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FREE: Carcassonne For Android Save $4.99 @ Amazon


FREE: Carcassonne For Android Save $4.99
4/5 Average From 8k Reviews

The award-winning tile based board game is finally here on Android! Just a few years after its release, Carcassonne became a modern classic and a must-play. Turn by turn, the players create a landscape by placing tiles with roads, cities, fields, and cloisters. The players deploy their followers - knights, monks, thieves, or farmers - to earn points. The player with the most points after the final scoring wins the game. The ever-changing landscape makes each game a new experience. You can play against clever AI opponents or with up to 5 other players in an online or local multiplayer match

  • Free Add-On: The River II
  • Online and local multiplayer mode for up to 6 players
  • Clever AI opponents with individual strategies
  • Tutorial for beginners
  • Expansion packs now available as in-app purchases
  • Language Support: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese
  • Expansion packs now available as in-app purchases

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  • +2 votes

    I have used and abused this freebie from the last time it was free.
    Love this game, and for once the electronic copy of the original is quite well done!

    Note that you'll love it so much, that you should just budget the extra $5 or so now for all of the expansions (in game purchase)

    • +1 vote

      I got it through a humble bundle and have played it heaps.

      Agree on paying for the expansions. I used credit from Google Opinion Surveys to essentially get it for free, but for the amount I've used it would have gladly paid real money.


    Great game, though annoyingly just picked this up last week on sale on Google Store for $3 :/


    Wonder if this will become free on the US store too, as it's still $4.99 at the moment.

  • +1 vote

    I'm getting a geo-lock message from Amazon. Anyone else getting this?

    "We are sorry

    You are not eligible to purchase this app due to geographical restrictions"

  • -2 votes

    The award-winning tile based board game is finally here on Android!

    Its been there for ages. I wish people would not blindly cut & paste marketting BS. Please stick to the facts.
    Good game, but personally, I'd rather buy it from google play with a cheap telstra starter SIM, than have all the problems of amazon apps overhead.


    The basic game is great, but I find the addons are a bit buggy.


    Expired :( - missed it.

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