Harvey Norman and The Kobo H20

Anyone have any inside information on the new Kobo H20?

I purchased a Kobo AuraHD from Harvey Norman. They completed my sale, took my money, and Ingram Micro (the wholesaler) took THEIR money for their order for 3 (i've talked to the franchise owner).

After that time we've been told they can't provide the stock.

As such, I was told I'd get a free upgrade when stock comes in. So far, no one in Harvey Norman can give me an estimate of the date.

Anyone have any inside information about when they'll be getting some in?

It sucks being without a couple hundred bucks for 4 months while you don't know if you're ever going to see your product.

Thanks guys!


  • Fatal mistake buying anything from Harvey Norman!

    If they cannot supply the product, ask for your money back - today! Then find a reputable place to buy the product.

    • Trouble will be finding somewhere with stock. HN is a big customer of Ingram Micro so I would expect their orders may get processed wit ha little more priority than a stand alone store

      • Your choice what you want to do. Personally I would not deal with HN