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Oral B Vitality Precision Clean Toothbrush - The Good Guys $22.95 RRP $44.99


Great price that includes two toothbrush heads!

Couldn't find a price better than this! :-)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    think I saw this in Coles for $19 - but this could have been last week

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    Yer last week it was $19 @ Coles…

  • was 19 @cole shavershop &harvey norman 2 weeks ago

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    i have one of these,
    id say 23$ is about a fair price, wouldnt pay more than that.

    hope that helps

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    I paid $15 from DSE. It was selling for $30 but they stuffed up. It's a great tooth brush.

  • Anyone know the cheapest place to get replacement heads?

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      waiting for a good bargain to come up too on these…Woolies used to have one or two 1/2 price sales per year on these..not sure if I missed it or they didn't do one last year but it's been a while since I've seen it.

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      Anyone but Kogan. Purchased medium and hard bristle replacement heads from them , and the rotating head would die within a day or two. Got a refund, which they were cool with. Thinking of purchasing legitimate heads from Shavershop.

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        I purchased the 7+1 pack from Shavershop Highpoint, VIC for $24 at thinking that surely from a mortar and brick store, their products would be genuine. Well genuine or not I'm not sure but the pack that I bought had, if I recalled right, German writing and the brush heads are coloured different to ones that you get when you buy a base or the brush head replacements from Woolies. Long story short, these heads are also quite horrible where over the 2 I've used, they had bristles coming off, inside metal bit breaking and my lip kept getting caught on something on the brush head opening.

  • Thanks OP.
    This one will be our "travel" toothbrush.

    • There were none in stock in my local shops so bought one on line.
      The delivery was only $2 , so pretty happy with that.

  • Any deals on the more advanced versions?

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    Is this the version with the mouldy handles? I bought these a few years ago and the handles have some kind of weird rubber or plastic that attracted mould very quickly. They were pretty cheap and cleaned ok so I replaced them with the same model, and they got mouldy again. Eventually bought a more expensive model and no mould issue for over a year now.

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      Not sure about the handles but this one is the one that collects grime under the rim of the brush head base (not the head itself). I recently removed my brush head to clean under there and the amount of black stuff that came out was just plain gross. However one caveat is that it is recommended in the instructions to remove the brush head after each use and this would probably prevent this from happening - I didn't do that so it was my own fault. I just wanted to mention it. (Needless to say after cleaning it out I now remove the brush head nightly!)

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        I remove the brush head, wash it out, and then blow down it to dry it out after every use. Have never had a problem with mould/dirt/grime…
        I've also never had to have a scale and clean at the dentist since I started using an electric toothbrush.

        • Yeah that's what I wasn't doing, totally my fault!

          I am now though, and its kept clean with no issues :)

  • Damnit, I bought two of these last week for $35 each. Got ripped off by Chemist Warehouse

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