This was posted 8 years 7 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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3 Albums Free on Google Play - Michael Jackson, Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake


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    Well between Google Play and Netflix poor old TPB is gonna go broke.

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      Who's bad?!

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        Stopped. Got enough.

        Cheers OP!

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          Can't stop till you get enough!

  • all good music

  • Thanks, decent trio of albums.

  • Can't believe remember the time isn't here!

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      Blame it on the boogie…

      • Runny nose?

  • Thanks OP :)

  • it shows me US$11.76 at checkout… anybody else having the same issue?

    • No

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      fixed… i had a US address.. changed to my current australian.. all good

  • Showing up priced for me

  • Cheers OP!!

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    the link showing every albums is FREE?

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      Yes. That's the point.

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    Free? Awesome, thanks OP!

    Now I don't have to be a smooth criminal anymore =p

  • Thanks, that Michael Jackson album has awesome tracks!

    • Maybe the first half. The second half is so b side.

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        If you don't like it, just beat it! :P

        • He stopped cause he's had enoughhhh

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        Yeah, they should've put them on another album - "Number Two's."

  • Thanks OP! great find

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    Numerical albums for zero… Me likey!

  • Thanks!

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    MJ~!! good tracks.. great price =) FREEEEE

  • This find is awesome! Thanks OP!

  • damn… good music haha

  • Michael Jackson - Number Ones

    That's a pissa !!!

    • No, it's a thriller

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    Nice first post OP!

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      And OP didn't tell us it's their 1st post & to be kind.

  • Any others?

  • does google pay these artist
    how much for the album to be free?

  • thanks

    micheal jackson is the best free album ever released

  • Thanks op

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    OH GOD. ITS A TRAP!!!!

    A whole page of free albums.

    You get to the bottom.

    "SHOW MORE" appears.


    You get to the bottom.

    "SHOW MORE" appears.


    You get to the bottom.

    "SHOW MORE" appears.


    You get to the bottom.

    "SHOW MORE" appears.


    Ozbargainers will never get out of here alive……..

  • I have to ask:

    How can I get the album without giving CC or paypal info?

  • Once you go Michael Jackson remastered, you will never go back. These are the 'old' recordings.

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      But aren't the "old" ones the way MJ intended when recording?

    • do u have the remastered link?

      But remastered was not done by MJ?

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      It's free. Stop complaining.

  • Thanks! Got the MJ as my first MJ "album".

  • Thanks OP!

  • Nice

  • It is too good!!! Loving it! Go MJ

  • Thanks OP!

  • Awesome. Calvin Harris! <3

  • I saw all free on that link.

  • hahahah, "number ones"

  • Thanks OP.
    Liking the sound of Third Realm.

  • Can Google play store be able to be used on iOS? Cause seems the website works. I guessing it's free to download on anything?

  • Thank you - some great songs!

  • I already had this MJ Album but it is great that they offer it for free. Long live the King of Pop!

    • Umm… awkward…

  • Thanks OP.

  • i think the deal has expired. Its showing full prices for me. thx

    • me too :(

  • yup looks like its dead.

  • Pretty annoying a payment method must be on file for a free item

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