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Jawbone UP - $34.50 @ Coles (Confirmed Nationwide)


Just spotted the Jawbone UP (both sizes) on clearance at Coles Toombul. Also saw them on Thursday at Coles Carseldine so they are floating around Brisbane at least.

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    These sync via the headphone socket of your phone, for those unaware.

    • combined headphone/mic socket - so wont work on devices like a nexus 7

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        I can use a headset/mic on my Nexus 7 and use it to make skype/viber/voip calls all the time. Dont know what Nexus 7 you have…

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          He means the up won't work on nexus 7. I have both and can confirm this is the case, I have to use my iPhone 5 (it won't work on iPhone 4 either)

        • unless you have altered the hardware, you are using the built in mic - the socket on the nexus 7 doesn't have a mic connection:


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    How much do they usually sell?

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      Click on the image. :)

    • These used to cost about $130-140! Good price, could use even use it for just the feature of sleep tracking and waking you with vibration at ideal time.

  • Wonder if this is national?

    • Previous specials weren't.

      • this seems to be reduced to clear though as opposed to special

    • this is the same at the 2 coles ive been in the last few days

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      Its national. Only 1 color, Black.

  • About 5 at Kurralta park SA on the service desk.

  • Someone obtain a complete national inventory please!

  • Better than the gear beast one?

    • You might get the one from Coles

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    just a word of warning on these: the QA on them was pretty terrible. very widespread reports of poor battery life, sync issues etc. some people had issues on up to 5 consecutive replacements, the failure rate seems massive. bought one for $65 a couple of months back and after a week or so the battery wouldn't last 8 hours with all features turned off.

    as far as i know jawbone have improved things for subsequent models, but caveat emptor on these ones.

    • I had the same thing, bought one from a Coles for $69 using Flybuys dollars and then after 3 months the unit just died. Kept the receipt and took it back and they didn't have any left so got a full refund (on my credit card so winning there alone). QA isn't great but as long as Coles will provide a refund definitely worth trying to see if you can get a working one

    • Bahaha … and that's on top of the fact that the sensors used in all of these types of products have been shown to be very inaccurate, sometimes wildly so. Basically just because they're tiny and cheap and therefore unsuitable for taking measurements with much accuracy.

      Although they don't need to be that accurate to provide data that's useful to advertisers of course. Comforting to know I'm sure.

  • damn if only this was nationwide, NSW needs a deal like this

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      How do u know its not also in NSW?

  • Plenty at Coles Reservoir.
    And no special signage. Staff genuinely surprised at cost when scanned when I bought 2. So maybe now no stock at Reservoir!

  • I saw few days back @ coles south melbourne. they had XL size lefts. it should be nation wide

  • Nice to see my local Coles being posted on Ozbargain. I may be shopping with fellow Ozbargainers and I didn't even know it :P

  • Thanks OP got one in WA. There was no price tag but it scanned at $34.50.

    • More great news: this is version 2 which apparently fixes a lot of issues with version 1. Yay!

    • Poseidon
      Are you able to tell me which store in WA you got it? Cheers

      • Coles Beechboro. They come in 3 sizes but only medium and large were available at the time.

  • Got one today - must be nationwide - suggest to edit title

    • Have updated the title, cheers.

  • Where are people finding these in the Coles store (i.e. what section)? I've asked at a couple of stores now, and the staff looked at me blankly.

    EDIT: you can find them at the service desk. Plenty left at Corinda (QLD).