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Hungry Jacks Vouchers Valid until 7 Jul 2015


first time poster.

I was using the voucher that had today as its expiry and was given this one.

works for NSW at least, not sure about other states.

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    what state's

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      what state's

      state's what ???

      (or do you mean which states ?)

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        classic VJ

  • Pretty sure these would work in QLD, look exactly the same as up here, thanks OP

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    lol they haven't changed anything in the deal since last 6 months or so

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    I think price went up by 50c again?

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      Yep, I bought 2 whoppers on a voucher the other day for $7.35
      I think the 2x bacon deluxe used to also be the same price.

      $7.95 now

    • It seems as though that is the case, as two whoppers are now $7.95 and they were previously $7.35, which was marked up from $6.95 from the previous voucher around one year ago.

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    nooo. the top of the coupon of the only one I eat is cut off.
    flame grilled chicken

    also - avoid Maccas!

    • How dare you dis maccas?

    • really neg votes? ozbargain people are pretty retarded sometimes!

      @jubba - just looking out for you bro

  • well I woudnt eat the top row even if i was paid too. lol crunchy cardboard is still cardboard.

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    DH finally over ?

  • what am i going to do with this voucher? print it out and present it to HJ staff? never try this kind of bargain yet.

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      Nah mate you've gotta tattoo it and wear it proudly.

      • lol, i got to make sure that the promotion runs for good in the first place

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          But yes. You just print it out, then cut it out, and then give it when you go up to the counter.

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          @Giteau: Mostly works when showing through mobile as well..

        • @Giteau:

          thank you for your response.

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      I've always just loaded the voucher to show on my phone and they usually accepted that

    • There was this one time where one of the staff members told me that I don't even need to show them the voucher, and instead I just need to tell them what the voucher consists of, so you should maybe try that one day. If I were you I would just keep the voucher saved as a picture file on your phone or screen-capped, so that it becomes more mobile and you wouldn't have to run into the trouble of forgetting the printed version at home or in your car etc.

  • Every time I eat a whopper I get an headache :S

    Am I the only one?

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      I only get headache if I eat 2 in a row

      • I would rather a headache & a full stomach over a headache from not eating.
        But no I have never had that, your body mustn't be used to eating really poor quality food.

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      I get a headache if I haven't had one recently.

    • I get a headache if I get really drunk and sometimes eating a whopper the next day helps

    • Don't hold your breath when eating.

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        Don't forget to breathe while chewing….

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    Bacon Deluxes are cheaper on this new voucher!

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    I always use this link from HJ's website to get the vouchers.

    • Works great on Android - I can't seem to open the OP's voucher PDF

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      That link usually takes a couple of days to update though. Notice the expiry dates difference: the one in OP's scan is 7th July, the ones on the HJ website is 20th May.

  • This came out just in time.
    Good for putting back the fat that got burnt with the mini exercise bike….

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    Not really a deal when you consider the cost of lipid lowering medication.

  • Bacon Deluxes are disappointingly small now!

  • i'm so excited to use this!

  • No bloody breakfast deal again :(

  • Does anyone have image format for it? I cant view PDF on my phone :(

  • i had once showed voucher on mobile, and the staff refuse to use said only paper voucher allow. anyone experience the same ?

    • You may need to politely argue that it states 'presented', and you're presenting it electronically. Additionally add something like, your printer just died, you're on your way to buy a new printer but wanted lunch or dinner first, if they don't want to sell you food, you'll have to go to their competitor, yadda yadda.

      "Voucher needs to be presented at the time of purchase to be redeemed. Valid only at participating HUNGRY JACK’S® stores."

      Though, on the website, it does state 'Download and print vouchers to redeem in-store'. So, it'll depend on who you get serving you.

      • One time the guy said it was one voucher per burger when I tried to buy two. I just scrolled my phone to the left to show that there were two vouchers and he changed his mind. I don't understand why they even care.

    • No. Both times I've presented it electronically it has been honoured.

  • You can also go to http://hungryjacks.com.au/vouchers and print them out
    -EDIT- Ironically, the vouchers on there today expired yesterday

    • The JUST took down the expired coupons from the website, however the stores are apparently still honouring those deals.

  • These are not real Hungry Jack's vouchers.They only issue them one month at a time.

  • I just tried using the one for 1 x Chicken Royale plus 1 x Chicken Crunch, at Hungry Jacks Bulleen Victoria. Nope. That deal was not in their computerised register, and therefore they would not honour it. The other one I tried using was the 2 x Whopper. The deal that they had in their register was from the previous coupon, which they were still honouring, and which was about 60c less expensive for the same deal.

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    does anyone have a scan which doesn't have the top row cut off? tried to use the chicken crunch voucher today but they wouldn't accept it because it wasn't 'a full voucher'

    • i've re-scanned the voucher.

  • Can "vouch" for these still working in Carindale, QLD - if anyone's wondering.

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