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Target - Full HD Car Crash Camera TACC1 $40 in Store (Was $79)/$41 Delivered via eBay


To get the camera for $41 delivered, purchase it via eBay using coupon code CTARGET20.

I saw this crash cam in the local Target store. Its original price is $79. The instruction manual said the sensor is 5MP. It can take 14 megapixel still picture and full HD videos. It has wide angle lens, sensor, auto power off when the car stops, some sort of light for night mode (but I won't have much hope). I haven't checked out the videos myself, but other people's reviews on the Target website said it's good quality video. Most of people's complains are about bad instructions manual, they can't figure out how to set the date/time. It's a bit counter intuitive, but I'm sure Ozbargain intelligent people will figure that out. The manual had a few spelling mistakes and looks like any other Chinese manual.

I asked the guy at the counter and he said this is a Target branded product, so you can return it any time with in a year if you don't like it. I haven's seen that in writing anywhere though.This is not true, as someone else pointed out in the comment, you only have 28 days to return the product and it needs to be in the original packaging, so don't throw the box away if you are evaluating or not sure if you want to buy the GearBest camera.

I'm not sure when the deal ends, so I just put it next Sunday. Please update it if anyone knows when the price will end.

Update: some other members suggested that the G1W-C (capacitor, 120 viewing angle) or G1WH (battery, 140 viewing angle) might be better value for money. I looked at the sample videos and they do provide clearer videos. You can get them for around $53 here (credits should go to the respected members that mentioned the deals below)

Update 2: I think this camera has blurry pictures when it's hot. Make sure you leave it in your car under the sun for a few hours to test. I'll return it.

(This is my first post. I think it's a good price and hope it will help someone else. I didn't read any guidelines, so please help fix up my post if you find something you don't like. I won't be able to stay around to see your comments).

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        Tested it today, and can confirm for my car anyway you have to use the cigarette slot. Otherwise it thinks its connected to the computer if you plug it via just USB.

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          Hmm.. only 2 pins are required for power, but some devices short other pins for fast charging etc - if you have a high ampage (2A etc) USB socket it might be registering as a computer rather than a charger only.

          One of my G1WH cameras has a dud battery that I mentioned above, so I replaced it with my other identical camera with a good battery, and that one often (maybe 1 of 4 times) comes up as "mass storage device" rather than camera recording. I have to unplug and replug until it starts recording.

          Plus one of my dads G1WH's has a dead charger/cable. So thats 3 out of 5 of the china cameras with some sort of issue.


          @systmworks: That's why you buy the capacitor version instead, no having to worry about a dodgy battery ;-)


    Just bought 2 at Target Innaloo WA. There were about 8 more on the counter.

    Anyone have any good links to good deals on for Micro SD Cards? Is there a specific one anyone would suggest?

    Good deal OP!



    Do you guys take your dash cam off when parked? or just leave it as is? Do Dash Cams get stolen?

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      no…way too much trouble.
      it ONLY gets stolen when your car gets smashed or someone did a hit a run!!! Kill the evidence

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        Yeah I never take mine off the window. Its partially hidden up behind/beside the rear vision mirror. I rarely take my GPS off the window either.
        These items are not worth $300+ like they were years ago.. I dont think they are a worth breaking into a car for, although no doubt it still happens sometimes.


          Best you can do is make it blend with the rear vision mirror. Some people break into cars for a few cents. Only other thing I could recommend is painting the silver ring near the lens black with a sharpie for a cheap stealth increase and make sure cable is nice and neat.


    Is the in store price the same? Or do I have to do the click and collect thing…. I want it now lol


    One draw back with crash cams is that they show your bad driving as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    After some research, I still went with this deal: G1W-C 2.7inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR Dash Cam Capacitor Model $41.99 USD DELIVERED @ GEARBEST (

    The good thing is the code still works!


    Thanks OP! Bought two! Now shopping for some looong USB cables… Dangling cables are ugly.

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    Some feedback on the image quality of this Kmart camera, vs the popular G1WH models from China.

    I drove to Brisbane today, with both:
    - my existing G1WH dashcam (mounted high, beside rear-vision-mirror)
    - and the new Kmart TACC1 (mounted low, just above dash, beside GPS, so the short cable would reach)

    I just took a screenshot of the same stretch of road from both cameras - both recording at 1080p - and there is quite a big quality difference.



    Note, I was playing the videos full screen in VLC when I took the screenshot, so both images are upscaled to my monitor res of 2560x1440.
    The timestamp on my G1WH looks to be a few mins fast - was set months ago - the Kmart time will be more accurate.

    The images look a lot clearer when the video is playing. A couple of seconds earlier, when the green ute in right lane was ~2 meters closer, the license plate was crystal clear.

    So I think I will return the Kmart camera for a refund.
    Its a decent price with easy, local warranty, and MUCH better than having no dashcam at all, but as pointed out above, for a few $$ more, a month delivery time, and no warranty, there are better cams available.


      Your review really just helped me finally decide to take back the Target one and order the G1W-C instead… For another $14 it's was a no brainer and just be patient to get it via post. The quality difference was pretty significant in your images. Will give me time to order SD card and also an extra long cable… Appreciate the time to help out!


        No worries.
        And I must have been half asleep last night, I meant Target but wrote Kmart every time :/

        The G1W series already come with a fairly long cable (and FYI unlike the Target one, the G1W cable is hard-wired to the power plug that fits in the accessories socket) so can run under the dash, up the side pillar, and along inside the roof trim of most vehicles.

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          The Target one is still a no brainer for me.
          I have heard too many stories of faulty ones from China. Given these have to suffer pretty hot conditions in Aus, having a local warranty from a well known business is a huge benefit. You really have no warranty at all if you buy from China. I have owned a few dash cams and this Target one is built well and the picture is great.
          The issue of battery vs capacitor is so overhyped.

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          Battery vs capacitor is a very real issue. Maybe you are just trying to convince yourself this target deal is better which it obviously is not, however you do get the benefit of warranty and not having to wait for the package.

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          I don't need convincing. I am speaking from 3 years of using them in Sydney summers with no explosions or battery related issues.

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          I agree - as I mentioned above, its a great price, and fast/easy to get your hands on one and easy warranty support via Target.

          Most of the time, the camera is only required/useful for showing what events happened, for which the resolution does not have to be top notch. Its more for the rarer cases of say a hit and run where you need to identify a license plate, that the extra resolution can come in handy.

          In Queenslands hot temps the capacitor is more important - the battery in one of my G1WH models has failed after just a few months.
          The result is the last video recording at time of power off, always gets corrupted (not enough time to save), but all previous videos (it saves them 3 mins each) during that power on session save fine. I moved that to the back of my car, although it keeps falling off the window anyway.


          what class of microsd do you reccomened for the G1W, I've heard class 2 or 4 is better in the the G1W-c compared to class 10 due to writing errors people have encountered. CUrrently using an old 8gb micro-sd.


          Yeah. I read that too. I got one pricematch at office works but it failed after about a month.
          Got it replaced with another price match and it works well now.
          Will check the car when I get to it this arvo.
          Can't recall the brand and class.

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          The documentation that came with my G1WH's say to use Class10 only, and specifically recommends a certain brand (Kingston or Sandisk - cant remember which)

          32GB class 10 Kingston/Sandisk microSD cards are only $18-20 at MSY/uMart etc.
          I think Ive had 1 (of ~6) SD card fail and replace under warranty, the rest are fine.



          I'm in Perth… Pretty hot days we get here and my car at work is not parked under any cover. So that was one of my main reasons for the capacitor over the target battery version.

          But in saying that the Target one is great value for money no boubt.

          Either way I am sure both would be better than nothing.


          @Gish: does OW sell G1W? And it price matched Gearbest in USD? if so a good deal! The only thing I try to get this over the G1W is because of Gearbest painfully slow delivery and lack of warranty.


          @Davo93: I use a 32GB Samsung Evo microSD card from a previous MSY deal (

          Works well, although I was worried before I got the G1W-C that it wouldn't work, but have had no issues with it.


          Oh, god I wish that were true! Unfortunately not; I bought my dashcam from Foxoffer. It took ages to ship and I hear their returns policy is terrible. That said, the device is fantastic. Awesome quality picture, and because it's the Capacitor version (the C on the end) it's survived the Melbourne heat in direct sunlight without the battery perishing.

          I was saying that I bought my MEMORY CARD from OW. I got OW to pricematch an online store (incl shipping). Did this because I got the dashcam delivered while i was at work, and was mad keen to get it working at 7pm when I got home. OW was open late.


      i ordered the g1wh from gearbest this morning because of all your comments. now they just sent me an email that the black ones are out of stock and asked me if i would like the blue ones. dammit.

      anyone else got blue ones?


        Only bad thing is that the blue ones are more obvious from outside of car. That why black is probably more popular.they should be the same specification wise.


      Excellent comparison, thanks.

      I ordered the G1WH from gearbest when this deal was first posted. Glad i did now !

      Ended up getting the blue one sent and the black was out of stock. Still waiting for delivery, patience is a virtue :)


        Got my G1W-C about a week ago.

        Fantastic camera and handles the heat, have had some 36-38 degree days up here and have jumped into the car after it's been in the sun all day and it works flawlessly.

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    I have a G1W-C from that deal and highly recommend it. However it can take up to 2 months to arrive. Picture quality is awesome and works well at night .


    Tried it out today and the video is more like SD quality! Could barely see the rego of the car parked right in front of me not to mention while driving or even at night. Will return and order the one from GearBest.


    Just returned my Target Dash Cam, the picture becomes blurry when it heats up. The instructions say do not use in temps over 40°, so they are basically admitting that it's not fit for purpose.

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