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Vidonn X6 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Bracelet Sleep Tracking USD $29.99 Delivered @Gearbest


i was looking for another smart band to replace my xiaomi mi band and came across this, looks great and has some cool features.
use coupon code IP65SWZZ to bring up at $29.99.

Functions: Sleep monitoring, SMS reminding, Incoming calls show, Distance measurement, Calorie burns measurement
Package contents: 1 x Vidonn X6 Smart Watch, 1 x Charger, 1 x Chinese and English Manual, 1 x Buckle

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    What happened to your mi band?


      hahaa, still working, looking for something different, specially for time visibility.

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        interesting, I'm thinking along the same lines. Haven't worn a wristwatch in years, but find myself continually looking at my mi band when I want to know the time. Much easier than pulling out my phone, which has been my timepiece for the last few years


          Ordered this but still waiting for delivery after 5 weeks. Is this typical GearBest delivery time to Australia?



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    As expected poor software (and possibly hardware)



      As with a lot of these cheaper smart watch, activity/sleep tracker devices they may have lots of functions but the accuracy of them can often make them less useful, so what's the point? It's like the default weather app on most Android devices. It looks nice and gives you information but it's more often than not for me in Melbourne, wrong. I always swap it out for one that pulls its data from the BOM.
      Anyway, back to the smart bands, typically, the pedometer is wildly inaccurate and then it goes downhill from there for other functions. If you can pony up an extra $50 (yes, i know it's more than double the cost of this) then you can get a base model of a brand that has had much more testing invested in it and typically, more accurate sensors/software…typically but not always…
      My GF uses the Garmin Vivosmsart which seems to be quite good and i use the Gearfit that came with my GS5 and that isn't too bad but not the greatest but these are both triple the cost of one of these.


        Agreed. However the $20 Mi Band has good software and is very accurate which makes this deal suck the big one.