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[iOS, Android] $25 Bonus to Your Orange Everday Account After You Download and Activate The ING App @ ING


Joined ING with referral a few months back. I only transacted using their internet banking and never bothered to log in with their app (however i did have it downloaded on my phone). Looks like they're doing a campaign to convert people to app users and rewarding with a $25 credit to orange everyday account. Received this email today 17 April after 2pm.

If you've recently joined to gain referral bonus, perhaps avoid using their app and you might get this campaign in future.


Tap into a $25 bonus with the ING app

Simply download the ING app from your device app store and activate it by 01 May 2024, and we'll pop $25 into your Orange Everyday account to do your thing.


App Download Bonus Offer
This offer is available for a limited time only and is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offer unless expressly indicated. ING reserves the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time at its sole discretion. If withdrawn, ING will honour the offer in respect of applicants that satisfy the eligibility criteria below before the offer is withdrawn. The offer applies in respect of the original recipient of this email only. The offer is limited to one per customer.

To be eligible to receive the $25 offer, you must download the ING mobile app and register with your account details for the first time between 17 April 2024 and 01 May 2024.

If you meet the above criteria and are eligible to receive the offer, the $25 will be paid into your Orange Everyday account within 60 days of meeting the criteria. Where you have more than one Orange Everyday account, the reward will be deposited in to the Orange Everyday account with the highest balance as at the date the reward is paid. This could be an account held jointly with another account holder. The $25 reward may have tax implications, we recommend you seek tax advice from an independent tax advisor.

Referral Links

Referral: random (670)

Until 30/6/2024, referrer and referee will each receive $75/$100/$125 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts.

Referrer: Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $75/$100/$125 referral code.

Referee: To qualify, you are required to deposit a minimum $1,000 and make at least 5 (settled) card transactions within any calendar month.

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  • +1

    Nothing for me as I already had the app, but my mum received the email and she's been offered $10.

    I wonder how they decide the amount - in her case the account has a grand total of zero in it, and is used very rarely.

    • My grand total was 1c in my saving account and got the $25 bonus offer. Prob just testing different bonus values at random and monitoring conversion to find the sweet spot. Who knows

  • I had an ING account for a long time and used the app. Then a couple of months ago with an app update I was no longer able to get into the app. After dozens of times trying to go through their new setup unsuccessfully, I have now closed my accounts.

  • I understand orange is their brands colour but the app is just over the top, especially at night time during an event, going to transfer money and all of a sudden my face has a bright orange glow in the middle of a bar. I get it, but its also a bit shite, give me the choice of changing the colour.

    • what a strange complaint.

      • Whats strange about it? Is the app interface not part of being with the bank?

        • Sure, it's just… The colour is your issue. I dunno, just seems like a nothing complaint is all. I can't really think of a bank that lets you pivot the colour away from its branding. That's their aesthetic, of course they're gonna put it everywhere. That's pretty normal.

          • @dongltron: Go download the app and open it, youll see what I mean instantly. Remember phone "torches" that were just a white background and the brightness maxed out? its like that but orange. ANZ used to allow theme/colour changes before I moved banks so its obviously possible. Its a complaint well within the context of the post so I am not really sure what the problem is, its a non issue to you but its an issue to me.. Not everyones problems will align.

  • Join ing around a week ago and download the app directly.
    Miss the offer….

  • I only got the $10 offer! envy you now..

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