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Amaysim UNLIMITED $20 1st Month (Usually $45) Inc 5GB Data (4G Coming in April)


New code for March. Offer ends 22 March 2015. Use code: 20UNL

Basically your first month is $20 instead of $45 .. a saving of $25
You can then use the Bonus $10 Referral Credit:

  • Towards your second month of Unlimited making it $35 instead of $45.

  • Revert to PAYG for 2nd month and buy a 1GB data pack for FREE

Feel free to use my referral link to sign up, for a Bonus $10 Credit applied to your account on activation

My Referral Link is http://amaysi.ms/r/KwbWMrHd


Referral Links

Referral: random (603)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • +1

    How does the Optus 4G network not become congested with value like that?

    I guess people will find out.

    • any type of these deals drawing heaps of customers will slow down a network.

      • I guess so but many are already on another Optus reseller. Plus 4G has more capacity so will be harder to overload (when it comes)

  • +1

    Perfect, my Vodafone contract is up on March 21st and have been planning to switch to amaysim, thanks ec

    • +1

      @Magnafunk use cashrewards to switch over to amaysim. I had amaysim as a secondary service to my voda for a few months, just to try it out before switching. my experience of amaysim (reception, data speed and online customer service) is positive so far.

      • +2

        @Magnafunk use cashrewards

        You would need to stay with Amaysim for at least 90 days for cashback to get approved, then they pay you out in 2 - 4 months after that

        • Yep good reminder. If you can, don't cancel this amaysim service (it was OK for me because it wasn't my primary service at the time) and turn off auto renew). 3 months after activation, plus maybe a week, before I got paid. Lucky perhaps..

  • +24

    Im so fed up with these gimmicks of "deals" first month like this and the rest like that. Or make a decent deal on a long run or go and get…Seriously.

    Just to lure you in and lock you.

    • It ain't compulsory.

    • There are several other providers running this kind of "first month promotion". So, choose your favourite 2, stock up their sim cards and keep switching between them. You will be new customer with either of them every month to enjoy the promotion

    • I signed up for 5GB at $45 a month, first month being cheaper didnt come into it at all, was just a bonus

  • Agree with samfisher5986 as well as drazenm

    Looking at their face book activity

    Not every customers is happy

    ( just saying)

    Me one of them

  • +1

    Reading through their website, it looks like the 4G plans will be different to their current plans. Just a heads up before committing to this plan and hoping for it to change straight to 4G when they switch it on.

  • +1

    It has been mentioned before by someone else.. use cashrewards. $52 cash back for each new unlimited sim activation.

    • If you stay with them for 3 months.

  • Is this a reaction to lycamobile and lebara unlimited plans? Data 5gb and 2 gb respectively.

    • Lyca got 5gb on thr $19 Ășnlimited plan at the moment.

  • This usable only for new customers?

  • Just a heads up to those thinking about going on this. I swapped from Aldi mobile to amaysim. Gave it a go for the month but had regular dropouts and below avg speeds when downloading emails or even browsing on fb. I know Aldi not the best deal going out there but seems like the speeds getting faster as people jump off the 3G and head to Telstra 4G.
    Currently pay $35 a month

    $125 of credit for calls & SMS (up to: 1250 minutes of calls, or 1250 SMS*)

    FREE ALDI to ALDI calls & SMS

    2200 SMS included

    2GB data (that's double the previous inclusion of 1GB!)

    Calls 10c per min

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered two from your referral link. You should get two credits. If you didn't let me know.

  • What's the procedure to do both cashback rewards and referal link?

    • you cant. you can choose only one

  • Thanks

    Coming off $35 Dicksmith promo $50 voda plan
    Was thinking of signing up with amaysim and alternating with spintel every other month and take up new activation bonus and referral each time.
    Anyone else doing this?
    If so any dramas?