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20% off Airbnb Bookings for New Users


Coupon entitles you to a 20% discount off your total booking cost, up to a maximum discount of AUD150. To be eligible, the booking must be completed (including host acceptance) using the promo code "TRAVELZOOAU20" before 11.59pm Australia time on May 1st, 2015, and the stay must start not later than June 10th, 2015.

Valid only for registered Airbnb users in Australia who have never completed a booking on Airbnb.

Full terms and conditions - https://www.airbnb.com/events/travelzooau/terms

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Referral:  dtox or random (1465)

Referee gets $55 off $340 home bookings + $14 off $77 experiences. Referrer gets up to $38 credit.

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  • Good deal - was just about to post it.

  • farrrr, literally 2 days after i made my booking.

    • About 3 days after my first booking for me :( Anyone know if this can be combined with the $64 Referral joining? :O

  • is air bnb like uber x?

    • Airbnb is for home rental.
      If you want to go on holidays and not pay $$ for hotel, you can rent a private room, a full appartment, unit or house from an individual.
      Also, when YOU go on holidays, you can put your place for rent for people that want to rent private space instead of going to the hotel.
      You can also make money out of airbnb if you have a spare room that you dont use and if you have a good location.
      A friend of mine is renting $99/night his spare room and making money out of it.

  • I didn't actually go as far as booking but this code seems to work on existing members too and there are no terms on the landing page that would seem to prevent!

  • Travelling and using AirBnB in July.. damn

  • Dont forget some extra credit for another booking for new signups

    Airbnb Referral Wiki

  • I've never made a booking but have got referral credit. Any idea if that will stack?

    • wont stack. But you can use the referral credit for another booking.

      For example, if you have 2 stop overs, use the promo code for one stay and the referral credit for another

  • Good deal thanks I have sent to a few friend

  • Does anyone know a direct number to connect to real person at airbnb for account issues? I'd like to update my ID but there seems to be no way to do that.

  • Can it be used on properties overseas?

  • good timing, thanks OP. Never used airbnb but we were going to try them for the first time for a trip to Barcelona.

  • Perfect timing as I am going to Perth on 30th April, just saved $130 off my booking… Thanks OP!

  • Thanks!
    Worked for me to save over $100 on a studio in Bali.

  • So, if i use a coupon, the host must accept to get 20% less (up to $150) in the transaction, or airbnb is the one that takes care of that 20%?

  • Are Airbnb identity checks still as onerous as before? I gave up using them after they started asking for things like copies of passports and Facebook logins

    • Asking for a copy of a Passport is onerous? It takes like 5 minutes max….

      • In order to be "verified" you need to:

        1. Provide a copy of official identity documentation.
        2. Provide your Facebook and/or Linkedin logins.
        3. Upload a photo and provide telephone number.

        Even after all that, you need to sometimes (for example, if you don't have enough Facebook friends) provide an "essay" about yourself, or whatever their support deems appropriate.

        I would certainly call that "onerous". If you're happy to provide a third party with that information, go ahead. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence how that turned out.

        BTW, onerous has several meanings not just "it takes a long time"

        burdensome, oppressive, or troublesome; causing hardship:
        onerous duties.
        having or involving obligations or responsibilities, especially legal ones, that outweigh the advantages

  • The last time I tried to use one of these codes it wasn't clear where to input the code and the booking went through without it.

    Just look carefully as you go along I guess.

    Also I just now rembered that I eventually had to use my girlfriend's account anyway because they couldn't verify me as a new account holder.

    To verify you they check either your Facebook, linked In or Google accounts and if you haven't been active enough on them (ie you have a life) they won't verify you.

  • I am not so sure if this is a genuine deal. I tried to make a booking and in one of the property pages, the pricing went up from $54 a day to $69 a day the moment I clicked on the property details link. Have airbnb increased prices just before the deal ?

  • Andddddd I just finished booking a place on AirBNB and then jumped on OzBargain to find this.

    • Contact Airbnb. They will still honour the 20% promo. I made 3 reservations in February as a first time user and I got the discount paid as a refund.

      • I just made 3 separate reservations few days ago and only saw this coupon :( Sent Airbnb an e-mail but they responded that they can't apply the coupon once the reservation is accepted and payment made. Who did you contact?

        • Yes they can. That's a load of crap! They applied the discount for me on two of my reservations. I just emailed them. Do your booking dates qualify for the promo? As in, dates not after 10 June?

        • @Wazzi80:

          Yes I just completed my first booking on Saturday. Are you able to forward the name of the rep you dealt with? I'll contact them again and fight for it!

        • @Craze:

          The rep's name is Melhodie. Ask for that person. Let me know how you get on! Good luck :)

        • @Wazzi80:

          Received two replies back from two different rep refusing to apply the discount for my bookings! Did your booking exceed AUD 150 as I was told that the total amount has to exceed A$150 but I read no where on the T&C that has to be the case.

          Promo page T&C

          Not happy with the level of customer service so far.

        • @Craze:

          I made 3 bookings which were all over AUD150 each. Didn't realise there was a minimum booking amount to qualify for the promo?

          And you are right. It doesn't state in T&C's.

        • @Wazzi80:

          After another e-mail back to them clarifying on the T&C a rep named Ashley replied apologising about the confusion on the booking amount but was still adamant about not being able to apply the coupon to my reservations (excuse: coupon expired May 1 2015, although I e-mailed them on 30/4). Anyhow she offered a $25 coupon that is valid for a year which is better than nothing I guess. I would still rate this as poor customer experience overall.

  • Thanks OP you just saved my retired parents 155 Dollars on their US accommodation in June…yes even though it said max. 150 AUD, it turned out to be a 155 AUD discount…maybe something to do with the conversion rate - not sure. They were chuffed earlier that I directed them to the referral credit deal of about 60 dollars - so when I told them about this one they were over the moon. Thanks again (from them…and me!)

    • Thanks Op! And I can confirm the discount is 150 USD. I tried to get around paying their conversion rate with my 28 degrees card and paying in host currency.

  • Thanks, saved $130 for our trip end of this month :)

  • If you made a reservation recently prior to the commencement of this 20% promo, contact Airbnb and a case manager will look into it and pay you the discount as a refund. Worked for me!

  • I can't see a place where I put voucher code when I did the booking (due to all of these ID verification stuff).
    I click next to get my ID verified, before I knew, I get sms from my credit card company that I got charged by AirBnB.

    I emailed their customer service, and here's their response:
    My name is Collin, and I am with the Airbnb Customer Experience Team.

    I would be happy to tell you how to put in a coupon code for your next reservation. I am unable to retroactively apply coupons to an accepted reservation. I understand that this is frustrating, but you can use the coupon code for your next reservation.

    You are able to put in coupon codes under the subtotal amount on the checkout page. I will include a snapshot of where to enter that coupon code, just in case.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot me an email.

    Not sure what to do now :(

  • Yay! Just booked, thanks heaps!

  • How do I not use their currency conversion?
    Also I am booking after the cutoff of June 10th. But it's still showing up the discount.
    Any idea if this will be honoured?

  • How do I not use their currency conversion?

    You have to pay with your credit/debit card or by PayPal. If your card is from an Australian bank, you will pay in AU Dollars. If you have other currencies in your PayPal account, you can use them to pay.

    The host will have set their prices in the currency of their choice. For example, our listing is in Japan but we set our prices in US Dollars. AirBNB display our listing's price in the currency that the viewer chooses from the drop down list at the base of the web page.

    In the end, it is not worth messing around. Just set the currency from the drop down list to AUS Dollars, and pay in AU Dollars. The main problem is the AirBNB fee to guests of 18% to 6%. They charge us hosts another 3%.

  • Be careful OzBargainers. When using the AirBNB Website, watch out for scam listings.

    After sending me a message at the end of February, that included "We're very happy to have you as part of the Airbnb Community…." "You are our Number One helper with all user questions and we greatly appreciate it!".

    On March 19th AirBNB regrets to inform me that, "following a full review of your account, we have decided that it is in the best interests of Airbnb and for the users on our site to remove your profile from the Airbnb community."

    I have never used my AirBNB account for anything other than searching for, and looking at listings, and the occasional report to AirBNB Security via the use of their 'Flag' Icons. I have never contacted any host (or anyone else) to send a booking inquiry or to request a booking.

    I did come across some outright scam listings, which I reported in the correct manner by using the Flag Icons. When they were not removed after several days I reported them via the AirBNB Facebook page. I note that from around the 19th of March it appears that AirBNB have also banned me from posting on their Facebook page. When one is banned on a Facebook page all your posts are removed.

    Some might think AirBNB is happy to have members assist other members, but are not happy when members point out scam listings that remain on the AirBNB site even after they have been reported.

    In regards to that, here are two more scam listings that are still on the AirBNB web sites.



  • In regards to that, here is one more scam listing that is still on the AirBNB web sites.


  • Just booked, thanks very much OP!:)