OMD-EM-1 Sent for repairs twice - came back yesterday and still doesn't work. Options?

Last June I purchased the Olympus flagship model, the OMD-EM1 with the 12-40mm pro lens. It worked great until December when I went to Borneo,
where it died and refused to work. I got back to Australia, and sent it off to the repair center. The repairer there said he could find nothing wrong
with it, and sent it back to me after replacing the silica gel as a cautionary measure. Good thing i have a few shitty photos of apes on my phone.

I received the camera back and had another trip lined up. A week in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, hoping to photograph a highlining event. As soon as I got there, my flagship OMD-EM1 once again died. So there I am, once again, with a ton of amazing photo opportunities, and all I have is a shitty mobile phone camera. Well, there goes another grand on the trip that I took exclusively to get photos. Of course I can't just exchange the camera. Going back into Sydney and doing a straight swap for a faulty bit of merchandise was not possible according to the repairs center, so I bit the bullet and once
again am left with few photos from my holiday, and sent it off

Got the camera back yesterday, apparently they replaced the motherboard as a cautionary measure. I was playing with it this morning and yay! It still doesn't work! I got several shots off and now the same thing is happening where it turns on, displays the LCD screen and doesn't react to any buttons. Awesome.

Sorry about the rant, the main point of this is I'm wondering what I can do? Obviously I'll have to email the repairs center and sort it out, but it really irks me that Olympus can't admit "yep, camera is faulty, here's a new one."

Thanks all,



    This is a summary of what happened the first time it happened - ozbargain is my support net ;)


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    The OM-D's are normally awesome cameras, so I'd hate for you to have to give up on it.
    I would call their support centre, ask straight away to speak with someone senior, explain what has happened so far and insist on a replacement. This to me classifies as a major problem, and thus you are entitled to a refund or a replacement (your choice).

    Reference here (and bring it up when you speak to Olympus):

    Cheers & good luck!


      Thanks for the reply.

      The first 6 mnonths I had it I loved it, but it's just caused me so much heartache! I've got a 75-300mm ii lens too, so I don't really want to change the olympus system.
      I just found the ACCC site and think I'll head down to Camerahouse (where I got it from originally) and do that…maybe I can grab the new silver colour too!



    Under the circumstances going to camera house, the retailer, is probably your best bet.

    Sounds frustrating, particularly when you've tried to have it fixed twice.

    I'd suggest being firm but polite. Good luck :-)

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    Sorted. Thanks all.

    Took it to camerahouse, they originally tried to get me to send it to Olympus and after a wee chat did a straight swap for the body.
    Hope it's all good now!


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