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Free Pascol Paint Sample Pot, $15 LED Oyster Light, $45 4 Shelf Cart, $55 2 Seat Bench & Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deluxe Pots @ Masters


Catalogue Starts Thursday 5.3.15 until Wednesday 25.3.15

Link to online catalogue here

Don't Miss Out!
When they're gone they're gone, not available online:
$15 LED Oyster Light - 900 lumens, 12w, globes included
$45 Multi Purpose 4 Shelf Cart - Black or Chrome, heavy duty castors, height adjustable shelves
$55 Tulipan 2 Seat Bench - 122x57x85cm, FSC certified eucalyptus wood
Buy 1 get 1 FREE Capi Deluxe Pots - Available on the Capi Elegant Deluxe Pots 40 x 60cm. 5 styles available.
see some of the Capi Pots online here (deal only available instores)

Other Catalogue Deals:
Free Pascol Paint Sample Pot - 500ml, tinting available
$698 save $500 Texel Dining Setting - 1 table and 6 chairs
20% Off All Vegie Punnets
20% Off All Frangipanis
5 for $20 Potting Mix - Potting Mix, Garden Soil or Tomato & Vegie Mix

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  • Freebie relates to the Free Pascol Paint Sample Pot

  • Is the $45 Multi Purpose 4 Shelf Cart stainless steel or chrome

    And in regards to $15 LED Oyster Light

    • How many globes does it have?
    • Watt brand is it?
    • How many years warranty?
    • And are the Globes Warm white?
    • 4 Shelf cart is black or chrome, no mention of stainless steel
      I'll check on the Oyster Light for you tomorrow

    • More details on the Oyster Light:
      No globes required, it has built in non-replaceable LEDs
      The brand is Orbit
      It has 12 months warranty, globes would be expected to last 10+ years
      Colour Temperature in 4000K white is a neutral colour but is often called Cool White
      Must be installed by a licensed elecrician

      • which masters u work at ? Masters in Chullora doesnt have the oyster light in stock yet ..??

      • I picked up a few of these and hmm not so sure about it. There are 68 3528 leds. Im not an led expert by any means, but I googled it and 3528s top out at 0.08w. Which makes it a 5.44w oyster light. Its say eco on the box, so then its really eco. The 12V DC supply circuit dosent look that terrible. At least its not a clipper setup. The plastic case and stuff isnt that bad, the plastic seems to be well moulded. I wouldn't expect too much brightness out of this product, thats all.

        • 3528 SMD LEDs aren't really super bright, hence the lower power consumption. 5050 or the newer 5630/5730 puts out much more light on a per watt basis.

      • The DC supply is 52V @ 0.23A, so 12W is DC and it will draw more total.

        So each LED would be 3.05V @ 57mA, which is what I'd expect for a 5050, not these smaller SMDs.
        Less power wasted in resistors than the common 12V strips. Strip is metal that acts as heatsink.

        Box is labelled "warm white 4K", which is an oxymoron. Does look like 4000K, ie cool, not warm.
        The 1200 lumens is the usual Chinese exaggeration. Bright enough for a passageway or toilet.

        The case is all plastic. Looks like junk.
        Masters sell much nicer oyster lamps for $9 plus the cost of a CFL bulb. This is no bargain.

        I might throw away the case, and use the power-supply + strip elsewhere. Under-cabinet light?

      • box says warm white not cool white !

        • Yeah, thats what I said. It is wrong. The "4k" if it means 4000 kelvin might be right, which is more neutral.

          BTW, the case has no ventilation. Heat is the enemy of LED.

    • It's an LED light strip with a little 12v supply in the middle. Enclosure is all plastic.

      Live + Neutral only - No earth.

      New Zealanders can install themselves, Australians deemed incapable and need professional help.

      • Australians deemed incapable and need professional help

        Maybe Gerry Harvey should have a word with the authorities and inform them that all ozbargainers are professionals

  • Your pic of the potting mix shows 5 for $20 (vs the $10 in your text).

  • NM, already fixed.

  • Yeah oyster light details are very vague. Also if its hard wired and the bulbs are not replaceable could be exxy down the track when it blows up. Would need to get a licensed sparky to change it. Im in two minds about these kind of lights if the house is to be rented. You are creating a rod for your back.

  • could not find Catalogue on line will check again tomorrow and off to store Friday. Need paint but have been sold on the Latest Valspar after using it from previous promotion. But I still use undercoat. :-P

    The paint offer is It nationwide and not just NSW?

  • how can we get the matching color sample for our walls? can we scrap some off it and they can match the color??

    • Take in a sample, needs to be about 5cm x 5cm or bigger and they can scan it to match.

    • You should find the info in the original build paperwork. But generally, people don't have access to that info. Particularly as years/owners go by :(

      All depends on how much you're painting. Sample pots generally don't contain a 'finished' quality product. It's not for matching, but sampling (as the name says).

      Scraping paint off is a risky solution. If it's an internal wall, the paint is absorbed by the paper surface of the plaster. You'd had to rip the paper off with it. It can curl & crack the paint, and not give a good reading. You need to cut a neat square of the paper & gently remove it (don't bend it too much) from an area that's harder to see (bottom-corner of the room etc, wardrobe, under a window etc.), but you'll need to patch it later.

      Otherwise… Depending on how good your eye/guess is, you could take a ton of sample-cards home, and lay it against the painted surface. Allowing for age, sun, marks, grime etc. etc.

      • Even if you got the original brand and colour mixture, getting a tin made up after so long means it won't match by the time you daub it on the wall.

        • If you are repainting, wouldn't it be time for a change. Unless you are trying to patch up to get your Rental Bond back.

  • Excellent value on those Capi pots! Guess procrastinating can save money (or not!) when we grabbed 4 today instead of just 2 last Sun.

  • Catalogue now available online

  • Thanks OP.
    Got the free paint yesterday in Brisbane. Replacing a few fence pailings. Took in section of broken pailing for colour scan - good match. But they tinted a pot of "Valspar premium" instead. Still got it free despite scanning at over $14 :-)

    Needed some nails, but price was $8.89 against $6.50 @Bunnings for same amount! 40% dearer!!

    My first time at a Masters - left without buying. I can walk to a Bunnings quicker than driving (past 2 Bunnings) to a Masters!