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Fitbit Charge Black or Slate, Small or Large $99 Delivered Dick Smith eBay Store


Energize your day with the Charge wristband—a high-performance wristband that’s with you all the time, delivering real-time fitness stats right on your wrist. OLED display shows your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes.

Stay connected throughout the day with Caller ID. And when the day is done, track your sleep and set a silent, vibrating alarm. Morning to night, the Charge wristband lets you monitor your trends by wirelessly syncing data to your smartphone and computer. So no matter where you are, you stay motivated to step up your fitness and beat your goals.

Slate Large: http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=251863747617
Slate Small: http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=251863741650
Black Large: http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=271793248211
Black Small: http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=251863735364

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  • Good price

  • any feedback for those that have one?

    I have a garmin vivofit and I keep it on, but dont really use it to encourage me to keep active anymore. It's used more as a post-activity, i.e. to see how many steps I've done, rather than pre-activity to encourage me to do more.

    With the charge, the push notifications sounds appealing, I can check how many steps my gf has done, and we can push eachother. But in reality, i suspect I'll end up swiping away the notifications?


    • I just go totally unplugged when I exercise. No fitness band, no smartphone, just pure workout. While I wear my Pebble 24/7 (even when sleeping) I haven't found fitness tracking to be a good enough goal for exercising. It's simply not fun.

      If you can't find the motivation to work out, then spend some money purchasing equipment so you can do other activities that you find fun (e.g riding a bike, skateboarding or swimming).

    • It certainly causes me to become more anxious about how much activity I'm not doing! :P

      It's probably not going to cause a revolution in your daily fitness life. But it can be a useful tool. My main complaint, personally, is that as someone who likes to fidget with things on their wrist a lot, these devices are NOT designed to be constantly taken off and then put back on. The band connector bits (clasps?) are kind of easy to damage, and on the charge it's all one big unit without removable straps/bands.

    • Have the HR version and I love it. I'm guessing the regular Charge haven't been popular as everyone seems to be going for the HR.

  • These days I feel naked if I exercise without real-time HR monitoring and zone tracking on my phone (either through my Mio Alpha, or my Polar WearLink+, BT'd to my phone): having your heart rate displayed in real-time enables you to get an objective measure of exertion (which is often VERY different to perceived exertinon), and to keep your effort up so that (a) you train in the appropriate zone; and (b) you recover adequately during 'off' phases in HIIT.

    Plus, examining the charts after each session enables you to see the range you were in at various stages, your overall average HR, and all the other good stuff.

    Anything that purports to track caloric expenditure without tracking your HR, is at best an approximation and at worst dishonest. For example, in a 1-hour circuit weights session, I will routinely burn over 1000 calories - my pulse will be above 150 for almost the whole time, with intra-set peaks in the mid-160s (I'm 50). If it was tracking 'steps' or some other womens' magazine nonsense, the calorie expenditure count would be WAY off… on the low side, but still way off.

    Get real-time HR training and get on a bike… you will be amazed at how quickly your pulse recovers when you stop pedalling (going downhill), which primes you psychologically to really dig deeper on the flats.

    HR training is the shiznit, y'all.

    When the Chinee start selling knockoffs of Mio Alpha (or Fitbit Charge HR) for fifty dallah, you pay now!, y'all should line up.

  • Nice one op! +1
    Got a black small
    I have the Jawbone Up24 and it does my head in that it doesn't have a screen, I wear a watch, bracelet and the UP24 too many things hanging off me. At least with this one it has a watch and caller ID i suppose.
    Not to mention the dodgy button on the Jawbone broke and its a hassle to get replaced here in Aus compared to the US.

  • Onya Op - Small black for me also.

  • Nice price, but I want the ChargeHR.

  • I have one and cannot find one bad thing about it. It keeps me motivated to reach the target, which I increase as soon as I start reaching it easily.
    I do challenges with friends as well.
    I have pushing myself to walk/run lot more.

  • I think the quality of these is questionable - my wife had it for a month and she lost the button after it fell out, also weird readings when detecting sleep - jumped on Amazon and lots of people complaining about them.
    Paid much more than $99 though!

  • I'm quite happy with my Charge HR.
    Call notification is great - don't care too much about notifications from other sources like SMS or email.
    I've showered with it everyday without any problems.
    Even found friends who use the FitBit network and I'm in a weekly challenge group for the most number of steps. It's not accurate, I'm sure, but it's fun.

    Tip: double tap the top quickly to momentarily show up the time.

    • Tip: you can change what gets displayed when you double tap, I've got mine set to heart rate.

  • Can we expect more discounts after Apple launch the iWatch?

  • +1 vote

    Crap I just bought the miband. But this is a solid great price!

  • Wife's birthday present: Check!

    Thanks OP :)

  • Anyone with any thoughts on how this compares technically to the $49 Kogan rip off?


  • Stupid question - do you need to carry smartphone with you for this thing to work?
    Want to buy one for my mother in law, recently she discovered that walking is good, so set a challenge for herself to do couple thousand k's a year etc. I think this would be a nice gift.

    • No you don't need phone with you. It can sync anytime with your phone or PC later in the day or week to pull in all your stats.

    • No you dont need a smartphone to go along with it.
      Yes, you can sync with smartphone to receive call notifications, etc.
      But, the Charge works on it own.

    • Thank you, in this case sounds interesting!

  • Question: How frequent recharging needed and how long it takes to fully charge it

  • whats the difference between small & large?

  • Ahhh I bought it…it is cheaper price than the one I saw in singapore!. How long usually takes them to ship?

    • I purchased one yesterday afternoon and I have just received notification that it has shipped today with Startrack.

  • Just got one price-beat at officeworks. $94!!

    • Good to know, I am surprised they would match an eBay deal

    • The OW I called up said they don't match eBay stores. How did you go about getting that approved?

      • Told them that its not an auction, is fixed price. And that its free postage. Did this over the phone and they had one ready at the counter when i got there.

  • Bought one from HN end of Jan for $140 (Slate large), have done at least 10k steps per day since then, that combined with decent diet (one day per week cheat day) lost 4kg in Feb. It will not magically make you loose weight but for me the motivation I get is enough to keep me to push myself more and better self control so well worth it.

  • Missed out:(