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eBook - How Not to Backpack - $0.99 Normally $6.99


My brother wrote this very informative and hilarious book of backpacking tips and stories and has briefly dropped the price.
Sorry if this should be in forums - but the info is genuinely extremely good value for $1, not just for backpackers but general travellers. Also, it has some very amusing stories.

He's spent 1100+ nights in hostels across 40+ countries and has done plenty wrong - getting lost in the Sahara desert, having a sword held to his throat, AK-47’s pointed at him, pooping himself in public, etc.
Disclaimer - there's some rude language in it.

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    Looks like a good read, cheers.

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      Why? He's invested a lot of time and energy in it, and I think the content is far more valuable than many of the free ebooks I've got in the past. Mind you, I do appreciate the free ones I've got of course.

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    Looks like a good read. I'll give it a go.

  • Thanks

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    Just got started after flicking through the sample, made the $1 investment.

    Confidence in his advice went up a notch after reading he uses the 28 Degrees/Citibank card combination.

    Clue him up to that one being a savvy Ozbargainer tazmaniak?

  • Lol. Actually I think he discovered Citibank but we've both used 28 degrees for years.
    I thought I knew all the tricks of travel but still learnt a fair bit in the book.
    It's especially amusing for me of course as I can visualize him in the scenarios, and possibly even present.
    I'm heading to bed now but can answer any questions tomorrow.

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    I bought this just because it sounds like all the stupid stuff I have done and learned travelling and I appreciate the effort he has put into this.

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    I don't normally buy ebooks.. but lets give it a go.. :)

  • Difficult to tell from the feedback here whether its legitimately worth a purchase

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      If you're not sure whether to pull the trigger, my brother gave me links to some chapters to download if you want a read first.

      This first one includes the first 3 chapters. The first part is all about organisation not as interesting as other parts, but at least it includes the table of contents so you know what else is in it. The rest of the book is more exciting!

      I've also included one of the other chapters that's a more interesting read and good for a laugh.

      It's his first book and he hadn't had many sales… so by temporarily dropping the price and getting some feedback he's hoping to get a little bit more interest.
      He's really stoked that some of you have bought it, and asked me to thank you all!

    • You're 'risking' $1, not your life.

      By the look of things, the content might give you a heart attack :P

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    Any plans for a Google Play Books release as well, or only limited to Amazon?

    • Good point - I'll ask him. He's sleeping on the floor is some hostel in south america atm but I think he's signing up for an OzB account so he can reply when he wakes up.

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    Good and easy read!
    Going trough the first pages where he is describing a battle with MasterCard and travel cards. No wander MasterCard ‘likes’ bitcoin.

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    never liked to read but I'll give this a try

    • Onya! Hopefully it gives you a laugh and you find it useful.

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      Agreed. Great comprehension, but can't sit still long-enough for a book. Only book I've read was The Beach, since I loved & was kinda living the movie, yet stuck alone in hospital in USA, after a summer camp accident (no flutes involved).

      Hopefully this book will be no.2! I'm glad someone I can relate to has sorted themselves iut, and able to finally share that wealth of life experience. Curious how serious (or just lols) the mood is).

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        Hi! Tazmaniak's bro here. Glad you're looking at taking a bold move here! I gotta say - some of the chapters are the start a fairly dry when talking about the trip organisation. I've tried to make it light as possible by chucking some stories in, but travel insurance and card-of-choice can only ever be so interesting! I recommend just having a look at the link above to the chapter 'Taking Chances', particularly the story about the Thai Kickboxing. That's definately more of a fun read.

        I've purposely tried to write the book in a very lighthearted way, more like I was there having a chat with you. Traditional published book this aint. Don't take my word for it though - check out a chapter on the link!
        Man I'd be super stoked if I could be your second book!!!

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          Its easy to get plenty of info re "travel insurance and card-of-choice" etc etc etc etc….

          BUT that's boring Shiite, anyone looking forward to travel just wants to get moving…

          Someone sharing experiences, the good & the ugly, is what draws people in, whether they end up travelling or not

          Jimeoin, Hughesy, Connelly and many others do it on stage/DVD

          The biggest critic of anything will always be the author, don't be tough on yourself, many wouldn't have known about your book/work until now, blame your sis ;)

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          Agreed - stories are the best and that's what really draws people in. I tried to give it a 'Dont Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs - She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse' flavour (p.s. if you haven't read this book, then you definitely should!!). I think there's a good mix of stories and info, but readers can be the judge of that. I didn't want to make it 'all about me', especially as most of my best stories were non-backpacking related. e.g. Dad taking my brother and I (as 7 and 9 year olds) pushing out bicycles about 15km through sand along the beach against a gale-force headwind to the next town, with zero water or food. Ever pushed a bicycle through sand? It sucks. Try doing it as a 7 year old for 15km with no water!!

          Of course the book has some funny stories in it too, such as accidently fighting the heavyweight tae kwon do champion of Sweden in a packed stadium for a free drink, getting lost in the jungle full of jaguars and deadly snakes, running out of money multiple times, having AK-47's pointed at me, getting a sword held to my throat in Morocco, getting arrested in Guatemala, accidently nearly burning down a Filipino village etc.

          It's kind of 50/50 stories and info, and generally stories are there to back up the info. The book is pretty much everything that I get in to conversations with people about in hostels, so it's mainly useful info that experience people don't even know about, as opposed to the general ya-di-ya (I've now had more than 1200 nights in hostels, so it's based on plenty of conversations!).

          Anyway, if you do buy it, I'd be very happy to hear any feedback you have on it. So far reviews on Amazon have been good, but I'd like to hear some negative stuff too so I know how to improve it!! Preferable to send me the info direct such that I can update the book first as opposed to getting bad reviews, but hey, if you think the book just sucks, then be honest and write a bad review.
          Hope you like it!!

  • Bought it for 99c USD on the US store.

  • Bought it. Thanks.

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    Hi, Noob Q, how would I give this to my daughter as a gift, just checked out some youtubes on how but they show a "Give as a Gift" button which this deal doesn't have (not on my PC anyway)

    @Taz, thanks for this, my daughters about to turn 18 and I'd like her to get the travel bug before the preggy/settling down one, thank your bro also ;-)

    • +1

      Hi linoc66! Tazmaniak's brother here. Haha, I love your logic there! Looking at my mates there were those that got pregnant at 17/18, and those that travelled (that are now 30 and single and loving it!). Erm, good question. I think the 'gift' is only for the paper books. This will be available here
      It may say it's not available as I had to make a change. If this is the case, it should be available in a day or so.

      Definatley most people rather paper over an e-book, but because it's printed in the USA the postage cost is a real killer (I'm talking total cost close to AUD$30 delivered). I'll be honest - I think there's still some typos lurking around in the depths of the book, so personally I dont feel comfortable promoting something that costs so much that isn't 100% perfect!

      Actually to be honest, you're probably better off putting the money towards getting a Kindle. You can still read kindle books on a tablet of laptop using the free app, but Kindles you can read in direct sunlight on the beach. Pretty epic! Something to think about anyway…

      • +1

        p.s. please ignore all my typos here (e.g. 'definitely)… it's 5am and I haven't had more than 5hrs sleep per night yet this year!! The book isn't that bad!!

  • It hooked me in within the first page. Looks like a great read. Bought, thanks!

    • Sarcasm? :P

      (Points to username)

  • +5

    Offer extended! Price still remains at $0.99 until the end of the week

  • Hey OzBargainers! I feel really cheap doing this, but if you do like the book, would you be able to post a review on Amazon please? If you had a good laugh and learned some things, this is the best way to get the word out and give some laughs to some others! An honest review is of course most appreciated. If you think it totally sucks however can you send me a PM first before writing a bad review? I'd love to get feedback of things you may not have liked about it, or things that could be improved. It's easy enough for me to update the book, so I'd prefer to fix it up first, but in the end it's up to you!

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    • I've sent you a message on fb!

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