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3 Cartons of Tooheys Extra Dry for $79.97 @ Woolworths ($26.66 Per Carton)


Combination of two deals.

Here's the deal, for every item of fish/meat/deli etc you add into your online basket you can add a carton of Tooheys Extra Dry for $33. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/184614#comment-2608185

So 3 x Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel $1.99 each and then add 3 Cartons of TEDS for $33 each. Apply the SAVE25 code for a further $25 off a $100+ spend (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/185195?page=1#comment). So should work out at $79.97 all up. That's $26.66 per carton of TEDS and some free schnitzels to chuck on the barbie?

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    can't you buy 1 gram of ham or something? and get it for overall cheaper?

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      I like your thinking dasher. There has to be something cheaper in meat/fish/deli than a $1.99 Schnitzel!

      • Schnitzel and beer sounds like a great idea!

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      Hash browns are 40 cents I think. Is that overspending?

      • depends what hash browns you are referring too.

  • Code not working when I try to apply it?

    • Yeah didn't work for me either?

      • +1

        It is definitely targetted to specific accounts

  • Splendid if it works

  • +3

    Thanks $25.17 ctn pick up with free hash browns

  • Does this work with any other beers, ciders etc?

    • Works with 5 seeds I think (though come out a little more expensive).

      • +1

        Yep did 2 teds and 1 five seeds for $80.50
        Still a great deal :)

  • Signed up with a new account. code dosent work for me

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    "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion."

    Additionally, when I ordered three cartons of beer and three hash browns, the before-checkout suggestion offered me "anusol haemorrhoidal suppositories". Woolworths just to me to go fxxx myself!!!!

  • SAVE25 doesn't work anymore.

  • Just worked for me


  • I'm at a complete loss here as to how people are buying alcohol from www2.woolworthsonline.com.au, when I go to http://www2.woolworthsonline.com.au/shop/ProductDetails?Stoc...

    it takes me back to the home page and when I do a search I get no results. Am I missing something here??

    • Yeah same here mate I can't bring up any alcohol to choose, you in WA?

      • +1

        I ordered TEDS and Scotch online in WA without issue?

        • It's got me knackered, maybe store specific or something? Even when I try add to cart from the catalogue it says out of stock, delivery doesn't show up either

        • @RickyCruise: Saw a comment posted somewhere about date of birth not being setup correctly in 'My Account' or set to something that makes you under 18 and therefore not allowed to buy alcohol?

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          Yeah I asked earlier in the other thread, dob was one of the issues on one account however it appears it's very store specific. Change stores around, maybe a larger store? Worked for all my accounts when I changed stores to Marion SA as my preferred store.

    • I'm in QLD and my date of birth was already set correctly!?!?!

      • From past deals, I remember QLD not having any/many liquor outlets attached to their woolies. Maybe change your nearest store?. Dunno.

  • I bought 2 x 30 can blocks of boags draught last week using the save25 code worked out <$1 a can.

  • Just worked for me at 5:20pm. 3 TEDs + 3 hash browns ($0.50 each) for $75.50 pickup. I did get the $25 off $100 email though.

  • Hey folks - it is targeted to different accounts (e.g.; it works for mine and not my wife's I can tell from my experience)

  • Worked for me but I Had the email sent to me. A few times apparently.

  • I can only see 50c "Edgell hash browns". Why aren't they 40c?

    • What a rort.

    • Probably regional pricing

  • +1

    3 cases of TED and 3 hash browns ordered for $75.50 delivered. great deal. Not my first choice of beer but for that price I wont say no.

    • How did you get free delivery???

      • Don't know. Maybe because the order was over $100 before I applied coupon?

  • TEDS is 43.00 on my web page???

    • Add the hash browns.. Extra $10 off.

      • hehe hashbrowns not allowed in my house… added basa fillets 6.99 to get the 10.00 off. and found Crownies at 2 for 85. so added that to make over the 100.00 mark. Crownies are better and larger bottles! :)

        • +2

          No hash browns but basa (yuck!) allowed? Lol. I don't eat hash browns but a deals a deal.

  • I got free delivery as a first online order (genuinely-ish too). Hopefully it comes tomorrow; the last Crown Lager stacking deal got cancelled.

  • +1

    Got mine delivered this morning with 2 T-bone steak instead of the 1 I ordered…… Free lunch as well!!! Thanks for the post.

  • finally got 2 cartons of sol and 1 ctn of stella @74, since the ted and drumstick are out of stock, GREAT!

  • not working for me. =( i also get the "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion."

  • Thanks OP, just bought few cases, good deal

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    Picked mine up 6 ctns and 6 hash browns on two orders the girls at the desk said they have run out of teds due to people doing this deal just over two pallets of Teds !

    • +1

      Really. Hope they do substitute with something crap. Mine is due for delivery next week.

      • Looks like they will as smartshen said above in his comment .

  • code doesnt work for me with a new account and my missus whose account is a couple of yrs old. We are in Country WA. Curious why it works for some and not others - geography, spending habits, metro/country (computer says NO!!)

    • +1

      Hi shteeve, does not seem to be any pattern to it. I am sure Carol Beer would be stumped as well! I thought it might be accounts that have not been used much (not counting new accounts or ones that had not been used at all for a while).

  • Received 3 hash browns and 3 cartons of TED tonight for $75.50, amazing deal combination and WW didn't cancel it.
    Thanks OP!
    A fine example of OzBargain being OzSpend.

  • Thanks, just got this then. Bargain!

  • -1

    I placed an order yesterday for delivery today. I received an email 2 hours prior to delivery that they were out of stock. I was irritated as this was my only reason for placing an order to begin with so I rang customer service to see if I could get a raincheck. No deal, when I asked for the issue to be escalated I got hung up on. Nice WW. Last time I place an online order with them.

    • Did you try asking for a substitute?

      • Yes, they said no as the refund had already gone through. No substitutes were given or offered prior to me receiving the out of stock email. I didn't tick the no substitutes box.

        • The box needs to be ticked to allow substitutions, it is not a no substitutes box.

          Maybe they will re-set the SAVE25 code to work again for you so you can try again?

  • +2

    Just took delivery of 3 cases of TED and 3 Hash browns for $75.50 great bargain thanks for post

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