Need 2-3 gigs of data for ISP downtime when moving....what's the best value product?

Hi guys,

I need a temporary solution to stay connected to Ozbargain ahem the internet, for when I move house and TPG takes it's sweet time to activate the line in my new home.

I need perhaps around 2-3 gigs of data to cover the downtime and even perhaps a phone or modem to hook up to my desktop computer. Though if need be, I can just tether my LG G2 to my PC.

What would you choose?

Option 1: $20 for $50 Vodafone SIM Pack

Option 2: $50 for Vodafone Huawei Y550 4G phone with SIM Pack


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    Option 2 if you want the phone, otherwise, option 1.


      How much data (or Credit, if you will) will the SIM pack in the Y550 give me?


        Go with Vodafone as they have unlimited data on the weekends until the end of April.

        If you are moving after the end of April then I'd go with something suggested below.


    With the $20 for $50 Vodafone, is it an online only promo?

    Another option is Amaysim FLEXI -

    $19.90 only, it comes with 500MB data and $19.90 credit to use towards calls or more data - 2.5GB for $19.90, which makes it 3GB total. Can pickup SIM from 7-11, Coles, Woolies I think (if you prefer to get SIM from B&M stores).

    Or if you sign up online, randomly pick any referral codes from the link below, bonus $10 Credit applied to your account on activation :)

    I think the 50% off 1st month on unlimited plan might be good too -

    Link to get random referrals:

    Hope you manage to find something that suits you.


    depends what carrier your with. optus has $5/500mb buy a few of these!


    Woolies have Vodafone usb modem starter pack for $14 includes 3GB.

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    If you have a spare phone and optus reception. do as i am currently doing use sim in phone with $2 days 500mb of data a day

    i just moved house yesterday and waiting for nbn installation which was ment to be done yesterday but it started raining so had to rebook.

    perhaps even port over to optus if you are able to for a month while net is sorted out.


    Meh, my few days moving house with TPG turned into 7 weeks. Going from ADSL to NBN.