How Can I Get The Cheapest Weber Q Family Size?

I'm looking for a 3200, 320 (preferred) or any of the other 3xx / 3xxx series Weber Q Family size BBQs. I've seen on ozbargain some smart and lucky people get it for around $530 after price match deals.

The cheapest I can see is @ appliances online, with a further savings potential from a price match from Masters. I don't know if this is classified though as an 'appliance' according to the Masters T&C.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Did you see they have a $25 off promo?

    Looks like you've already done a bit of research and shopping around. If you don't need the bbq urgently and are willing to wait then maybe keep an eye out for a sale on it?


    Me too, Im looking for a similar purchase. Was going to post something of my own asking the question. Seems like a bit more research may come in handy.


    Watching this post, also looking for a Family Q, the 3200. What is the difference between the 3200 and the 320 does anyone know? Might wait it out for a while until the 3200 is superseded with a new model, do they release new models every year ?

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      The 3200 is the latest update. From what I understand, the 3200 (when compared to the 320) has slightly different finish on some of the parts and a thermometer on the lid.

      On another note, the 3100 and 310 is flatter so it can't hold larger roasts. But other than that, they seem very similar to the 3200 and 320 series.

      The 3100 and 310 is more widely available than the 3200 and 320, and the 3200 and 320 is only sold at certain approved specialist.

      Happy hunting!


    Seems like 'official' retailers over here in Perth are pulling their stock and not selling the weber. Must be something to do with small profit margins..

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    Hopefully some deals on the Q will come our way, my fingers are crossed!

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    Trying to buy a 3200 from local reseller but they won't budge.

    No free accessories or anything, if I want that, I need to pay for the package of $790.

    If only the none specialist model had a dome, or if AO did the specialist model :(


      Was chatting with the guy I recently bought mine from and he let it slip that the non-premium models can be fitted with a $140 premium lid which is obviously higher and includes the thermostat.

      I bought my specialist model for RRP but I was able to pick up the large trivet, 300 series premium cover and some very handy BBQ wipes for $82 from Masters with last months coupon.


    I just got the older model Q320 for $589. They were trying to get rid of it because it was the last one and floor room stock only.

    I'm still pretty happy with the end result, and can't wait to give it a go in a couple days time!


    This looks like a great deal! Only missing the thermometer and higher dome top, but for that price it's a great deal. If I was still the market I'd get one of these

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