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Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 (UPDATED)


Pay What You Want

Hitman: Absolution — Normally $19.99 US
Supreme Commander 2 — Normally $12.99 US
Hitman GO — Normally $4.99 US

Pay More Than Avg (currently $7.55 US)

Thief (2014) — Normally $29.99 US
Murdered: Soul Suspect — Normally $29.99 US
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut — Normally $19.99 US
NEWKane & Lynch Collection — Normally $19.99 US
NEWLara Croft and the Guardian of Light — Normally $9.99 US
NEWStartopia — Normally $6.99 US

Pay More Than $15 US to Unlock

Tomb Raider (2013) — Normally $19.99 US
Sleeping Dogs — Normally $29.99 US (NOT definitive edition)

*all games redeem on Steam, Hitman GO is Android only.

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  • +10 votes

    The $15 tier is not worth it. They're just trying to milk you for money through DLC. Notice how Sleeping Dogs isn't the Definitive Edition.


      It might be worth it once the other games get announced, I would assume there's just going to be a bunch more Hitman games and possibly the old Thief games, and a very unrealistic expectation of FF. But yeah, bit weird that Hitman: Absolution & Sleeping Dogs doesn't have the DLC included.

      The Pay What You Want tier is definitely worth it, Absolution is great even if it's not the best Hitman game (the scoring system is disgusting). Hitman GO is also great. Didn't play Supreme Commander much.

      I want Murdered: Soul Suspect but I already have the other games. Grrr.

      • +2 votes

        New games being announced won't change the $15 tier. They'll only add to the BTA tier.

        So basically if the $15 tier isn't worth it now (it isn't for me given I already own Sleeping Dogs and don't particularly want Tomb Raider), then it never will be worth it.


          I think he means that it'll be less painful to take the leap to the top for future buyers.



        • +1 vote


          that still doesn't make any sense!!! (well it could, in two specific ways, which i will address at the end, but not in the way you mean). what you are implying is irrational decision making!

          no matter what games are added to the BTA tier (even if they added a game which you would pay $1000 for!), at the end of the day, the rational decision is whether the $15 tier games are worth $15-$BTA, because the BTA tier is already owned by paying the BTA (so anything you pay over the BTA is effectively paying for the $15 tier). the rational decision is NOT whether all the games are worth $15.

          what you are implying is that the decision is whether PWYWgames + BTAgames + 15games > $15, and therefore increasing the value of BTAgames will help satisfy this condition. we can restate this as (1): PWYW&BTAgames + 15games > $BTA + ($15 - $BTA)

          BUT the condition for purchasing BTA tier (assuming that BTA tier is "worth it") is (2): PWYN&BTAgames > $BTA [this should itself be broken down into two separate decisions, or simplified for PWYW/$1, but that's unnecessary to this proof, and i'm lazy!] :P

          subtracting (2) from (1) gives: 15games > ($15 - $BTA)

          Q.E.D. - BTA tier games are completely irrelevant to the decision on purchasing the $15 tier!!! (assuming BTA tier is worth it)

          put another way: if the $15 tier games AREN'T worth $15-$BTA, then no matter what the BTA gives you (EVEN IF IT GAVE YOU $1,000,000 COLD HARD CASH!!!), paying $BTA for the BTA tier games would be the rational purchase, because you can get the that $1,000,000 by paying the $BTA only, rather than paying $BTA+$X and only getting BTA-$Y, where X>Y. ie. it's better to pay $6 and get $1,000,000, a profit of $999,994, than it is to pay $15 ($6+$9) and get $1,000,008 ($1,000,000+$8), a profit of a mere $999,993!!!

          there are only two ways that new BTA games CAN affect the rational decision, and make the $15 tier worth it where it was not previously.

          firstly, if the new BTA games cause the BTA price to rise to a point where $15-$BTA is now less than the value of the $15 tier games (where previously it wasn't). in this way, the new BTA games are indirectly causing the price of the $15 tier games to decrease (as a function of the BTA increasing).

          secondly, if the new BTA games are complementary goods with the $15 tier, and therefore INCREASE the value of the $15 tier above $15-$BTA. for example, if the new BTA inclusions were the DLC for the $15 tier (which doesn't make sense, but would work theoretically!), or if the new games were previous games in the series that people would want to play before playing the $15 tier games. this would increase the value of 15games, and therefore increase the likelihood of the purchase condition (15games > $15-$BTA) being met.

          those are the two only ways in which "it might be worth it once the other games get announced" (if it wasn't before).

          tl:dr - NO. (…unless you are an irrational agent!) :)



          there's actually a third way in which it is mathematically possible: that is, if the BTA tier is NOT "worth it" (which i have assumed above).

          in such a case, the value of the $15 tier must subsidise the shortfall in value that makes the BTA not worth it.

          the purchase decision would then be: 15games > $15-$BTA + $BTA-$1-BTAgames (if PWYW is worth it, but BTA isn't) OR 15games > $15-$BTA + $BTA-PWYW&BTAgames (if neither PWYW nor BTW are worth it!)

          this simplifies to 15games > $14 - BTAgames OR 15games > $15 - PWYW&BTAgames respectively.

          in this specific case (where the BTA tier is not worth purchasing by itself), the inclusion of more BTA games COULD make the $15 tier worth it.


          I just finished work and there's no way I'm reading that. But, thanks, I guess…



          no worries, all good! rest assured, i'm correct! ;)

        • +1 vote

          Haha, that's fine by me :D

        • +1 vote


          don't worry, I obviously realised pretty quickly after starting to write that, that writing such an in depth analysis in response to such an innocent comment was pretty over the top! aha.

          but i kept writing anyway…i enjoyed it! :)


          Haha, I apologise if my reply made you overreact to the situation. I'll read it in the morning, I promise!



          no no: no apology necessary at all! it's all good, that was more for fun than anything! :)

          in fact, after re-reading your original post, it's clear to me that you personally are in caveat case three in my second post above (because you only want one game in the BTA, so it's not worth it to you)! in which case your decision-making logic is completely sound in your own personal circumstance! (as per my second post)

          the analysis in my first post is based on the assumption that the BTA is worth it (as implied by the original post by Eon-Rider). If "$15 tier is not worth it" assumes BTA is worth it (otherwise it should be "BTA and $15 are not worth it"), then CarbonTwelve and my first post are correct.

          so really, we're all right! :)


          I'm going to sleep happy now!

    • +1 vote

      Website clearly says:-

      Notice: This version of Sleeping Dogs is no longer available, but you can still purchase DLC for it. For the full game, please see the new Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

    • +1 vote

      Sleeping Dogs even without DLC is still an awesome game on PC. And you can download the high res texture pack for free anyway. And the DLC goes on sale for very low prices quite regularly.

      $15 tier is actually the only part of this that is worth it IMHO. Two excellent games.

      Of the others:

      • Hitman Absolution is good
      • Supcom 2 is pretty good
      • Thief 2014 is pants
      • Murdered is pants
      • Deus Ex HR is good

    I knew it was worth it to wait rather than to sell my soul / identity to SquEnix in this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/182759

  • +1 vote

    Good deal for those who haven't played a lot of these (in particular Deus Ex and Hitman Absolution)…might wait to see what other games are added personally.


    got all the games except Thief. Was soooooo close to pulling the trigger on it for $7.50 at xmas, but got Murdered Soul suspect for that price instead.

    Now this bundle rolls around and I have all the games bar one, so will snap it up for the BTA price and have lots of spares.

  • +4 votes


    Hitman Absolution key - I already own it.

    • +1 vote

      someone has taken it already

  • +1 vote

    so is SLEEPING DOGS the definitive edition?


    $1 for Hitman Go, good.