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Hello All, I am interested in purchasing a Galaxy S5 from ebay seller qd_au - anyone used them and had good or bad experiences?

Seller - qd_au

Galaxy S5 $579

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    Mate of mine bought his G3 through him. He's more than happy.

    I did hear however they do send back their faulty stock to Asia somewhere so if your phone does break down, expect a bit of a wait….

    As far as I know DWI has local repair people. I bought my G3 through them. They have the 32gig S5 for $619….

    While that's a pretty good price on the S5 16gig, If it were me though, I'd go the 32gig from DWI….

    • Thanks for the input. However qd_au is selling the SM-G900I model of the Galaxy S5 which is the Australian sold model and includes the 700mhz band.

  • Yes I bought my S5 from these guys during 15% ebay sale. It was grey stock though but only cost me $483 ish plus also got 2% back from cash rewards. They sent me dual sim instead of SM-G900I model but since it had pretty much same config and 4G works fine I did not bother exchanging it

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    Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I feel the need to rant.

    I bought a Sony C5 Ultra from qd_au a couple of weeks ago, but after a few days, the phone died. I contacted them and they arranged for a return via AusPost and paid for the return postage and they promised to send me a new replacement. So far so good. In fact I was pretty happy with their service up to this point.

    When they received the returned item last Friday (due to AusPost sending it to Vic instead of NSW), they now say I didn't pack everything into the original box, ie the headphones are missing. Well now, is that so. It just so happens I have photographic evidence that I have packed everything in. TBH, I don't care about the earphones cos it's so crappy but to call me a liar really riled me up.

    Waiting to see how they respond to this.

  • Waiting for warranty claim is not fun at all. Asus Zenfone 2 WiFi and Bluetooth died and bootloop. Waiting………

  • I have been waiting for about 7 weeks for my g3. How long does it normally take?

  • I've had nothing but bad experience with Quality Deals.

    I've purchased 2 phones from them. The 2nd phone suffered a known issue on LG G4 (boot loop). It took them a week of no reply emails to finally get a person to reply, and to accept that it was a warranty and provide me with an RA number for repair.

    I had to send to Sydney. I did this on 26th May. They received and signed for on 27th May (I sent overnight express).

    It sat there before they bothered to take it for repair.

    They emailed me on Thursday 7th July to say the phone is back and they will send it to me.

    I emailed them every day asking if they have actually sent it, or is it again, sitting on someones desk going nowhere.

    They emailed me on Weds 13th July saying they will try 'send tomorrow', and entire week after they got it back.

    Their service is lazy. They never reply to emails. They don't care. Lesson learnt. Do not buy from Chinese Ebay stores if you expect any form of service if something goes wrong.

    Appalling service. No phone for 7 weeks and counting.

  • Dont buy from them, they will not be helpful

    read message to me

    New message from: qd_au Top Rated Seller(39,133TurquoiseShooting Star)

    Upon checking, unfortunately the 1 year warranty of the phone was expired and we are not able to offer the warranty service. LG oversea had announced that they stop to cover the repair for out-of-warranty G4 because it is a discontinued model. We
    had offered courtesy limited replacement offer out of our own pocket before until all replacement were sent out to other buyers who contacted us before you did. At the moment, we don't have any more G4 and LG oversea still refuse to help. In this case, we are truly helpless as a retailer and suggest you can try a local repair shop to fix the phone accordingly.


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