This was posted 6 years 8 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off All Prepaid 4G Data Packs Including 10GB 365 Days for $79.92 @ Amaysim


You have to take my word on this. Lots of us have been waiting for this deal to come back for over 16 months since this deal by TA

Screen Shot Proof and details in this PDF file even though its not advertised on the website yet

For an extra $10 Credit, Follow these steps:

  • Click on My referral link
  • Then click on Data Plans and Choose your Plan
  • Proceed as normal @ checkout.
  • Enter code DATA20 at last page of checkout

Also dont forget the current promo's: $19.90 first month for any Unlimited Plan and Living social 5GB Unlimited Plan for $15. Both can also be combined with the referral bonus


Referral Links

Referral: random (618)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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    Cue the Joker…."I'm a man of my wooooord"

  • +1

    is it cheap 10Gb for $80??

    • considering the 365 day expiry, yes.

      • Thanks OP. Are there any cheaper long life data SIMs (4G bonus not necessary)? That may charge more for data or include less but might work out cheaper for very occasional brief emergency use.

        I have been looking for one to help remote support my tech challenged parents interstate on regional ADSL with a very poor/flakey phone line that frequently causes modem drop outs/reconnections.

    • Depending on your usage you may find that 10GB evaporates in a few months time rather than 365 days.
      I use mobile data for instagram etc and 2GB went by just like that.

      • Definitely
        +ime carriers Australia permit phone and tablets as-a-modem anyway, personal hotspots &/ USBtether. The only real alternative for pulling email by the 2G-world of a few hundred mb's would be public Wi-fi ntks.
        at several dollar per gbyte they call it a treasure. I just give it a miss.

    • +1

      Depends. You can buy those Optus modems at OW for $24.50 with 5gig included, but they run out after 30days. 10gig isn't a lot these days, but over 12 months is good for people who don't really use a lot of data like a grandma with an iPad who just uses it for email and reading readers digest…

      • +1

        My grandmother reads Time and New Scientist on her android actually…

      • +1

        Well said barg. I'm a grandma and I run 2 tablets (Android), 2 phones (Android), laptop (Linux), main PC (win 8.1), media server, 2 raspberry pis and a plex and a file server, together with a 24" printer, scanner and other bits. All with a 300gb data plan. When we go caravanning, like all good grey nomads, I take the wireless router with an attached 3tb drive so we've got our music, video, ebooks etc available to all devices. Not all grandmas are satisfied with readers digest :-)

  • -2

    $8 / GB is TWICE the what we can buy - albeit by the Day - on Optus' MyPrePaid Daily Plus ($4 / GB, use each GB up across a single day).

    Virgin has some offers that bring the cost of data down to ~$5 / GB.

    • +2

      Remember this is a 365 Day plan so you have a whole year to use the data.

      I have one for backup and has saved me a few times when my net was down.

      Also handy to give to family members that visit from overseas for a short period

      • AU's moblie data pricing is arbitrary & unreasonable, IMO.

        I want either Cheap + Unlimited Data (by the month) -OR-
        a Cheap GB-price (w. 1 KB charging block), w/ Unlimited Time to Use it Up in.

        Selling something & destroying it, eg, after 30 or 365 days makes NO SENSE to me…!

        Sell me Data like Wollies sells me A4-Paper!

  • Does the 10GB Data pack mean you will get back $24 from Or am i reading those offers wrong?

    • +1

      There is a risk that cashback may not work (would not be honored) in conjunction with other offers i.e. with promo codes that offer discounts NOT advertised on Cashback sites as per T&C of cashback sites. So use at your own risk

      • ah right, thanks for clearing that up.

      • -1

        How's it a risk?

  • +2

    While it look like a great deal, I hate that it is only for new customers taking a new SIM.

    Existing customers wanting to keep their number get nothing.

    I received an offer for 1GB data for $1 with 30 day expiry but only valid with new free SIM.
    (don't judge me, its a good deal and I took it for emergency data, but would have prefer to add to existing prepaid plan)

  • It is up on their webpage

    ENDS 14th of May though

  • You little ripper!

    Edit: oh wait, existing customers screwed, existing data plan's remaining data forfeited

  • Does anyone elses page get stuck on loading after putting in the promo code and clicking apply?
    Mines been loading for the past 20 mins or so.. Is this normal?

    • Same here, It was working at first, but I wanted to keep my number. Possibly does not work with number transfer???

      • Probably the case :(

  • Sorry for being a noob, but where do I enter in the code in the app?

    • When you get to the 'payment details' part of the transaction there will be a place to enter promo codes

  • If you buy the 10GB Data Sim, what voice plan do you get? E.G. Can I buy the 10GB Data Sim with the As You Go plan?

  • +1

    Can you get the new SIM on new account and port(?) over an existing Amaysim number?

    • Maybe. If you port out and back via another provider; definitely!

      • What's a good free provider to port out to?

        • Lebara and Lycamobile will both send you a SIM for free.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: I'm assuming you can port over to them without having to pay anything to activate their phone account?

  • 21$ cashback on jollywallet guys

    • +1

      There is a risk that cashback may not work (would not be honored) in conjunction with other offers i.e. with promo codes that offer discounts NOT advertised on Cashback sites as per T&C of cashback sites. So use at your own risk

  • -1

    IT pro-rate down to 833 mb-per mo! ..meh. Who does't something already as 'paltry' in w their smart fone allotment / NOT to underrate 5,000mb scored at Zero-charge before May ~AmaySim.

    Then, IIRC, in 100.00 bracket. Voda Hutchinson @50 percent more data.. 15GB $125*.80, that you might call prime mover to all 'reactionary' things goodness o:.

    It all pales into insignificance when you're some 49 in 50 ppl, eligible to stream 10gb/uncharged lte net, tomorrow night courtesy on free weekend^^.

    • Then, IIRC, in 100.00 bracket. Voda Hutchinson @50 percent more data.. 15GB $125*.80

      Thats $125 per MONTH , this amaysim deal is 10GB valid for 365 days

    • i.e 365 day recharge for 15 gigs from Coles through this week

      So they would equal $8 per GB, less 20%. Aussie desk

    • Though, personally I will use $3/GB M-F, 25c/GB Saturday thru Sun (SIMO)
      Leaves ~4 hours voice credit legacy plan, however latest plans are similar.

  • "Auto-renews every 30 days" is it easy to opt out?

    • +1

      Yes, change to PAYG and Bpay payment

  • What network does Amaysim use?

    I can't get droptus at my apartment but Vodafone is sweet…was about to buy the $125 for 15gb today.
    Telstra is great signal too unlike their prices!

    • Uses the Optus 4G network & the new 4G+ network

      • Thanks.

        I suppose it isn't for home use anyway as I'll pop it into my pocket wifi unit which I got from Vodafone and informed is unlocked?!? But it's only 3g capable.

        Maybe I need a new deal with 4g unit 365 days data expiry?
        Any deals out there anyone?

  • With $10 referral credit, I notice it uses a code, can you stack codes with the 20% off code? Does it deduct $10 from the price or just add $10 to the account?

    • Click the referral link. Then Go to data plans. Enter details and at last page of checkout enter the promo code DATA20

      • So doesn't the $10 need a code as well? Is it deducted off the total amount?

        • Its a bonus for using a existing members referral link. No code required.

          All you do is click the link when signing up.

          Then both get $10 extra credit for FREE

  • Potentially stupid question which i can't find answered on the site - when does the 365 days start? aka can i buy one now but activate it in a month or two?

    • They used to come pre activated.

      Not sure if this is still the case.

      You could ask live chat to be sure

  • Awesome sauce Eastern!
    I grabbed a Optus 4g hotspot a few weeks ago & was going to grab a Amaysim 365 plan.
    (Since Telstra are now $200+ for 12Gb). I'm glad I waited….hopefully you'll get lots of referral credit beside mine.

  • Best deal so far for a 385 days data sim … 4G network … $10 credit. Thanks.

    • your welcome

    • kechot, do you mean 365 or can you get extra days somehow? Typo?

    • Correction … 365 days

  • What's the best (recent/expired is okay) deal on Optus-network-capable 4G Hotspots?

  • Checking out with a new account and new number for PAYG - last page says the code isn't valid. Is the code not active yet?

  • Would this apply if I also sign up for the $19.90 7GB plan at the same time and add this as an additional data pack? I'm looking at the 4GB data option with 20% off. Therefore, $19.90 + $23.92 = $43.82 for 11GB. Or am I incorrect?

    • no, because codes do not stack .

      But you could sign up for both deals separately. And if you use the same details for both accounts, you could possibly ask them to manually merge them together.

      That way, you could also potentially get a $10 referral credit for each account. and when merged, $20 bonus credit in one account

  • Can I port my number from TPG ?

    • yes you can.

      First page at checkout, you can opt to use your existing number or get a new one.

      Make sure your details are identical to your TPG account for successful porting of old number

      • Thanks mate , seems like a good deal

      • +1

        It does not work for me? If I order the regular PAYG and then add Data Pack it lets me port my number, however the DATA20 code is not accepted. When ordering the Data Pack directly the discount is applied, but no option to port in.

  • Oops … I meant 365 days … sorry.

  • $10 credit doesn't appear to apply to the 365 dataplan

    • $10 credit doesn't appear to apply to the 365 dataplan

      Worked for me, you did something wrong.

    • It does… it's applied after you activate the sim card

    • I used Easterncultures referral link and the referral credit was mentioned before account activation, however this was not honoured. After querying this with Amaysim they state that the referral procedure was not followed. Possibly too many referrals from Easternculture hence they don't honour it.
      Not very impressed with Amaysim so far…

  • Just nabbed this for a dongle going in the car

    Got the 365 day one which will come in handy

  • Just a reminder that this offer ends midnight tonight. so less than 2.5 hrs

    • Gotcha, bought one earlier today using your referral link. Man, you must have so much credit as to never need to pay for mobile ever again. Anyway, looking forward to $10 also and cashback from cashrewards if/when it all works/comes out/through, thanks.

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