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Melbourne Beard Oil Winter Sale: Apple Crumble 25ml $16 (20% off) + Shipping


First day of Winter, and we're giving 20% off Apple Crumble 25ml Beard Oil over the next two days!

Apple Crumble, the original and still one of the best selling beard oils, has an awesome warm-sweet smell of cinnamon, vanilla and baked apple, perfect to warm your face up this Winter! A personal favourite at Melbourne Beard Oil. Get it while you can, offer ends in two days!

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  • +7

    woohoo $4 cheaper for a totally useless product

    • depends if u have a beard

      • +1

        I have a beard, it smells fine without this oil.

        • +15

          maybe u eat a lot of apple crumble

        • +1

          can confirm - source: chief beard sniffer

      • +2

        No it doesnt.

  • +1

    Is the oil made from beards?

    • +2

      Don't be silly. They use the same techniques to make beard oil that they use to make baby oil

  • +7

    Do you also sell Snake Oil?

  • +3

    $640 per litre for scented oil? And here I was thinking homeopathy was a total rip-off

    • +1

      You could always dilute it with Choko Water

  • +1

    Ha ha, we are well past 1st of April.

  • Whale oil beef hooked.

  • rip offffff

  • +3

    send me a sample then ill decide if i pay $640 a litre

  • +8

    wouldn't it be cheaper to just eat apple crumble and rub some in your beard at the same time?

    • It depends where you buy your apple crumble but I guess not.
      25ml beard oil will be enough for about 100 applications, making it 16 cents a day.

      • but i bet the oil doesn't taste as nice a apple crumble.

        • and your apple crumble won't last as long as the oil

  • I'm surprised to say that comparing to Beard Oil on eBay this doesn't seem like as bad a price as I assumed. But I don't want something right under my nose that smells of Apple Crumble (or any of their other scents), even if it was free.

    Searching for hair oil on eBay gives much lower prices and they can't be that different…..

  • $8.20 for shipping??
    if shipping was free/reasonable, I'd consider!

  • +5

    had to be Melbourne where 99% of the city population is a hipster

    • Nah just in Brunswick.

  • +1

    Suitable for all the bearded ladies.

    • Dwight Schrute :Farm where i grew up the schrute family would use this oil then add beets and put it under their armpits

  • +1

    Coconut oil is a lot cheaper per litre and does the job.

  • Baked apple? Warm your face? Do you have to put you head in the oven after application of the beard oil?

  • +3

    Does it work on a bearded clam?

  • +2

    Cheaper here

  • Razors on special here… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/196496

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