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GoPro Hero 4 Black, $546.93 Shipped @ Pushys (Aus Stock)


Pretty much what the title says. Looks to be the cheapest Aussie stock, from an Aussie shop. Storefront located in Canberra.

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    Just bought the Hero 4 Silver from DJs 2 week ago so I won't get this. But for my information, I wonder if the extra $150 you pay for the Hero 4 Black is worth it :S ?


    If you film 4k or want 120fps 1080p than yes
    4k is a dream and looks so much better on a 1080p screen
    But it is not good for fast motion

    Black unlike silver does not have a back lcd screen which would save battery but some like it


    4K kinda future proofs your footage somewhat. Just look back at the stuff you recorded at 480p a few years back, I'm sure you loved it at the time but now when you compare it to 1080p… not so much!

    Having said that, I'd probably just shoot at [email protected] max as 30fps is pretty lame still. [email protected] would allow for some REALLY COOL slo-mo too.

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    Is it just me, or have gopros been getting more and more expensive? I wonder if its the exchange rate or something. I know they are adding 4K video and improving the product, but surely that wont increase the price that much..


    Removed as I saw wrong item

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    If you plan to claim TRS on this, be warned that Pushys does not (at least did not for me) provide their ABN on the so called tax invoice.
    When I bought a gopro last year, I could not claim the tax back.


    4k is great for frame grabs for still pictures. Also 120 fps at 1080p means you can slow down the footage to 1/4 the speed and have 30 fps slow motion.4 black is worth the extra $150 for those features.


    I don't know if the 4K is all worth it. Imagine trying to edit that stuff?!

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    Price has gone up..
    GoPro HERO4 Black *All NEW Camera
    Availability: In stock

    The low light capabilities are why I want to upgrade from the Hero 3+Black.


    Sorry for the delay. Thanks to the Mod for cleaning up my ugly original post.

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