes, 85 minutes, two hours & two hours, ten minutes.

    My first response is always to telephone the 1300/1800 number ten minutes after the delivery window booked and ask if there's a problem. Coles are very apologetic and offer vouchers or follow-up free delivery for next order(s).

    Both are good at replacing damaged, broken, past-use-by stock same day or next day. In fact, Coles once delivered a slab or beer with a single broken bottle which the driver observed here at my house. He made a note and said he'd do his best to "organise a replacement". I washed the unbroken 23 bottles in the laundry tub and put them in the fridge.

    Imagine my surprise when he arrived with NOT a single bottle NOR a six-pack BUT a whole new CHILLED SLAB. (I had to turn on the spare fridge in the back garage to cope.)

    If it were not for good value multi-buys and occasional refund situations where the supervisors at Woolies Online show good discretion, I'd probably not go back at all. I write polite emails when something is amiss or is less than best quality or not as described and I usually get what I want in terms of reasonable "compensation" for loss or unhappiness or lessened satisfaction.

  • Thanks OP, got 3 x 30 pack plus kirks 10 packs which were already discounted with EDR card, and cheaper again at less than $3 a 10 pack. Also got Woolies spring water reduced as well. Schweppes Dry Ginger 1.25's for $0.70 each…will go well with the couple of bottles of Scotch I got for Xmas presents. Saved me mega bucks

  • Thanks OP.

    Just ordered 8x30 packs of coke zero. Should keep me stocked for a while :)

  • 3x 30 coke 375ml
    4x 8 mini cokes
    4x 8 mini coke zero
    4x 8 mini sprite
    6x 4 red bull
    8x red bull cranberry
    8x red bull blueberry

    Awesome savings

  • Thanks. Stocked up

  • I just tried using the $50 Woolworth online voucher i recent won recently.. it can't be used with any other code or promotion.

    Despite so I still have a few drinks added namely 4X 1.25L coke zero

  • Been using woolworths delivery every 2 weeks or so for about a year.

    My biggest problem with them would be the constant errors and out of stock items. I would say their rate of error is about 60% to 70%. Almost 2/3's of the time, they would miss an item or two and you would have to call them up to get a refund. Usually the refund happens quickly over the phone.

  • cheap drinks! Works on long life milk too by the look of it…

  • Thanks OP. With this code and everyday rewards card, Kirks 10 can packs (lemonade, lemon squash, red creaming soda and sugar free varieties) come out at $2.94 each. Ordered an absolute shitload to make a change from Coke Zero.


    Also works on Pepsi/ Schweppes 1.25 ltr which are currently on special with EDR for $1.04- brings them down to 70c.

  • Just ordered x4 30pk coke for the work social club. Also paid with discounted big w gift card from the entertainment book so another 7.5% off.

    Selected free delivery for Monday evening. Well at that price for a slab, probably should have ordered more!

  • Cool Deal.

    Seems they are not enforcing the $40 min spend either.

    Edit, min spend is $30

  • Just ordered 3 boxes also for $41.13 delivered. Thanks OP

  • Any information on how the pickup service works. What do we take in. Thanks

    • You get emailed an order confirmation that has an order number. According to the instructions you should go to the service desk and quote that number, or show the email on your phone, or show a printout. You'll need to show some ID when picking up. I'm a first time WOW online buyer too, I'll find out how smooth the service is when I pick up my order.

      • With my local woolies they have never asked for my order number, just my name, and it's exactly like that, it's never first name or last name just a monotone "naame". I usually go with my last name, to which they reply is usually "what's your first name luv?"

  • My order arrived today, it came half an hour earlier than expected time bracket. Everything intact and present, thanks OP!

  • Received my delivery today, 40 mins outside expected time bracket.
    Everything was intact and present too so can't complain.

  • Delivered in full and on time. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Picked up my 3 cases today. I'm so surprised this offer was also available in SA for the same price. With 10c deposit it works out to 35.7c a can!! I don't think I've seen coke cans this cheap for over 10 years I reckon.