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Pierre Cardin Shirts from SportsDirect $6- $8


For $6-$8 for shirts that look decent enough for work. I'm getting a few. Any comments on the quality and cutting?

Barlin - Standard Service - AUS : $9.98
Using the Barlin - Standard Service, Your order should be with you in 10-12 working days

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    Quality is alright, worth the money, not good for hot weather not breathable at all. but nice design.

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      Concerned about this as I tend to sweat more than normal.

      • life changer ;)

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        • @gerard48: does it really work?

        • @lemons4lime: Yea, amazingly well.

          I sweat a lot, I've used the rexona clinical antiperspirant for years. It was very ineffective for me. Tried underarm pads, they kept falling off or bunching up. I wear fitted shirts, so was very uncomfortable.

          A friend said to try this. I did some research and found that the rexona clinical ones are completely useless. I see the dricor and got results the next day. I now apply it every third day and have zero sweat and smell under my arms.
          Which is strange now because only my back and chest get wet =D

        • @lemons4lime: I can vouch for it too, this stuff is strong.

        • @lemons4lime:
          Yes. I apply on my palms and works like a charm. At first I do that every few days but after a month or so I just have to do it every few weeks.

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          Thanks but it's not so much underarm sweating I'm worried about. It is all over, from my forehead down my face, chest, back etc. Shirts made from breathable material are a must for me. Especially as I usually wear shirt sleeve ones during summer

        • @BargainMe: thanks mate! i ill be getting onto this stuff for sure. sick of worrying about this kinda stuff. i have to wear business shirts for work and my job sees me on my feet the whole day. OB always delivers the goods

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          alcohol, aluminium chloride, aqua
          no thanks i like my brain as is

        • @TALLBALLER: I assume you don't use any anti-perspirant then, as these are the ingredients in every one of them. Which means you are one of the lucky people that don't sweat. You should be happy.

        • @gerard48: no actually I sweat like a pig but there are other products without aluminium in them.

    • -5

      You think you can come onto ozbargain and write a helpful review about the product on offer as the first comment to help buyers make a better decision about the purchase?
      who the hell do you think you are buddy?
      Think work a little different around here…

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    Mostly poly :-(
    65% poly, 35% cotton

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      I prefer this on my polos. They last much longer and rarely require ironing. So my wife prefers them too

      • Agree - poly blend shirts require next to no ironing in comparison to cotton.

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    Barlin - Express Service - AUS : $27.98
    Using the Barlin - Express Service, Your order should be with you in 5-6 working days

    Barlin - Standard Service - AUS : $9.98
    Using the Barlin - Standard Service, Your order should be with you in 10-12 working days

  • thanks. bought some.. lets see how they are :)

  • Does anybody know the sizing on these? The general overview of SportsDirect is that a large is 42-44, but business shirts don't really fit into their general sales. I'm looking for 44

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      I bought two L - I'll let you know when they arrive.

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    Is there a way to convert the "collar size" to "chest" size? Their size guide is too broad (S,M,L etc).

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      Unless your skinny, I'd order 2 sizes bigger than what you normally wear

  • Returns have to go back to the UK… Unlike Asos, who have a Chullora office

    • Checkout with paypal, use their free returns deal?

  • thanks,

    bought soccer boots, shirts, a $17 adult cricket bat - all for $10 shipping.

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    Thanks.. I just made a huge order of things I did not need.

  • satisfied with their $1 Slazenger t-shirts from last year deal (quality+fit), now taking chances ordering 8 of $8 shirts with similar size as my last. hope it works out with this brand as they are of classic fit not slim fit. If turned out a wrong size, can always give it to charity, thx OP. note: skinny guy and their size S fits nicely.

  • +1 for Sportsdirect - ordered $50 worth of stuff when they had their recent 20% storewide sale, inc. 3 Pierre Cardin Polo shirts which were great quality for the price.

  • Thanks OP!

    I ordered some Everlast track top and pants. Their liquidation pricing is attractive. =)

  • Thanks OP. Got late to work but got some nice cheap shirts. Hopefully they fit

  • +1

    Friends Dont let friends wear polyester.

    • think of it as frugally refined taste

  • Bought some of these shirts during last deal, they were from $6.38 till $12.00 ;(

    • mind me asking how's the fit & quality? thx

      • They are still on the way ;( I've paid for them on the 24th of March and at the moment the parcel is in transit…

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    Thanks, OP, damn OzBargain, spending money,

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    Those horrid logos on the pockets/over the left nipple means its a no-deal from me, but if you are OK with that then it looks like a genuine bargain

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    Look, George. It's a Pierre Cardin!!!

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    Good for donation but personally I wouldn't wear one, to uncomfy for my liking.

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    I got one of these from ozbargain in a large for hubby. It said collar was a 43, which he is.
    Had to give to daughters boyfriend, it was like a straight jacket on hubby. He is broad shouldered.
    I would go 2 sizes up at least.

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      what size does your hubby usually wear?

  • Ty I bought 8.

  • Same bought 8 myself. Almost had 10 except they were out of stock

  • Anyone know if these are classic or slim fit type shirts?

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      under product info tab, 3rd line: classic fit

  • interesting about Dunlop Golf Trouser Mens, are they good for work ? cheers,

  • Got my order (I've ordered a bit earlier), the sizes are definitely smaller than regular ones. I wear size "L", but this "L" looks more like "M", for those who wear "L" better to order XL or even 2XL… A huge disappointment, now I have to find out how to send it back with a smaller loss… :(

    • Sorry to hear that man. Just curious How is the material like? Breathable?

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        it's very thin, but, undoubtedly, it is worth the price! It seems to me that it would be fine to wear them, it's a typical material ( 65% poly, 35% cotton ) for such a kind of shirts

        • Cheers. May just give them a try after all.

        • @Jared17: I'm going to order another parcel with right sizes…

  • Just received my parcel with a few pierre cardin shirts, some one dollar shorts and a few other bits. Highly recommend everything including the shirts. Pierre cardin fit was perfect for me with the Large size. I am normally a 41 size in the neck and 115 chest which is often Medium in most brands, but bought Large due to some of the comments here and its perfect. The size guide on the back of the shirt packet looks accurate:

    Extra Small - Neck 36-37 Chest Up to 101
    Small - Neck 38-39 Chest 104-105
    Medium - Neck 39-40 Chest 109-110
    Large - Neck 40-41 Chest 114-115
    X Large - Neck 41-42 Chest 119-120
    XX Large - Neck 43-44 Chest 124-125

  • Can anyone who has received their orders confirm that these shirts have the pierre cardin logo on the left nipple?

    • Yeap they do

  • Anyone still waiting on their order to arrive? I ordered on 01/04 and its now 16/04. It's been 12 working days which is the max time they say standard shipping should take.

  • It's probably because of easter periods - my package took 16 days to arrive.

  • Still no package, now the 20/04. Reply from sportsdirect "Customer Services" is:

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    Thank you for your query.

    Your order SDAU4000001xxxxxx has been collected by our courier. Your unique tracking reference number is SNN000xxxx

    To track your order. Click Here

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Services.

    So helpful.. guess I'll just go see if I can contact the courier company. … oh wait, they have no web site… dodgy. Where did the tracking email come from?
    Great, I'll just contact them, oh, another dodgy website.

  • Bought a pair of shoes. But I have been sent 2 different shoes. Contacted customer service but still no answer

  • got my order few days ago, took about 12days. quality is not great, shirts do look a bit cheap..
    $8 though what was i expecting!! :|

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