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Free $10 Rental Credit at VideoEzy Express Kiosks


Promo code to be used in one transaction. Visit link for kiosk locator. Use it on Cheap Tuesday 31/3/2015 (if available) for maximum benefit.

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    Remember most machines only let you rent a max of 3 discs per transaction

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      Exactly, so really it's either 3 movies on a Tuesday, or 2 movies on any other day and potentially get a better range because there's less chance of things being out due to cheap rentals.

  • I haven't rented discs in ages…how much is a bluray rental going for these days?

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      Blu-ray is generally the same as DVD. (new releases anyway). They sometimes charge more for 3D bluray though

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      Same price as DVDs at all kiosks in my area: $4 per overnight, $2 Cheap Tuesday (if available).

      • FYI, in some places like two near me in the Sydney Eastern suburbs, it is $1 on cheap Tuesday. Which their per transaction rental limit was higher.

  • Thanks guys. Looks like prices have fallen a fair bit? It used to be something like $7 (or more) per night I recall? It is good to know I can rent a $2 bluray on Tuesday. That $10 videoezy rental credit is now quite attractive!

  • Does this code have an expiry date?

    • 1 April 2015 as noted in post (under the Freebie tag). 7 days left.

  • Nice one! (as long as it works). These rental boxes are actually pretty cool.

  • -5

    Really you could probably buy a kiosk fully loaded for $100 or so in a few months! Taking an actual disc back are u kidding me?

  • Thanks will rent a tv series or something

  • Damn was really excited then remembered I haven't had a DVD player for 5 years. Everything downloaded/streamed straight to tv and projector. :-{

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