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eBay Group Buy (shallothead) - Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse $59 Shipped


group buy on for the G602
I actually use one and for me the battery life is brillant
I dont change batteries for at least 6 months on end … good use for those Eneeloops everyone has :)

Yes the DPI is a low 2500, but if you arent twitch gaming its more than enough
Buttons can be programmed to whatever and it can be taken on the go.*

*One caveat is that it uses its own proprietary usb nanoreciever rather than the logitech uniface one

I know you can pick these up fro various place, but for those too lazy and/or dont want to fork out the shipping cost

$59 shipped to you

Looks to be 195 left

Product link


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    I have this mouse and a G701. The batter on this thing is PHENOMENAL… It's been months since I changed it, i genuinely can't remember when it was. The G701 is almost daily in comparison.


    Bah, was all set to buy an MX Master for the office but I love my G602 at home. Decisions….


    The MX master looks the goods too

    I'll more than likely get that for the office but my G602 rules for home use atm

    I have my G602 for my fps and mobas and then switch to my Naga Chroma from my mmo's
    At work I have my ole G600 which i mapped a few buttons too but I just love wireless


    [Nevermind. The page was gone for a while, it's back now.]


    6 weeks ago i missed a deal from dick smith, there are selling $49.99 online or pick up. that's the cheapest in town so far, hope they have promo again


    I have bought off shallothead before and was scammed. Don't trust this seller.


      Guy with 76,000 feedback scammed you? I find that extremely difficult to believe.


      I've purchased a few items from shallothead including Asus extended warranties with no issues what so ever.
      One of my preferred sellers :)


    Would it be a downgrade for me to move from Performance MX to G602?
    I am thinking about giving it away to someone and moving to G602, since that person really would benefit from having something like Performance MX.

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    It's a nice mouse, but I went through two of them in a year because the scroll button would die after six months. Ended up switching to a G700s which chews through batteries at a greater rate but has a seemingly more sturdy scroll wheel assembly so should hopefully last longer.

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