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1/2 Price: Assassin's Creed Black Flag $34.98, Unity $49.98, Freedom Cry $11.48 @ PS Store


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag $34.98
Assassin's Creed Unity $49.98
Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry $11.48

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  • Arrrrgggghhhh black flag is a real gem of a game

  • Black Flag is $28 at EB, can someone please tell me why this is a bargain?

    2 shops have unity cheaper as a physical copy

    • It's a bargain, just not a very good one. With that said some people prefer digital or have gone all digital all together and this may be a bargain to those people.

    • because those aren’t digital copies? These are the cheapest price for the digital versions, because they are the only price. (At least in Australia the only place to buy them is from Sony)

    • Yeah pretty poor prices really. Got Blag Flag for about $5 from CDKeys.com at one point (its about $9US right now) and last week Unity was about $10US (not sure if its available currently), both for the Xbox One. Doesn't help PS4 owners, but none the less these prices don't stand out as being overly great to me.

  • Got Black Flag for WiiU for $8.88, from BTB

  • Damn. Was going to buy the season pass and some Warframe platinum this morning. Checkout failed for some reason, come back this arvo and the Warframe sale is over :(

    Oh well, just the Ass Creed season pass then.