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Dymocks Penguin Books 3 for $20


Today I walked by Dymocks and found out they are having a sale on Penguin books. 3 Books for $20, so roughly $6.6 per book. If you join the free membership on the spot you get a further 5% cash back.

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  • Does join on the spot mean at the store? Pretty sweet deal.

    • Yes. The staff at the check out asked me if I want to join and I did. All they need is your first name and phone number/email

  • Seems to be only for a few old titles

    • Penguin books are usually old classics or those books that are relatively well-regarded that you otherwise would need to pay tonnes of money for. When I wanted to get a classic, if Penguin books don't have it, I usually needed to go over $20 and they usually needed to be back ordered.

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        The ebook version of many of these are either free or about a dollar

        • Some people prefer having physical copies and if you look at other publishers, Penguin Books usually offer better value.
          I do agree that some, if not most, of the classics that Penguin Classics offer are covered by Project Gutenberg, but that's not the only books that they are covering as well. I saw Perfume by Suskind, which I am almost certain that it's not in Project Gutenberg as the author is still alive.

          When I was in that phase in my life where I collected these classics, usually, unless I can find a version on Penguin Classic, I usually needed to go above $50 for a copy. Though the printing quality is slightly on the bottom end, I like Penguin Classic as they are a budget option.

  • Great deal - thanks OP

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