KOGAN (eBay 20% off Sale) - Who Else Has Fallen Victim to This Company's Incompetence/Deception??

Like many people (late last month and early this month) I foolishly purchased an Apple product from Kogan during the recent 20% eBay promotion, in my case a 128GB iPad. After 3 weeks (nearing on 4 weeks) of waiting, I haven't even received shipping notification yet.

I did make a query to the eBay (contact seller link) and was told, after a week of waiting for a reply, that I wont see my product till some time in May. I paid on the 29th of March.

I've delt some terrible online businesses before, but nothing as manifestly incompetent as Kogan.

A quick glance at Kogan's eBay feedback shows they are being hammered with NEG's for this very reason……


Has anyone received their Apple product purchased during this promo? Anyone else still left waiting?

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  • youre unlucky mate. i ordered a gold 64 gb iphone 6 and it came within the expected timeframe. there was a slight delay due to depleted stock but i was notified of this

    • Good to know someone has…. I think you are perhaps the in lucky minority, and my situation is more the norm. Was the phone in new condition? I have heard of some reports of the phones being marked, and the link below, indicates someone got one with a SIM card in it!

      • oh interesting! mine seemed new. but wouldnt be surprised if it was refurbished since it was a pretty hefty discount for an apple product AND sent from overseas!
        good luck with the ipad, im sure kogan will arrange some credit as compensation assuming your actual delivery date falls outside of the agreed delivery date at time of purchase. nevertheless very frustrating hey.

  • View this thread of disappointment; https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/188341

    It's been 25 days and I still haven't received my iPhone 6 plus 64 Space Grey either. They keep telling me on a week by week basis that there's a 'slight delay with the manufacturerers' and they they assure me that it will be delivered 'mid-week week'. Fool me once, shame on them, fool me twice, shame on me… well now fool me the third time, and I'm just a gullible imbecile. I cancelled my order as of tonight. No more waiting on what may or may never come.

    Shame on Kogan for their digusting and inept attitude to customer care. They never once gave me a voluntary update on the status of my product and I had to ring them up and demand to speak to a member of the senior sales team each time just to pry a bit of information from them.

    I for one will never be buying from them ever again.

    • Thanks for the link ur2dads, not sure how I missed that…..maybe because I wasn't searching "iPhone".

      In any event, an extra thread to warm potential customers against this shonky company can only be good.

      I won't be far behind you in canceling my order….. It may ultimately be academic anyway, as they will likely start canceling orders as the customer rage increases. Clearly they've sold these products at a price they can't profit on…..I don't believe for a minute that there are stock shortages in every Apple product category.

      In any event, I certainly won't be spending another cent with these charlatans. And I'll ensure no family member does either.

  • The apple saga not only apply to Kogan but TGG too. I ordered an I6p on 11/3/15 online for store pick up and I have not heard a thing from them either. I have to ring their CS twice and was told Apple was not delivering the order in on time. Still waiting….. :(

  • Give a warning to all people haven't with Kogan before. You will have big chance not getting your item after long time waiting and it takes same long time to get your refund. Kogan is more like to borrow money than sell products.

    •  Kogan is more like to borrow money than sell products.

      Interesting point…….perhaps they have liquidity issues and are using customers money to finance debt, with no intention of delivering a percentage of their sales. Certainly fishy.

  • Iphone 6+ 64GB, after 2 weeks was told no stock, refund didn't in for almost 2 weeks, until I asked for refund from eBay cs then get refund. My advice is cancel your order and get your money back asap, never with kogan again.

  • Try to lodge a complaint with CA, didn't get
    any feedback for more than 2 weeks. gov don't care normal customers, so just away from Kogan and advice all your friends to keep away from Kogan.

    • All we can really do is fill forums with these sorts of cautionary tales so other consumers aren't screwed.

  • -1

    dodgy sellers are everywhere, what i dont get is how stupid people can get buying shit from these vendors like kogan,electronicbazaar( now there's another rock star in the industry) when so many horror stories have been all over the media.From the moment you pay your not sure if you'll ever get your item let alone any warranty issue that may follow later & the associated nightmares. Are people trying to save a few pennies to get rich ? Its the consumers who keep encouraging these unacceptable business practices. Stop buying from these morons & look how quickly things change. But if your addicted to cheapness then for heaven's sake buy something with low value

  • Was it advertised as a "PRE SALE" item…..if so, they have to buy it into stock, from their supplier, before they ship it to you.

    I bought a 42" LCD TV from them, as part of a pre-sale deal and received it 9 weeks later. It was crap quality, like all of their (non brand)products, but it was cheeeeeeap! and its still going after 2 years…amazing!

  • Had the same experience, except it was for Canon Lens. I was told that it was due to the system upgrade deleting the order. But was only informed after numerous messages. I still went through and got it within the week of receiving a reply (but still over the regular timeframe). This was the response:

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for contacting Kogan.

    My apologies for the delay in your order.

    We have been undergoing system updates and this may have caused some issues with our processing of some products.

    I can confirm that we expect this item to be available and dispatched within the next 1-2 weeks if you are happy to wait.

    I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this so that we may sort things out as quickly as possible.

    Have a great weekend!

    Kindest regards,

    • Congrats on actually receiving your item……I was also spun some BS about a system upgrade. Beggars belief that you can just loose orders on a system worth $1000 each.

  • +1

    Still haven't received by order, shows up in eBay as not sent. But Kogan has left the following feedback:

    Hope you're enjoying your KOGAN purchase. Great eBayer! Thank you
  • Well, the unthinkable has happened and my iPad was finally delivered today……a full two weeks late.

    No notification of a consignment number, and eBay is still displaying the item as not yet sent.

    What an ordeal. Awful. Never again.

  • I purchased and paid on Apr 1 for an Apple Macbook on Ebay.
    After 3 weeks wait, they told me there was a delay, I then asked if it could be fulfilled before May 1, they said yes.
    On Apr 27, they emailed me that it was out of stock.
    Needless to say, they try to avoid all communications via ebay.
    Definitely NEG from me.

  • Post Script: Just received an email from Kogan offering me a $25 credit voucher in exchange to reversing my eBay Negative feedback (and making it a positive).

    • +3

      please report them to ebay

  • WTF? Seems my iphone 6 is finally on it's way, got an email from auspost today:

    Your delivery from Kogan.com is
    in transit
    We are currently planning to deliver your parcel(s) by Monday 25th May 2015

    Please keep in mind that this date isn't definite, as your parcel may arrive earlier or later.

    You will receive your next notification email on the day when we plan to make your delivery.

    • +1

      Is this the iPhone you ordered 50+ days ago?

      • yeap order from start of April

        • +1

          Jesus….your a patient person….well let's just hope we don't need to make a warranty claim.

  • Yes, they are shocking.

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