This was posted 3 years 2 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Bikemate Indoor Bike Magnetic Trainer $29.99 (Was $59.99) @ Aldi Lutwyche QLD + Possibly others


Just saw this on the clearance heap at Aldi Lutwyche.

Was $59.99 now $29.99 which in my opinion is a bargain for an indoor trainer with adjustable resistance. Especially with the coming winter…

Comes with a "mag riser" for your front wheel (normally ~$20 from a bike shop), spare skewer, Aldi's 60 day returns and 12 month warranty.

You could in theory use it as a cheap bike holder as well for maintenance as some forum users have alluded.

Seems to have decent reviews on the bike forums I've looked at:

"Just gave it a good caning for 30 mins and I reckon it's pretty good.

The mechanism to lock in the rear axle is a plastic "quick release" kind of cam that had me a bit skeptical but once adjusted properly* I was locked in and, despite being on the wrong side of 90 kegs, could not shake the bike out of the trainer. (I used my standard shimano quick release - the one provided would probably have been even better)

It's pretty quiet in the warm-up range (39/15 @ 95 RPM) but once you step it up to a real effort (55/12 @100 RPM) she screams like a banshee. At this point my neighbors were probably wishing I would go back to playing with the amplifier! :lol: Having said that it is probably not any more or less loud than a minoura mag500d I guess.

It also seems to send a fair bit of vibration back through the frame at high efforts - is this normal for a mag trainer? (I use a rim drive that is a lot smoother and quieter).

The remote resistance adjustment worked really well - very smooth and provided good smooth adjustment across the whole range of operation.

Releasing the bike and packing up is nice and easy - I much prefer it over my 850RD (heavier, and kind of clunky to put away)

I think for $59 it is a steal - and I would certainly take it along to the club wind trainer sessions. Whether it lasts for very long is something I obviously can't say but I will certainly do my best to break it!

*The adjustment is not as easy as a normal minoura - because you need to screw the whole wheel clamp and lock it in with a lock ring (with minoura there is a fine adjustment wheel that does not rotate the clamp) - you can't really do that with the bike in place because the little cutouts for the quick release rotate too. So best to move, lock, try, move lock try a few times until you think it is tight enough to hold your bike in place. :lol: (note that you only have to do this once!) "


Nearest equivalent products would be the:
Torpedo 7 $95 shipped:
Ebay: $70

There were about 20 left at Lutwyche Aldi when I left this afternoon - saw some other threads on here in VIC Aldi's where they were a similar price so have a look around :)

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    Can you use this a a bike stand? What I mean is this easy to put in and take off?


      From the above forum user review it seems feasible.

      I'm just putting mine together now.


      You can use it as a bike stand, but it takes about 20 - 30 seconds to properly secure the bike in there.

      I use mine as a repair stand - works like a charm.


    How many were there?


    Bought one at this price (<$30) a few weeks ago in a Sydney store to use to train in winter. It felt terrible and completely unnatural compared to riding a road bike outside or even a stationary bike at the gym. I don't if this how they all feel but I didn't like it. The resistance felt uneven, no amount of adjustment could improve it.

    Good thing is you can try it and always take it back for a no questions asked refund.

    On the flip side scored the aldi rechargeable LED front and rear lights for 1/2 price, what a ripper of a light for the price.


    saw them 1/2 price at Miller Aldi a few weeks ago with other specials- bike stand and wireless bike computer. Only bought the bike computer for $5 as I know this trainer would be very noisy.

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