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Just Dance Disney Party (Kinect) Xbox 360, $19.88 + Free Shipping [100 Only] @ Selling out Soon


Hi fellow Ozbargainers :) our third post ever! As part of our introduction to the Ozbargain community we would like to offer 100 units of Just Dance Disney Party Game for the Xbox 360 at a special price.

Deal (must use coupon code) saves $16 off already discounted $35.88 price, so you pay a total of $19.88.
(postage is usually $4.90 for orders under $50, but this deal is free standard shipping)

Happy Holidays!

(See deal for full product information)

Shipped from Sydney
* Total price $19.88 (using coupon code)
* Free off-peak shipping to any Australian address. We also offer Priority shipping including extra packaging + shipping insurance at a reasonable price.
* Valid until Monday 20th April 2015 (unless sold out prior)
* Limited to 100 units, one per customer.
* It is the official Australian version.
* Brand new and factory-sealed.
* sellingoutsoon.com.au reserves the right to end this promotion early, for any reason, with no prior notice.

To help with competitive pricing information, this is what we found including cheapest shipping to Australia, total in $AU, current at time of writing:

Play Asia $51.87 ( http://www.play-asia.com/just-dance-disney-party-paOS-13-49-... )
Gameseek $61.07
OZGameshop (no stock)
Dungeoncrwal (no stock)
MightyApe (no stock)
CheapGames (no stock)
EB Games (no stock of new, used is offered at a higher overall price than this deal)
JBHiFi (no stock)
Amazon UK $36.86 (German version only, including cheapest delivery cost of $16.18)
Amazon USA N/A (This USA game is not compatible with Australian consoles)
sellingoutsoon.com.au $19.88 (with code)

Australian version original RRP $79.95 (Of course, no self-respecting Ozbargainer pays RRP…this just for informational purposes :) Major retail seems to have sold out of this title, and varied last time we checked, best alternative pricing is online as per above)

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Ozbargain community.

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  • EB Games (no stock of new, used is offered at a higher overall price than this deal)

    $20.50 shipped. Can confirm great price for game and shipping. Wont be buying though. However, good luck with your OzBargain adventure!

  • Thank you very much! We do love OzBargain. We're also online at the moment and are happy to chat on the site if we can help anyone :)

  • Target has it for $15 instore.

  • Thanks for the orders kind OzBargainers! Wow, that was fast…

  • HALF GONE! We've been asked about the Wii version too, not sure what the deal will be, but if anyone else interested, can you please send us a private message? Thank you :)

  • They are selling same price in eBay free shipping.

    • Hello :) we just checked and cannot find any evidence to support that anyone is even close to our deal for the same item brand new (the Australian version is $53.80 from someone else and $35.99 from us, and cheaper still on the sellingoutsoon.com.au website than ebay) and there is also one for $26.95 but that is a different version from a seller we believe to be from Malaysia (possibly shipping from Australia). Theirs may be the European version (as they pictured) but we have found many ebay sellers use stock photos yet supply something different. We offer a money-back guarantee on ebay that our item is exactly as described. For this game, unless there was some DLC, a genuine European version may not make much difference to players in Australia, although it is still $7 dollars more expensive than our deal. Are you sure you didn't see a used one by mistake?

  • I'm not sure. Anyway do you have , do you have it for Xbox one?tia