Discussion about Coca-Cola Life & Free Samples (Small Cup) at 5 Woolies Stores Nationally

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Head to one of the Woolworths stores below today (April 1st) from 9am, to be one of the first to try new ‘COCA-COLA LIFE’ with 35% less sugar & 35% less kilojoules compared to ‘Coca-Cola’ with the natural sweetness of Stevia.

  • NSW - Town Hall
  • QLD - Indooroopilly
  • WA - Murray Street
  • SA - Rundle Mall
  • TAS - Hobart CBD

No love for VIC :(


Apparently, they are just giving samples of Coca-Cola Life (according to a message from the OP) in a small paper cup thus this doesn't qualify as a deal. However, due to the discussion in this thread in regards to this product, it has been moved to the forums.

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    At town hall hey were just handing out half price coupons.

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    I haven't even read the post in detail but I say April Fool.

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    No love for VIC :(

    No love for ACT, ever.


    I tried it yesterday, they stocked the vending machines at my uni with them a little early. it tastes more like pepsi than coke.(and for those questioning my ozbaragainess(is that even a word?) I bought the drink for $2.60)


      Is this why Pepsi changed their "Next" labels from Blue to Green? (well in advance of this product release).

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    Worst promo ever. The one at Town Hall is just a small stall where someone pours you a small cup of Coke Life. Yeah she's attractive but at least the Pepsi Next people give you a couple of cans.

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    Coke copying Pepsi next. Even the green colour of the can.

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      Actually Pepsi next only changed the colour of their Next cans from light blue to green in response to the launch of Coke Life…

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    Why are they bothering with this junk after the abysmal consumer response to that 'Pepsi Next' garbage?


    There's still 10 tspn of sugar in every 600mL bottle. Yeah, that's healthy.

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    I've never understood the point of these.

    Either get Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, or if you don't artificial sweetener you can get Cola Zevia which has no sugar at all with stevia.

    I'm not sure why you would opt for a little less sugar and some stevia, if you cared about your sugar intake you wouldn't drink any of the cokes that have sugar in them.

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      I actually disagree. I drink regular Coke in the small 200ml cans at home as an occasional treat. However if I had the option I'd prefer to go for a product with the same or substantially similar taste with less sugar, so I'll give it a go.

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        200ml of Coke has 21.2g of sugar which a lot of sugar.

        200ml Coke Life will have an estimated 13.8g of sugar which is still a lot of sugar especially when the bottle will likely be 330ml or 600ml.

        If you are trying to be healthy, lose weight etc, then there is unlikely to be any change with Coke Life.

        Also if you are willing to lose the flavour you want for a little less sugar, why not lose it all for no sugar? there are 100% stevia based drinks rather then sugar + stevia.


          21g v 13g isn't insignificant - that's five teaspoons of sugar versus three teaspoons.

          I'm not trying to be healthy - I drink water 90% of the time and am in very good shape. Like I said I drink it as a treat.

          Also I don't like the taste of Zero or Diet. So this is a good way to consume slightly less sugar with basically the same taste.



          Its not the same taste though, if it was they would remove the original coke :)


    There's obviously a market for Coke Life & Pepsi Next. Otherwise, Coke & Pepsi wouldn't have spent millions on introducing the two products.

    Personally, I usually drink Pepsi Next & would be happy to switch to Coke Life.